this was my night. got to work at 7, on roulette. no problem. it’s deader than dead in the casino. ok, no problem. i considered signing the list to go home early, but i didn’t. i’d stick it out, and put in my 8 hours, and be fine. after spending 5 hours on a dead game, i asked jason to put me on the list. he says i’m #40 to go home. plus i was a 7pm start, so i get to go home before 8pm starts even tho i’m further down the list. more standing at a dead game. i get some players around midnight. the other tables around me, with 8pm dealers, close…but i’m still not getting sent home early. i see 8pm dealers going home, but i’m still on my game. jason leaves and goes home. by this point i’m really fucking frustrated. brendan had been upstairs, and had already gotten out, but i was still on my game. 2am rolls around, and i’m still on my game, and only 2 roulette tables are still open. all the 7pm dealers are gone, plus half the 8pm roulette dealers. but i’m still on my game. the replacement pit boss asks me who my relief was, and i said it was JC but that i was a 7pm start AND on the list to get out. he freaks, because i’m a 7pm start and still on my game, and the 8pm roulette dealers had already left too. ok by this point i’m on the verge of tears on my game. seriously. i’m trying really hard not to cry at this point, cuz i was just so fucking frustrated. he gets someone to get me off my game. my players wanted me to spin again, and i was just like no. and left.

i think i’m missing something. being stupid on ebay, i search for altoids. and i find multiple auctions for Ginger Altoids, that are going for way too much money. one auction is for a set of 6 tins of ginger altoids, selling for 24$. another is a floor display with 60 tins of ginger altoids, for 139$. what??!?!! do i need to invest in some altoids to sell on ebay? is that the new money making scheme on the site? wtf.


my day keeps getting better and better. i’m not getting the guess coat cuz it’s out of stock, and they can’t accept back orders. great. thanks. i guess that’s 22$ i have back now. my credit card bill was 900$

the one highlight of my day…or well 2. the first one. i had called the number russell gave me to talk to the person who would know all the technical aspects of the website. so i call, and leave a message. someone calls back. turns out i called someone’s house, i dialed wrong. it was some lady. we figured out i called the wrong number, ok, sorry, end of conversation. a minute later she calls back. she asks me if on my message i said that i worked for some terminal restoration board. she wanted to know what terminal was being restored. so i told her i was with the CTRC and they’re working on restoring central terminal on the east side. she asked me if they/we take volunteers to do work on it. i was like oh yeah definitely all the time. she said she couldn’t do it now, cuz she was working full time, but that she’ll be retired next year. she was worried the restoration would be done by then HA! i told them the major problem is money, and that there was going to be the fundraiser, and that she should come by cuz she could talk to people on the board and what not. she said she was going to keep my number to call me if she had any other questions. how rad is that? lol. all russell and the CTRC is me and leighanne to do PR. the more people we talk to about this, the more people are way excited about it. i’m going to try to get the name of the googoo dolls lawyer from doug at work. i figure he’s the only contact i can find to get in touch with the band. they expressed interest in the terminal at one point, and it would be really great if they got on board with stuff now. it can’t hurt. i don’t know of any other way of contacting them, that wouldn’t go to some PO box that collects fan mail. i figure the lawyer is probably a decent bet. at least i can write to him, and maybe he can pass it along.

the 2nd highlight is i got the 2nd round of chucky p street team stuff. stickers, postcards, and pins like the lullabye street team stuff. they need to give out more pins, cuz once i’m done giving them to my friends i have none left. lol. i figure it was good timing with the postcards tho, cuz i can hand them out to people at the concert tomorrow. i never know what to do with the stickers. it’s the same kind of contest, most creative advertising location wins a box of goodies from chucky p. i have no imagination so…i’m kinda screwed as far as that goes. whatever.

but on the “my day is shitty” scale…turns out the people upstairs are not the ones who moved out. the people in apt 4, the other half of the upstairs, are the ones who left. the windows are open so you can see into the emptiness, and our landlord was up there yesterday cleaning or something. so we have another 10 months of living with the stompers upstairs.

i think i need to sink myself into something other than sitting here doing nothing all night. going to the parents made me forget about the shit for a while, but now i’m here by myself with the temptations of alcohol around, and i don’t want to wallow in my own self-pity all night. maybe i’ll work on the sites i’m supposed to be working on haha.

i’ve been ebay-ing all day, mainly looking for things i can sell, but bidding on more than i’ve found to sell (which is nothing)…


well i just lost my entire funny entry i was writing, cuz i pressed the back button on the wrong window. fuck. well. as i was saying, i’m doing research on the whole vegas thing, hotels to stay at, things to see, etc. is hilarious. here are some of the highlights i already typed out once…

Main Street Station – downtown – Berlin Wall: The men’s room has a chunk of the Berlin Wall on display, and you can urinate on it. It’s fun, trust us.

