Econoline Crush @ K-rockathon

econoline crush – k-rockathon – vernon, ny – july 22, 2001

i’m not going to say much about this show.

first: big thank you to Dan from EC and the rest of the band

second: big thank you to Joe – the coolest guy on the planet, and no longer “some kid joe” haha since he didn’t like that title in my previous write ups of EC shows.

third: big thank you to Eric

if it wasn’t for eric we wouldn’t have gone to the show, because he wouldn’t have mentioned that Joe had 3 extra guest passes. the trip to k-rockathon was a spur of the moment thing. Saturday Eric was like, wut u doing tomorrow, nothing, Joe has extra passes, I’m so there! Eric and mary already had tickets, so me and adrienne took 2 of joe’s guest passes.

it took an extra long time to get to Vernon, cuz of the non moving traffic in mile 3 from the racetrack. we didn’t move for 20 minutes at a time. Joe called dan to make sure we weren’t going to miss EC’s set, since that’s the only reason why me Joe and Adrienne were there. We ended up getting there just in time, cuz they switched bands around. so, we get our guest list stuff, and figuring the passes were going to be tickets to get in, we were shocked to find guest/photo access cloth passes. boy hits car was supposed to be on, we lost Eric and Mary in the crowd and since we didnt want to be up front for them we went to walk around, decided to see where we could go with the passes, and ended up in the back stage area where all the busses for all the bands were parked.

one thing *AND IM NOT COMPLAINING* is that it was kinda weird to be backstage at a festival where i couldn’t give a rats ass about any of the other bands. there were tons of band people walking around, and i almost never recognized any of them. We saw drummer from crazy town, various members of their crew, various members of drowning pool as Joe told me, boy hits car and cold…i recognized the singer from Cold…that was it…i cant even imagine what it would be like, for me, to have a pass like that at a festival where i liked the other bands playing LOL. trevor mentioned playing K-rock a few years ago and Orgy was there too, and I’m like omg i’d die…hah…i wouldn’t know where to go and who to talk to. Except that Orgy ppl are bitches sometimes so haha….

ended up not actually seeing EC’s set, because guards said we didn’t have the right kind of pass to be standing in front of the stage, so we listened from behind, leaning against crazy town’s bus.

EC setlist:
sparkle and shine
you don’t know what it’s like
my salvation
wicked/head like a hole

my salvation sounded different. they might have added some kind of sample, or it could have just been that were were listening from behind. can’t tell. during EC’s set a group of drunk boys came up to us and asked me if could let them on to the bus (crazy town’s bus) and I’m like no sorry. And he’s like is anyone letting anyone on, and I’m like no. And he’s like, that sucks, and I’m like yeah I’m sorry, and he’s like do you know them. And i start laffing and I’m like NO! lol…he thought i was like, someone important or something that i could let them on a tour bus. It was funny. then one of the drunk guys shook our hands.

i think that’s where I’m going to stop talking. I feel kind of weird writing down every minute of what happened during the afternoon. I’m not sure why. if u really want to know, contact me, i can tell u because I’ve written it down for my personal use. I just don’t think it’s right for me to publish everything that happened on my site. It’s nothing bad or incriminating, no “lets get high and have an orgy” or anything like that at all. The guys in EC are really great, and super nice. It was a totally awesome afternoon. i feel bad that Eric and Mary didn’t get to come with us. Joe got them a poster signed by the band.

few comments, and i hope I’m not overstepping my personally set boundaries, but we’ll see:

1. i thought it was really amusing to hear most of the guys talk about how everyone at the festival sounded the same, and that how most of the new bands out now sound the same, and how much they hate it LOL

2. trevor seems to be a big fan of STP. trevor likes Dave Navarro’s new album, Dan doesn’t hah. Dan liked my purse.

3. i asked mark if it was hard to get his pants off, realized that he could take that the wrong way, and justified my question by saying how i have a pair of pants like that (some sort of leather product) and after just being in the audience i can’t get them off. he said yeah, the pants weren’t gonna come off too easily.

why do i keep capitalizing Dan’s name but no one elses…..?

