HA i had a dream about nkotb last night. i thought my dreams revolved mostly around urbexing something also called spaulding in las vegas that involved water and the tide coming in and out and weird stuff. but that was only the beginning. was urbexing and then i realized what time it was and i was supposed to meet my friends, so i left and went to find them, and they were in a treehouse type thing in a playground. we were discussing what we were going to do, and i mentioned that me and someone who turned out to be angela had tickets to nkotb tomorrow and that after the show we’d be leaving to go back home. except our flight was at 7pm and the show didn’t start til 8. that made me realize that the show was that night, and not the following. and here we are all scummy from exploring but we had no time to shower and change or anything. so we went to the hotel where the concert was, and it was a reunion show, and an extra special one at that because it was to be the only one, and jon even gave in to being in the show. i was running around trying to find the box office, because for some reason the tickets we got sent were just preliminary tickets and we had to turn them in for the real tickets at the box office. i had to run around and deal with stupid crap before finally getting the tickets and going back to where they were playing…oddly they were playing live, and there was a section of seats, but they were also broadcasting it on a big screen in another room for overflow from the main room LOL. i managed to score 4th row tickets. i went to this lobby area where there were ppl standing around to try and find angela and i found my other friends. and at this point we were a half hour late for the show. found angela and that was about it….hahah

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