New York New York – strip – Coyote Ugly: Nothing attracts crowds like a bar based on a bad movie, and boy oh boy what a bad movie Coyote Ugly was

Circus Circus – strip – Scary Clown Show: A clown show that will unintentionally scare those of us afraid of clowns is performed every afternoon in the Grand Slam Adventuredome. Just walk in the opposite direction of the line of kids fleeing with tears in their eyes and you’ll find it.

Western – downtown – Crazy People: Sit down at a blackjack table or slot machine and strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Chances are about one in three that you will come away with a few gems from the conversation. After all, these people are crazy.

Fiesta Henderson – off strip – Lava Lounge: Free acts fill the lava lounge on weekend evenings with the sad sounds of once-hopeful musicians who have sunk to the level of Off-strip cover band.

Key Largo – off strip – The Awful Mural in the Lounge: It’s good for a few minutes of wonderment while you drink your happy hour booze. Otherwise, there is no entertainment unless we happen to be out front putting on a puppet show for some change so we can get that nacho platter.

“There are jugglers, dancers and a wide range of other “talented” people that would be unemployed in any town other than Las Vegas.”

and my list of things we must do in vegas
1. drink martinis in a swanky old vegas lounge
2. molest bono in the venetian
3. watch scary talking statue show at caesars
4. have a drink in every casino on the strip
5. one night down town on fremont street
5a. walk around fremont reenacting u2’s “i still haven’t found what i’m looking for” video
6. possibly walk around in macphisto gold lame suits
7. the female impersonators show at the riviera
8. play a slot, or table game in every casino on the strip (possibly getting free drinks that way)
9. leighanne wants a set of dice from every casino we get a drink in.
10. go back to paris to get one of the fabulous frozen coconut vodka drink things i had last time, and remember not to lose the list of ingredients this time.

to be added to…

definitely still want to stay at the sahara. but there are a few other possibilities. definitely not staying in any hotel built past 1980  it’s all about the kitch factor here. and the cheap factor.

so my day consisted of going to see bct with jerry. we went the back way, attempted the window drop, as opposed to 2nd floor entrance. once out the window, i realized it might not be as easy as i had thought to get back in. but we didn’t worry about that hurdle til we came to it. it was a good afternoon. shitty clouds and rain became bright sunshine, so got 2 rolls of film (i could have taken more. i’m stupid, i don’t know why i never go out prepared) of hopefully nice pictures. there was a slight problem with way too many people being around. a semi truck, a dump truck, and a mail man were parked on the street. then a red pick up went by where we were parked, the guy got out, then left. another semi pulled in and turned around, and afterwards a few more cars drove by where we were parked, a guy on foot showed up then left, and then a bunch of people on what seemed like some sort of exercise tour, kept coming by.

getting back in the window. yeah that was a bit of a problem. the drop was bigger than anticipated, and the space between the ground, and the small ledge, left too big of a space between the ledge and the window sil. somehow he managed to get a foot hold on some brick and got up. i made my 2nd attempt, and thank god for long legs. i was able to get up without much help. ended up sitting in bct’s parking lot for about an hour talking – about geneseo and stuff. it was cool. took my film to get processed.

in other news, my mom was all pissy that i hadn’t told her about ozzy fest, as she called it, and showing my photos at the terminal fund raiser. um hello you were gone all weekend in quebec, and all this just happened. how do you expect me to tell you when you aren’t even home. whatever.

and in other news, leighanne and i are seriously tackling the preperations and stuff for the art show at the terminal in the spring. trying to get things tacked down and official, so we can present a plan to russell by sept 1st. we have a list of things to decide on, and everything. and russell gave me the big green light for the terminal website, said my ideas were really great, and to contact the former web guy he had to get the info russell had given him a while back. so hopefully i can get that up soon. i’ve got the site already done, just need the info for it.

i guess i’m having nachos for dinner again, cuz i dont have time or ambition to prepare anything else. sooo healthy.

and the coconut juice bars i bought at aldis are beyond tasty. i’m going to have to stock up on them. yumyum.

another weekend at central terminal. nothing all that new to report about things actually seen. but good news about other things. first off, i’m pissed as hell at my stupid piece of shit pentax camera. 2.5 wasted rolls because the fucker won’t advance. first roll, i took maybe 10 pics, and it wouldn’t advance anymore cuz it was jammed. had to open it up, expose all those frames, start over again. that roll did finish and rewound, but i still only have half a roll. 2nd roll…never advanced. i was on picture 35 and it wasn’t stopping. stupid piece of shit. tried again with my last color roll, i really thought it was working that time. nope…and they had all my puddle pictures on it (there were nice pools of water inside with awesome reflections – took some on adr’s digi cam since my film wasn’t going to turn out). pissed. throwing that camera out. i think i might try to go back tuesday afternoon, see if i can get some puddle pictures. but we’ll see.