4. talking to trevor about music videos, i said something about how i just download them. then i was like “oops i didn’t say that” and trevor said he didnt care about the whole napster downloading mp3s thing….take from that what you will but don’t quote me. lol

Papa Roach had 3, possibly 4 tour busses. We didn’t see Staind’s bus. Crazy Town had their bus, and a crew bus…. while we were there we got to hear boy hits car, drowning pool, and i think Cold.

ok i think I’m done, so once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the guys from EC and everyone else who helped make my day so incredible.

no pictures…i didn’t feel right about it. There is one coming of me and Joe by the bus, mark might be in it cuz he was coming off the bus, gotta finish the roll, have 23 pictures left lol. maybe someone on the EC board took some i can steal, and maybe i’ll scan my pass….

ok here are a few things from trevor hurst’s (econonline crush) online tour diary….

Orlando, FLA – I think that this is the home of boy bands. It is isn’t it? I suppose I should know this, being a card carrying member of the music industry. But I’m not sure, although O-town, that awful tv band might have taken it’s name from the city. Sorry, I was drifting there for a second!
We spent the 4th in Orlando hanging out watching fireworks and waiting to play. The gig was at the House of Blues in Disney City. Do I even need to go into the Disney/rock show rant? Anyway the club was cool, and once inside, you could shut out the mass commercialization of parental guilt and cartoon characters.

St. Petersburg, FLA – I know I’ve got to be quicker getting these things out because there has been some discussion about it on our website. It’s not that I’m not trying. I’m just lazy!!
St. Peterburg was insane because the venue was outdoors. Now in any other climate that might be alright but Florida in July is hot. I’m not talking shorts and t-shirt hot. I’m talking where’s my camel I’m heading for the oasis hot!! Needless to say the show was a puddle. We rocked though. I think mainly due to the fact the crowd was so into it. There was this guy with the best mullet I have seen in years, losing it in he mosh pit. I swear it felt like I was at a Judas Priest concert watching that guy jumping around.

does anyone find those 2 entries as hilarious as i do… i loved the mullet comment.

Econoline Crush, Buffalo again

econoline crush – june 24, 2001 – buffalo, ny

another lovely EC show in buffalo hehe. This was for the Artvoice Street Festival. There were a bunch of bands playing on like 4 stages, but on the main stage was Oleander and EC and other crap bands we didn’t stay for. Anyway, we headed out got there right after Treblecharger. I heard they sucked. We decided to walk around cuz all the busses were behind the stage. So we walked through bus land and over to were a crowd of people were. They were all getting autos and pics from Treblecharger. Big deal. But Johnny and Mark were standing around too. So we went over to talk to Johnny. He was like “hey guys” haha. So he signed my poster and Adriennes cd book, and we stood around talking to him for like 20-30 minutes. Mark came over to us too and signed stuff, and hung out talking for a while. He was like hello again, and i was like yeah welcome back. Trevor walked by and we waved to him, then he went to the bus, and then later Mark left. Johnny stayed for a while longer talking, it was rad. We left to get a spot for Oleander while he was talking to some old dude.

So Oleander played, wow. They were alright. The singer guy jumped down into the crowd (not crowd surf or dive or anything) and almost wacked this girl with his guitar. So then he gave the roadie the guitar and just hung out singing in the crowd. It was kinda cool. If I liked them it would have been cooler haha. So they played for 40 min or so. We got in front for EC. They came on a bit after 5. They opened with TDM which was a shock (ok so not really, because when we were talking to Johnny we were standing by his drum kit, and the setlist from the night before was still taped to the carpet thing, and so we saw it, and he said they were doing a different setlist but still opening with TDM). So that rocked. Then it was X3, Sparkle and Shine, Surefire, Sinking, Trash, My Salvation, Home, Make It Right, You Dont Know, and Wicked once again with the Head Like a Hole insert They played the typical songs, nothing out of the ordinary. It was a short set, like 40 min. So that rocked. Not sure if those songs are in the correct order or not….whatever

So after we left the crowd and went back to the busses but then Eric and Mary wanted to leave so we did. Oh well whatever.

