dyngus day

happy dyngus day. this year was the first dyngus day parade, and first dyngus day party back at the terminal since the early 80s. and it was damn cold. as expected. having to work i only got to stay until 6, but the best thing, sabretooth! he was on one of the parade floats and came in the building for a bit. love sabretooth. in a purely snuggly stuffed animal way, and not in a plushy/furry sort of way hahahah. just wanted to clarify. also, best thing, iraq war protesters in the parade. fabulous. as i left, the line was out the door and down the plaza, with a good number of people inside already. me thinks we’ll be doing this next year.

on the ride home i started thinking about my top 5 BCT moments of the past 5 years, will have to post them later. i’m sick and freezing and now off to work. totally leaving early today. i can do that now without feeling bad since i get paid so much extra to be on toke committee hahah.

sabres vs islanders in round 1. game 1 is thurs, we’re so there.

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