the good stuff. i got to talk to russel about all the things he doesn’t answer me about in email lol. the film reels. i showed him the one i took, and he seemed interested in where i found them. i said i wanted to bring the sign out to him cuz he needs to keep it before someone takes it. so i brought that out and he loved that. and i convinced him to let me do the official website. score!! while talking about doing the website, this lady over heard that i did web design, so she wants to talk to me about doing a site for her at (i think). about the real buffalo, that isn’t all snow and crime. so that’ll be really cool, and really good for me – having 2 major sites in my portfolio.

perhaps the best news, other than the website, is that russell is totally cool with doing an art show inside in the spring. he said we (brian and i) could even show/sell some of our photos of the terminal at the fundraiser on sept 20th. so i gotta figure out what ones i want printed to show, and where i can take them to mount them, and find out how we’re gonna show them. yay.

and we met jerry in person. he’s a cool guy. maybe some of his pictures turned out since mine DIDN’T lol. arg. still pissed.

well. blackjack in pit 3 last night, surprise. they pulled me off around 2am to do pai gow. surprise! i told them that it was my first time on a live game. i messed up my first hand LOL. but it was ok. i dealt the hands to the wrong spots. only ended up dealing 5 or 6 hands, cuz i got tapped off for break right after i got on the game, then it was dead until 5 min before i left. but it was good. i’m scared to do mini-bacc tho.

today. met brian and james at the terminal to go to the abandoned church near by. wow. beautiful church. and beautiful in it’s decay as well. surprisingly non grafittied, since it is on the east side and everything. lots of bird shit. lots of bird skeletons. lots of pretty ness. almost all of the stained glass windows are intact, which is phenomenal. very very nice place. when we were leaving, the construction workers asked if we took pictures inside. i was like um *not saying anything*. brian took over, said yes, they were cool about it and were talking about how it’s a shame it was abandoned like that. all good.

so from there we went back to the terminal. brian wanted to do some exterior shots and check out the mail building some more. i swear to god, the terminal+my camera=shit…the first time i was getting the stupid flashing Fstops (which i found out was a problem with not recognizing the lens)…2nd time, ran out of film…this time, ran out of batteries. fuck. thankfully brian had to go meet his mom and give her his digi cam, so we ended up by a walgreens, where i had to borrow 20 bucks from james to buy new batteries. but anyway. went into the parking garage. wandered in there a bit with james, brian was in the mail building i think at that time. left to do the cam drop off, came back. back into the parking garage now that i had batteries. then to the mail room. the staircase leighanne and i had found, but had no flashlights to explore, ended up going to a power room. a nice toxic power room. super. went out back to the tracks. i swear, this building is never ending. the things we find. it’s like no matter what we do, even if we think we’re at a place we’ve been before, and seen all we can see, there is something else. tons more stuff we found. we had limited time, so we have to go back. but yeah. unbelievable. the building never friggen ends. aside from the parking garage, and the mail building, and the baggage building, brian found another underground labrynth of tunnels. we didn’t check them out this time, cuz we found other stuff. but it’s a secret. and we find the most bizzare stuff in that place. this time we found big letters…made out of styrofome. if they had been metal or wood i wanted to take one, since they had an S.

so yeah. i told them if we happened to get caught by police i could get us out of it in 2 minutes, so to let me do the talking. i got it all planned out. it’s fool proof.  i like myself hehe

so yeah. great day, aside from having to get up at 8, thus having 3 hours of sleep. i so need to nap, but i need to eat first. and clean myself. i feel dirty.

gah gah gah the full version of a perfect circle’s new song “weak and powerless” was leaked to radio. gah this is so great!!!!!!! *still not regretting my tattoo* this sounds more reminiscent of tool than their previous album. it’s got a tool type bass line it seems. who’s their bassist now? oh yeah, twiggy. gaaaaaaaah.


it’s days like these that i love my life.

i almost wasn’t looking forward to this tour, because there were going to be so many people around, and i thought it was going to annoy me. brian had a crew coming, the tv kids were supposed to come, ninj from…there were alot more people there this time around. waited around while russell did his whole tour guide thing with the rest of the people, then once inside we sorta took off. we had a few set missions…try the 2nd far staircase into the tower, and the 2nd basement.