Meanwhile I’m getting a nice tan on my left arm from being outside alot the past 2 weekends LOL. only the left arm tho, so i look lopsided.

from Trevor’s tour diary: “Buffalo Street Festival

The Buffalo street fest had a very diverse and mostly Canadian line-up. Blue Rodeo, 54-40, treblecharger, EC and Oleander. It was great to see all those bands. Greg from treble joined us for our morning coffee and shared road stories from his current tour. The guys from Oleander were kind of wondering how it was that they ended up being the only American act on the bill. We hadn’t hung out with 54-40 in years. It was good to see Matt and Phil et al. Keeping the Vancouver vibe alive. They’re releasing a kind of greatest hits record in the US this summer on Nettwerk USA.

The show was great! Buffalo has always been and continues to be a great town for us to play. Thanks to everyone at the Edge and Bruce and his family. The day wouldn’t have been the same without them. We’d also like to thank Erin for the cool book of EC photos and art.

T “

Econoline Crush @ Showplace

econoline crush – may 8, 2001 – buffalo, ny

Yay this show was awesome as well. We were late again, no surprise, but doors didn’t open on time, and there was no one there (it was kind of pathetic) so we had no problem getting up front. So we waited a bit outside in the drizzle, then got in, and me and Danielle went to the bathroom. Well Johnny was standing near the door to go upstairs, so we walk by and he’s like “Hey”! so I go “Hey” and wave. So we go and stand up near the barrier, and suffer through the two crappy opening bands (Agent Me and Velour). There was NO one there. It gives Buffalo a bad name, when a band as good as EC has no one show up to their show. No one promoted the show though, it wasn’t even on the marquee of the theatre. Whatever.

So EC came on around 10. Opened with Surefire like always. It was awesome. The people who were there got into the show, so that was good. Trevor was jumping around on stage and his earpiece/black box thing fell out of his pocket during the song. So after, he was trying to make it work, and was like “I think I broke it” so the stage hand guy had to come out and was fooling around with it behind his back. When the guy finished, Trevor was like “thank you for adjusting me” totally being sexual, so everyone screams, and he’s like “ok now you guys are being sick”. So they’re doing their thing on stage, and between songs Trevor was talking about hockey, and how the Sabres were 10 minutes away from going to the next round. So then after another song, he asked for an update on the score, which had gone to 2-2. Then someone shouted “Fuck the penguins” and Trevor responded “No, fuck the leafs!” It was pretty funny.

Well Trevor kept having problems with that ear piece thing, it fell out of his pocket a bunch more times, and just came unplugged a few times, so he was getting a bit irritated at that. During some song Dan saw me and acknowledged me. I am getting the complete set list sometime soon, I don’t know the order but they played Surefire, Sparkle and Shine, All That You Are, The Devil You Know, Trash, Sinking, My Salvation, Flamethrower, Make it Right, You Don’t Know…,By The Riverside, TDM (accompanied by much pelvic thrusting and mic stand humping) and Wicked with the NIN insert…and then Home and Razorblades and Bandaids for encore. It was so awesome, because they came back out and played Home (which I had asked Ziggy to play), and then before Razorblades Trevor said something about how they had gotten requests for those songs, and they dusted off this next one, and they played Razorblades. It was awesome. It helps that Razorblades is one of my all time favorite songs from any band in the world. It was so great, but by then Trevor was really grumpy about the continued ear piece problems. They were supposed to play May I Go too but didn’t.