first was the 2nd staircase. we had heard it was blocked off at one point. it wasn’t. at least it wasn’t blocked off any farther up than the other staircases – 5th floor chain link gate to protect the clocks et al. so…i can’t remember the real sequential order of things, but i’ll do my best. up stairs on that end of the building, we found the glass walkway for that set of windows. less glass around the path, so…i said i’d try to cross it next time, if we go alone with russell’s permission instead of a tour. explored the floors around there, i lost everyone else, but that’s cool. ended up finding a set of metal stairs that went up to a sort of sub floor. and brian and adrienne were up there. so i went up there (and got asbestos dirt falling on my head, cuz they were taking the next set of stairs up)…”room” full of machinery and metal stuff. next flight up, same sort of thing – machinery and whatnot. there was a space to move into another part, so we did. i think there was a corridor there, because we split up again. adr and i ended up finding a big mostly empty, very dark room. we had flashlights this time, so we went in. shined the lights on the wall – lots of scary alien paintings like the one in the women’s lounge on the main concourse. that was sorta creepy. there were other machine things up there, and then a set of steps. went over there…and found the maintence catwalks between the real roof of the terminal, and the concourses false ceiling. went and got brian cuz i knew he’d love that, so i think 5 or 6 of us went through the catwalks, and down to a set of lower catwalks, before heading back. the cool thing was you could see through the ceiling where all the old light fixtures used to be, so we could see the concourse below, and other people on the tour. hope they couldn’t see/hear us hahah. adr and i left that room, and i think we went exploring on whatever floor we were on. i think it turned out that it was the 2nd floor, which i hadn’t explored last time cuz i couldn’t get the door open until right before we left. we found rooms that were fairly modern…at least they weren’t originally decorated when the terminal opened. had gaudy 70s wall paper. gross. there was a bathroom with toilet and shower, with awful shiny silver and gold wallpaper…we figured that it was where the crack addict lived when he owned the terminal. brian confirmed it when we showed him and his friend james the area. the toilet actually had been used…it was gross. there was another room that had a wall of mirrors.

not sure if we found anything else noteworthy on that part of the expedition. oh adr and i found another set of stairs, the “covered in paper” staircase, which took us to the 4th floor, and roof. showed adrienne some other parts in the tower, and finally went to the main concourse. went to the kitchen then into the first basement.

we had lost brian and his crew, so we decided to go down to the 2nd basement on our own. wasn’t all that much down there. there was a storage type cage that had rusted cans of paint…including one in the magnificent “institutional green”…lol. there was a bolted door that had a hole in the bottom of it for whatever reason. looking through the hole there was a whole nother part of the basement we hadn’t found access too. makes sense, but we had no idea where any stairs were that led to that basement. went back up as brian and crew were entering the kitchen. he’s like “you went down there already didn’t you” lol. we left there, since i had said there wasn’t much down there. wandered the main concourse a bit, trying to find another staircase that must exist to the basement, and by then the 2nd tour (which no one knew about) was coming in. i remembered that there was an open window, with a broken gate in the 2nd basement, so brian wanted to go see. went back down to the 2nd basement with everyone. he went through the window, so i went through the window. we ended up going into a window further down, and left everyone back in the first part of the 2nd basement. we were in some kind of power room, lots of levers and machines and stuff. there were 3 steps up to double irons doors, that of course, we had to go through. it went to a big long corridor with other rooms. another power room with big machine things in it. went the other way, and came upon the long lost main staircase from the train level to the main concourse. i think it was around there that we found some really bizzare stuff. there was a big mostly empty room, with a collapsed shelving unit that held lots and lots of magazines on ceramics…ceramic molds, jars of paints (for the ceramics i presume)…then even more bizzare there was a tipped over metal drum type thing full of reels of kodak film – like the kind you’d show through a projector… not frame by frame pictures, or 35mm roles of film. alot of them were torn apart with tape strewn everywhere. the boxes were labled but it didn’t give much clue to what was on the tapes. but…it was just weird. i think that’s the room where brian found the old scale. we saw james out the window, on the street underpass, so we told him how to get where we were, and he joined us after a while. the others who we left in the 2nd basement called brian, who told them there was no way we were leaving any time soon hahah. so they came and joined us as well. went further down the 2nd basement corridor, and there was another set of stairs that went to steam tunnel type structures. not so much a tunnel, but it housed big pipes and ducts and things. adr and i went down the stairs but didn’t stick around down there. then i recognized the writing that was on the wall… i had seen it through the hole in the door of the kitchen’s 2nd basement. so we actually ended up on the other side of the bolted door. haha

out the broken windows we went to the street underpass. that scared me more than most of the rest of the building, because so much of the ceiling had fallen down, and there was shit everywhere. went into the building, through a window of course, on the other side of the street, between the street and the tracks. looked around in there, and on that side of the street for a while. there was a ramp that went underground that we can’t really figure out what it is for – it didn’t seem like it was an entrance to the underground parking ramp, because it wasn’t in a place that cars would access. it was flooded. someone had built a raft out of old tires and wood. weird. james went on it, and was going to go further into the tunnel, but the submerged car and van made it look like not so good of an idea. we’ll have to go back with inflatable rafts hahah. jk..maybe.

hung out there for a while, and then we realized we might be locked in. no idea if russell and the 2nd tour had left yet, no idea how to get out other than jumping fences and i was having none of that. i figured if russell locked us in then he probably set the alarm, and we’d trip the alarm as soon as we got back in the concourse. we slowly headed back in from the street. found a staircase we had to detour up. it ended up going to a blocked off door, we should have sent one person up to scout it before all 6 or 7 of us went up. weird thing was, there was some kind of tank laying on the stairs. like a helium type tank, but it had no nozzle at the top, so it looked like a bomb. which reminds me, one of the rooms in the basement had old civil defense safety kit drums *joygasm*. hahah. sooo yeah…headed back in to the 2nd basement, through the windows back to the kitchen’s 2nd basement, and back up through the kitchen to the main entrance. where russell and a few stragglers from the 2nd tour were haha. it was funny, we suddenly appear out of no where, all filthy, acting like it’s no big thing.

things i can’t remember where they were…at some point we found rooms with big mechanical switch board type things. way friggen cool. adr said it was on one of the tower floors, not a basement level. somewhere in the basement brian and i found christmas stuff… tinsel and crap. and brian found another pin outside in the rubble. i forgot to give him back the pin he found last time that literally has my name on it.

i feel like there’s so much i forgot. brian – if anything seems wrong, location wise, let me know. if you map it out, i want a copy.

can’t wait to go back 🙂

oh yeah, i took along 6 rolls of film, thinking i’d use 2 maybe 3…totally not expecting to go and find where we went and found. gave one to james, and ended up using the other 5…way before we were finished. i guess next time i need to take 10 haha

*edit #87432598* it was so windy today. we were almost blowing away outside. it made all kinds of scary creepy noises inside. lots of good places to lock people in, in an episode of Fear hehe.

1. watched the “new” jewel video for “intuition” (i think)….and it’s really funny. cuz it’s obviously poking fun at all the britney clones, and current music/music videos. but i still don’t get what’s going on with her. it’d be great and funny if the video was the end of her looking like a whore…but she’s continued the look, as if to extend the joke…but it’s not working. she just looks like a sell out, while the whole time she’s singing about selling out and shit. eh i don’t even know what i’m saying. the video is hella funny tho.

2. “st anger” is just a terrible terrible song. and it’s about 4 minutes too long.

3. i try not to like linkin park, but they are ok…but i realized i’m growing out of that whole “scene”…cuz any time i hear one of their new songs, or staind or whoever…it’s so cliched it makes me laugh. but wtf am i supposed to listen to now if i don’t identify with all that…. adult contemporary?!?!  trent needs to come and save music (again).

4. had an emergency doctor appt this morning, because i woke up to allergic reactions to my new meds. said SEEK EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF…*lists my symptoms*…so called the dr, they said to come in so they could give me stuff to counteract it. they didn’t, since it was only my lips that were swollen, not my throat, and i could still breathe lol. she gave me steroids to reduce the swelling, but it’s already gone down so i don’t think i’m going to start taking them tomorrow. and then she gave me new meds, sulfa (?) drugs, to try instead of what she put me on, on monday…watch me get bad reactions to that, since it’s pretty common to be allergic to that too. ug. at least i didn’t have to pay for her services today.

5. getting dark, so it’s off to the terminal with my nite film again.


i don’t understand myself. i don’t understand how i can go someplace a bunch of times yet not know how to get there and/or get lost getting there every time. i’ve finally established the correct, efficient way to get to central terminal once i’m on the east side. but apparently i can’t get to the east side anymore lol. went down there with adr to photo the terminal…went the wrong way on the 33…how, i dont know, cuz thats the only way i know how to get there. ended up at the airport, having to turn around, went through a redlight cuz i couldn’t stop, almost got in an accident. back on the 33 in the correct direction, and got to the terminal. o.m.g so lovely. love you terminal haha. took half a roll, hopefully a few will turn out. gonna have to waste the rest of the roll at the falls or something.

my dad’s pics on the cable access show are on at 11. gotta tune in.


or my dad’s show wasn’t on…*confused*…it IS wednesday right? and it is 11 pm right…then it should be on channel 20, but it’s not. some church show is on. gonna check back at 11:30…if i miss it, russell said he’d have a copy of it. i just wanna see my dad’s pictures on tv. haha

*update*….turned the show on at 11:30 and it came on, but it was the end. oddly enough, i know the other guests who were on the show along with russell. it was this kid that i used to talk to on AOL and his friends. this kid contacted me cuz he found my site with my dad’s terminal pics on it, and we had talked for a month or so about how to scam the construction guys to get inside. since the show wasn’t really on, i dunno why they were on it…but the one kid plugged their website and i was like, that sounds super familiar. yep. it’s that kid and his friend’s site/blog. strange.

wow…sometimes my life…is just…wow.