So the show ended, and we waited around to get stuff signed again. Mary wanted to go outside, so we went outside for a while. Ziggy and Mark came out to the bus, then went back inside and said they’d be down soon. So then we were tired of waiting outside (and tired of the 2 drunk girls trying to get on the bus, and the one who decided to pee on the curb) so we went back inside and were standing around with everyone by the upstairs door. So Ziggy came down and was talking to these people he knew, and Mark came down. We didn’t want to bother them but after a while this guy went over and asked for them to sign stuff. So that kinda broke things open. Ziggy came over to us and he’s like “hey i know you”. So he signed my TDYK cd book, and I was like “thank you so much for playing Home” and he said “well we got the request for it, so we took it to the board and got it played.” So then Mark went and disappeared to the bar, with those people they knew, so we waited around there and Trevor came down. He signed stuff for people, and he signed my book, and I asked him for a picture, and he said sure, and then I asked him if he’d stick his tongue out in the picture. Trevor laughed and was like “oh now you’re just getting sick”. So he gives me my book and puts his arm around me for the picture, and I’m like, tongue. And he’s like, yeaaah ooook. So we get the pic and I’m like thanks, and he tickled my back LOL. So I’m standing there and he’s signing stuff for other people, and he’s like “I like your Bowie shirt” (I had on my purple and silver sparkles David Bowie -Ziggy Stardust shirt on). I didn’t realize Trevor was talking to me, and I thought he said Bowling, but people were looking at me, so I was like “What?” and he’s like “I like your Bowie shirt, it’s cool” And I’m like “oooh, cool thanks, I thought you said Bowling shirt, and I was like I’m not wearing a bowling shirt.” So Trevor laughs and is like “Well Bowie likes Bowling”.

So then Trevor did his thing and left for the bus. Then I wanted to go find Mark so I went back down to the bar with Mary and Danielle, and he’s like “hey I know you”. He signed our stuff and apologized for being dazed haha. So then we went back to the hallway to wait for Johnny and Dan but then the theatres guards kicked us out because they wanted to close. So we went outside to wait, because Joe had said they were coming out in like 5 minutes. So we waited, then Eric said Johnny was in the door way so we just went back inside again. Johnny was talking to someone else, who didn’t have a pen, and Johnny asked him if he had a pen, he said no, and then Johnny saw me and since he had used my pen a million times over the past 3 days he was like “oh I have a pen right here” and took mine. So he signed our stuff, got a pic with him. He like put me in a death grip, I almost fell over haha. Then went to talk to Dan. He’s was like hey. He signed our stuff, got a pic with him too, then I went to claim my pen back from Johnny. We left soon after that.

Mad cool 3 days. I love these 3 day concert binges, but then you get way bored the next day hahah.

Trevor’s Tour Diary entry – “The second show was a club date at the Showplace Theatre. This venue is a great place to see a show. It is unfortunate that the current management didn’t see fit to change the marquee or advertise the show. We had the faithful following at the show but it could have been so much better. Word of mouth made the day but it’s disappointing to know that if more people knew the show would have been sold out.

Enough venting, the crowd that was there was phenomenal and it was that energy that made the show come together. We got to talk with the people from HITZ and the EDGE. There was an impromptu after show meet and greet where we signed CD’s etc. All in all Buffalo was a blast and I hope we get back there soon.”

Acoustic Econoline Crush

econoline crush – may 7, 2001 – buffalo, ny – acoustic Edge Session

I won passes from the radio for this show, even though I sorta was already going because Mary had gotten passes that she couldn’t use. But I tried to win them anyway, and did, so I took David and Eric took Adrienne. The day started off as one big headache. I had an exam at 3:30, Eric worked until 4:30 so neither one of us could pick up the passes from the station between 9-5 since we don’t live in Buffalo. So the DJ I won the passes from told me to call this number and tell the receptionist that someone else was picking them up and give them the person’s name. Ok well I got up and called and she connects me to the promotions director. Well that woman isn’t there, so I leave a message. I talk to Mary who is also worried about who is going to get the passes (David was supposed to). She tells me that I need to talk to the receptionist too, so I call back, and I tell the lady that I was told to talk to HER about it. She asks me who told me that, I tell her the DJ, she tells me no I have to talk to promotions, so she connects me again to the woman who is never there. Turns out I had the promotion woman’s email address from when I won godsmack CD from the station, so I emailed her and told her that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the passes and that David was going to. Hours later she emails me back and says no problem. David was able to get my passes, and Mary’s even though she never got through to anyone about it.