ok, i’ve felt incredibly rushed since saturday. getting home from the silos and rushing to work, then work sucking, then sleeping in sunday, going to work, work sucking again, and then the lunch meeting today. i need to do errands but i forget what time i work tonight so i’m gonna show up for a 7pm start just incase…so i have no time to do the errands either. i want to look at a lamp/chandelier at home depot to maybe buy for the future…and corn from wegmans.

but ok. went to lunch at the vietnamese place with the terminal president. he is wonderful. he’s totally hooking me up. basically any time i want access to the terminal all i have to do is call him. he brought me some things from the fund raiser they had last year, like the original menu from the opening ceremonies of the terminal in 1929. he’s going to mail me a bunch of other stuff. he’s going to let me know about the board meeting in the fall and stuff. going to get access to the tower soon, and like i said…access pretty much any time i want. i showed him my pictures from last weekend, and he’s like…wow you really got weren’t supposed to go there LOL. i’m not sure he noticed that some pics were from the basement hehe. he’s comping the other 2 summer tours. he said to call and cancel my reservations, but i’m just gonna pay anyway…they need the money, and what’s 20 bucks to me? especially if he’s going to let me in on my own. he thinks i’m interesting… lol. i always laugh at that, cuz i find myself to be so boring. my good stories are only cuz i know lots of colorful people.

so yeah, that went really really well. i had mentioned expanding our book project to the terminal as well and he was all for it, said he’d help with whatever we needed. yay!!

since i was already near the psych center, i paid a visit. cased the building, our hole in the fence has been fixed…but it’s absurd how easily i could crawl underneath the fence in some areas. brIAn had said he went into the nurses quarters the other day, so…so did i LOL. the fence is cut and sorta peeled back, easy enough for me to get in. the building is wide open. i got a bit creeped out so i didn’t spend much time there, plus i was unprepared since i wasn’t expecting to do any exploring – no flashlight, semi decent clothes on. went into a few rooms, went up to the 2nd floor. left after that. i really didn’t want to be confronted by…1. security, or 2. any psychos hiding out inside, since i was by myself. left there, continued my walk along the perimeter and this guy comes up to me and is like “you know you’re not allowed to be walking around here with a camera.” i’m like..ooookaaay. he’s like, seriously, you’re breaking like 15 federal laws. i’m like…ooookaaaay…he’s like, security will tell you if they see you, if you have any pictures of anyone on your film you’ll be in huge trouble. i’m like…”i appologize?!?!?!” i dunno what that was about. i guess it would sorta make sense, that i should be photographing any of the patients at the complex…but i wasn’t. and i think it was pretty obvious that i wasn’t. so whatever. i finished up my roll of film and headed out. haha right around when the guy confronted me about the camera, i noticed an open door in one of the cages. looked inside…it’s institutional green LOL. i only had black and white film but i had to photo it anyway heheh.

so 4 rolls of film taken in to get developed again. *is going broke* *wishes everyone would pay her the money they owe her*…bought a roll of 3200 speed black and white, cuz the lights get turned on the terminal on thurs. want night pics of the hospital too. so guess what my friends…after thursday in the square, we going photographing  it’s MY birthday, I say so!! hehe but the film was 7 fucking dollars. there is no way i paid 7 dollars a roll when i was in photog class. definitely need to find another film source.

and i’ve decided the only reason i have a cell phone is to call leighanne lol.


why i need to win the lotto…aka why i’m not allowed to go to home depot —-

home depot has the best deco 4 bulb “chandelier”. i saw it in the paper, with no price listed, so i figured i’d go check it out. it was so awesome omg i want it. it’s 159$ tho, and since i don’t have a house of my own i dunno what i’d do with it til then lol. but it’s so great.

then they have THE BEST area rug..of course it’s the most expensive one they sell. 500$ i think, for the 8’x10′ BUT ITS SO FRIGGEN COOL omgomgomg haha. NEED THAT CARPET!

oh yeah, i only worked for 20 min today. went in at 630 incase i worked at 7…didn’t…worked at 8. then i was in pit 1 on relief, so i signed the early out list when i saw that. started at 8, relief gets the first break, came back down and was sent home. haha so i got paid to sit up stairs for 20 min. of course my check will only be 32 hours again…unless i pick up wednesday, a few ppl were interested in taking my day off, but we’ll see.

a perfect circle album, august!! yaaaaaaaaaay

my first scheduled night in pit 3. i think i proved my worth. got to talk to john for a few minutes before my shift, so that was cool. and got out an hour early. if i hadn’t gotten out early i was gonna go to the other casino with some other dealers and just not go to bed before the terminal. but i have about 4 hrs i can sleep now.

just gotta get directions to the terminal from here…i just don’t know what way is fastest.


sooooooooooo tired. soooooooooo excited i’m gonna pee my pants hehheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i love buffalo. buffalo is such a beautiful city – you just need to know where to look.

i don’t even know where to begin. i had just a fabulous time at the terminal. i’m glad i left early because i went brain dead on how to get there once i got off the 33 and drove through the ghetto a bit (a lot) lol. so hanging out outside before they started the tour, i ended up talking to the president of the terminal restoration commission (or whatever it’s really called). I have to call him this week because he wants my dad’s pictures of the inside from the 70s. Since this was the first real tour in 15 years, he was there to sorta give the tour – he won’t be at the other 2 dates – so I was glad I went to this one. He had alot of information about the terminal, since he owns it, the history, what’s going on with it etc. I got tons more respect for the fences, and sealing it up so people “can’t get in”…met the kid who runs as well and talked to him lots about the terminal and the psych center. definitely going to be a good contact for the book.

So inside…I was just like…omg. I could barely contain myself lol. There were about 60 people there, and the president guy kept saying he was overwhelmed at the response. He had a few slides someone gave to him from Germany of the terminal when it was being built, which was really cool. We can only hope to stumble across some stuff like that for our book.

I kinda wandered off on my own when the tour moved into the main concourse. There was a staircase to the offices in the tower that was fully illuminated, so I was like hey, I’m gonna go up there. The first floor ended up giving access to the tops of the ticket counters, and since I didn’t know if I was supposed to be up there or not, I tried to stay hidden from the main group down below. The kid from the website saw me up there though, so he came up and we walked around a bit through the offices up there. He found the infamous walkway between the windows, which was just like…omg. Was not going to attempt to go through it, way too much broken glass…and the whole owner being there thing. We thought we heard people coming up so we took off back downstairs. Then of course the tour goes upstairs HAHA…

So I took that opportunity to stay on the main concourse and go behind the caution tape…again trying to stay hidden incase I wasn’t supposed to be there. Found a room that used to have stores in it – a book store, candy store, and novelties…mens bathroom with broken urinals…ladies bathroom…which apparently had a large lounge before the actual bathroom part of it. Some of the old wall hangings (cloth wallpaper) and wall paper borders were still on the walls. It must have been really luxurious at the time. Went back into the main concourse, joined the tour upstairs but decided to continue up the stairs to the other floors to see how far I could go. 2nd floor door was stuck shut, 3rd floor was unlocked…went in there…I think that’s the floor that had all the fallen ceiling tiles that I walked over, some random furniture, etc. 4th floor had…the roof. I about died. Big open window that I went through to get onto the roof of the main concourse. I was just like…oh…my…god. 5th floor is the end of the line. It’s fenced off because the above floors have the machinery for the clocks, security, and cell phone towers on the top of the building. (however, making arrangements with the president to go back with a UB group, gonna see if he’ll let me up farther). Another guy found me up on the higher floors and mentioned the kitchen, which I hadn’t seen because I had been upstairs when the group was down on the concourse. So he took me down there, and the website kid was there – he found the basement. Soooo…the 3 of us went down to the first basement, which was pretty um…dirty and dangerous and dark. He was prepared with a flashlight, me not so smart. But I was able to use the flash on my camera to light up the steps enough that I could find a semi-flat-non caked with mounds of dirt steps that I could step on to get downstairs. There was a hall full of lockers, I guess for the workers, and another kitchen. We made our way down the hall, which was again..dark and piles of dirt everywhere, so you had to becareful with your footing. The end of the hall was more of a kitchen with an old stove and stuff. We didn’t even try to go to the next further down basement, because it was even more dark (cuz by then it was actually underground – the first basement still had windows that you could see the parking lot railings from), and the stairs were covered in even more debris. Would definitely need to be more prepared to venuture further down.

The tour was basically over, people were leaving, but we were still wandering around. Then a bunch of people went back up stairs – to the roof. HAHA so we went back to the roof, and we actually climbed up the domed roof of the main concourse. It was incredible. I went back to the 2nd floor to just try the door again. I pulled real hard and got it open lol, so it apparently wasn’t welded shut like I thought…just stuck. Stepped in their breifly.

After that, everyone really was leaving cuz the president guy had to lock up. Hung out in front for the last people to get out of the building, and talked about some of the going ons and possible future plans. Apparently (and this got me excited to all hell), the group gave a presentation to the Seneca Nation about putting the Buffalo casino in the terminal…!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t think of a more fabulous idea for the building. There are concerns that the guy talked about, and the Seneca’s decided this week to put the casino in the Buffalo Convention Center – but the rumor is if the negotiations fall through for that, they have a secret 2nd location picked out – possibly the terminal. There is so much potential for it there (other than the neighborhood it’s in…)…you have the train tracks…people from New York to Chicago could take a train right into the casino. The tower would be a fabulous place for a restaurant overlooking the city. Apparently on a clear day you can even see the falls from the top. The building is just so beautiful, such a work of art, that if the Seneca’s put the money into restoring it, it would be amazing. The tower could even be restored into a hotel. gah…lol.