So Eric picked me up around 5, and we had to drive to NT to get Adrienne and David. We were already going to be late, but it didn’t help that we got stuck behind the world’s slowest truck on the 63. We finally get home, pick them up and it’s past 6:30 the time we were supposed to be at the Backstage Pub by. It said NO LATER THAN 6:30… oops. We got there a little after 7. They didn’t hassle us, THANK GOD, or I would have had to throw a fit. Some band, local I guess, called Superpimp was doing an Edge Session of their own as “opener” haha. They were good, not my style, but whatever. They finished, and half hour later EC played.

I thought EC did more than 4 songs, but now I guess they didn’t…hahah. They played My Salvation, All That You Are, You Don’t Know What It’s Like, and May I Go all acoustic. It was really awesome. The DJ running the show mentioned that he was shocked to hear that a band as electronic and plugged in as EC was going to do an acoustic show. Trevor talked about how they decide a song is good if it translates into acoustic form. The audience got to ask questions between songs…someone asked about the origin of the name Econoline Crush, and Trevor said something about how his dad had an Econoline van, and he and his friends would drive around in it during the teen years and stuff. Someone asked for a fun road story, and Trevor created a PG version of a story from the Kiss tour….someone asked why they thought it was hard for a Canadian band to make it in the US….that might have been it. Anyway, the songs were awesome acoustic, I was surprised they did You Don’t Know…it sounded really awesome though. I kinda was hoping to hear Razorblades and Bandaids or Tomorrow Starts Today…obvious choices for an acoustic set, but no luck this time…So after the set they hung around the bar, and eventually made it to a table near the door to sign stuff for everyone, I got them to sign my webcast pass, and my Brand New History cd book. Got another pic with Trevor. This time we found Dan and talked to him. He’s super funny, seems like he has a real good time doing shows and meeting fans and stuff. (side note, the bar played Blue Monday and Trevor was jammin haha woo hoo). So then they went to leave, and we went outside with them. The radio station photo dude took a few pictures of the band in front of the Edge van. Then the van’s alarm went off and Trevor took off running down the street to the bus. We talked to Ziggy some more, I requested they play Home tomorrow haha…

It was way rad…there was only about 30-40 people at the show, you could only get passes by being in the cyber club, and then being lucky enough to win them (or know someone at the station haha). It was definitely a cool rare thing…

Trevor’s Tour Diary entry – “The first show in Buffalo was the Edge103.3 “sessions” show which had the band play four songs acoustically and answer questions from the host Adam 12 as well as the audience. It was held at the Backstage Pub. It was
fun… we played “may I go”, “my salvation”, “all that you are” and “you don’t know”. The questions were good and
the audience was super loud and involved. ”

on to the next EC show…

Econoline Crush Niagara Falls

econoline crush – may 6, 2001 – niagara falls, ny

EC played a free show with 3 doors down at Niagara University. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to see it, because there was no straight information about if the show was only for students or not. But we figured we’d try anyway, and good thing we did because we just walked right up to the barrier.

We waited around for the sun to go down so we weren’t blinded and EC came on. No one knew who they were. It was kinda weird. Me, Adrienne (who didn’t think she knew them, but ended up knowing some), Eric, Joe and his friend who I wasn’t introduced to, were the only people there practically who knew EC or the music. There were a few other random kids who were there to see EC. So they played their set, 10 songs (Surefire, Sinking, Trash, My Salvation, Sparkle and Shine, Make It Right, The Devil You Know, All That You Are, You Don’t Know What It’s Like, and Wicked with NIN’s Head Like A Hole inserted). It was great as usual. It has to be hard to play to a crowd who doesn’t know who you are, but they pretended they were having fun. hah. So we sang along with the songs, and made a lot of noise to make up for everyone else. As soon as Trevor came out all the stupid sorority girls around me were like “oh my god, he’s hot” and then whenever Trevor stuck his tongue out they’d scream. Kinda funny, kinda annoying. Trevor talked to the crowd a few times in between songs, mentioned something about how they went to see the Falls that day, and how it wouldn’t be his honeymoon destination of choice…but maybe it’d inspire you to… and then he started pelvic thrusting so all the girls screamed lol.