It’s totally gutted, don’t get me wrong. But it’s incredible. And with money, it would be amazing again. In talking about the history, the building was in private ownership for 25 years or something, and that is the main reason it went into ruins. As a historical landmark, that only applies to the outside of the building, not the inside…and the asshole previous owners stripped and sold all of the fixtures, and everything inside – even ripped the pipes out of the walls to sell as scrap metal. The clock that was in the main concourse was on ebay a few years ago for 28,000$…the buffalo that was inside was destroyed and removed. UB apparently found the molds for the original buffalo, and re-made it and they have it on the south campus somewhere. The president said he gets letters and emails all the time from all over the country – people telling him that light fixtures, or railings, or mailboxes from the building are on display at such and such a museum, or for sale at antique shops…and they don’t have the money to regain them – which is why they didn’t buy the clock off ebay. It’s sad really.

I took 4 rolls of film, tried to recreate my dad’s pictures…we’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully I have some decent pictures, but neither camera wanted to work properly and ug…But yeah…omg.

After the tour, I ended up going to Corpus Christi church which is a few blocks away with some people from Canada. The church is in danger of being closed by the diocese (sp?), so they wanted to see it before it’s closed. It’s a Franciscan/Catholic/Polish church…I walked in and started to cry. No idea why, but I was just like omg. It is so beautiful inside. There was the fathers day mass going on, and they announced that they got a 6 month repreive on the closure of the church. It was just…I don’t even know. The mass was…interesting…cuz it’s polish, so they had like…polka hymns lol. I tried to concentrate on the amusement of that, so I’d stop crying lol. So after the mass, we walked around to look more closely at the alter and the artwork. Really amazing place.

Gah!!!! The photo place that does b&w was closed, so I have to take them tomorrow, get them tuesday – they’ll be scanned asap.

Got to get in contact with the website kid cuz he’s gonna be a great contact for the book, and I’m gonna see if I can tag along on some future outings.

adventures in urban exploring…

finally i had a partner in crime to go scope out buffalo central terminal again, and the psych center. started at the terminal. there was a gas company truck parked in the “parking lot” of the terminal, so when we got out of our car the guy was all like “Want me to take your picture?!” so we were like um sure, he took pics of us in front of the building, artfully hiding the “no tresspassing” sign behind us lol. he left us alone, and we took more pictures, walked around to the other side where there were workers sitting in their bulldozers. we asked them if they could let us inside, gave them our story about working for the railroad museum in baltimore, and he said no. fine. so we walked back the other way and down to the street that ran underneath the terminal. there is another strip of building there, all fenced off still. a cop drove by, scoped us out, la la la not doing anything wrong. just taking pictures. turns out that this farther end part of the building wasnt fenced of and was completely open. so we went in. it was so rad. kinda scary, lots of broken glass, but so friggen cool. probably could have gotten into the terminal from there, but that would be pushing it since we had no kind of first aid stuff with us, and we’re chickens hehe.

eventually left there and drove down to elmwood, stopped at a store that has a table i want for 120$, stopped at the poster store that had many of the posters i want for our apartment, so that’ll be helpful, won’t have to order them online. went to the psych center, and the bastards fenced it in too, like the terminal, for the restoration. ug. i hate chain link fences. so we couldn’t even get close to the building. walked the entire way around it, looking for places to maybe get in. found a giant hole someone cut in the fence, so people are still getting in at night. i ran in the hole real quick to grab a few shots, and then ditched. got conversed to by one of the patients. she thought i was jewish. hahah. so pissed about the fencing. ug.

headed back home, got ready to go to the casino. had dinner, fishy got to see the bitch that is minnie mouse. headed to see the falls, and went to canada. went to the casino there, i played some pai gow. cashed in 35 left with 115. and actually got a good exchange rate changing the 100 to american, got 71…better than last time when i got 64….walked down clifton hill, got martinis at the sports bar and watched the 2nd period of the ottawa new jersey game (oh i should check the score…tied, 12 min left in overtime)…headed back to the states and the casino again. fishy got to see john. goddamnit why does he have to look so hot all the time. he looked like beyond good tonight, ug ug ug. stupid john.

tried to get back to cvs to pick up my film (ended up taking a whole role at the terminal, plus the cleveland role, and now half a roll in the camera still from the psych center)…but it was closed. will pick up and scan tomorrow.

now it’s time for popmart show …gotta work off whatever mood this is that john got me into tonight hahah.

and oh yeah… my car turned 20,000 outside cleveland on the way home last night….took 15 months to hit 10,000 and 8 to hit the next 10….