So anyway, they finished their set and me and Joe got setlists. We left our spot to go find them to sign stuff for us. Adrienne was kinda mad because she wanted to stay there for 3dd. But we left and went to the side of the stage near the busses and yellow police tape to wait around for the band. We saw Mark and Johnny walking around so we yelled for them (or well, Eric did haha). Mark came over, and he kept trying to get Johnny to come over. Mark was like “I’m the new guy you’re not supposed to know my name”. He signed a bunch of stuff for us and some other people who were standing around. Then he did get Johnny to come over and sign stuff. He talked to everyone for a while. We had to wait longer for Ziggy and Trevor but they came out and signed stuff, I got a pic with Trevor.

Then 3dd went on so I went over to the side of the crowd to watch with Adrienne, and gave Eric my setlist because he was going to wait to talk to Dan. So we watched the show, Eric and Joe talked to Dan and he signed stuff for us. He also told us in the event that we couldn’t pick up our passes for the acoustic show the next night, we could just find him and he’d get us in. So that was cool.

3dd finished, their set was good, same as always. They played, I think, every song from the record, and 4 new songs. Encore with Loser. It was their last show of the tour, I bet they just wanted to get it done and leave.


Trevor’s Tour Diary entry for the NU show – “Niagara, New York

Sadly this was our last day on the 3 Doors Down tour. We had such a great time playing with these guys that we
were dreading this day. This is the first band in all our years of playing that gave us a thank you card. Just a great
bunch of guys and a wonderful organization to work with.
We just wanted to mention some people that helped make the Niagara show fun. Ted for keeping the thing rolling.
Marybeth for all her hard work. Ziggy wanted to thank Nicole. Dan wanted to thank Joe and Eric and all their
friends (That would be us).
The crew guys for 3dd were great too! Special thanks to Gary and Lulu.

The show was outside and it was very cold but the audience hung in there. A lot of people from this show
followed us to Buffalo. The fan base is getting bigger day by day.”

That was it, it was cool, onto the acoustic show…

econoline crush webcast

econoline crush – march 30, 2001 – toronto, on

Mary got special passes for the webcast for being on the street team, and was nice enough to invite me to see the show. We got there way later than we thought, but it was ok since they didn’t open doors til after 10:30. Only problem was that I told Carolyn to meet us there around 8:30, so she had been waiting for a long long time. It turned out ok tho, because she ended up holding our place in line, about 5 back from the beginning! woo hoo. We waited outside for a while, and then doors opened. They gave us a hard time about our New York State IDs but whatever. We got in and got to the barrier. The stage was way small, probably the size of my closet room at school haha. We stood around and waited for the show to start, no openers thank god! They came on around 11:30. Oh my god. They are great live. Trevor is incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen any singer as sexy as he is on stage, it’s amazing. I don’t think you can appreciate Trevor’s hotness until you see him live, it’s indescribable. It’s sex on stage haha. Anyway. They played 11 songs: surefire, sinking, trash, my salvation, home, may I go, you don’t know what it’s like, all that you are, sparkle and shine, make it right, wicked. No encore, technically it was wicked, but Trevor said something about how since it was a webcast they weren’t going to go offstage and come back for an encore, just to pretend they had left and come back. hah. The show was awesome, the new stuff sounded great live. Looking forward to seeing them again. After the show Eric stole the setlist, and then we waited off to the side of the stage where the black curtain was, where the band was doing interviews. A few of them came out to talk to us, got autographs from the drummer. We waited a while longer for the rest of them (but they were at the private party as we saw when we were leaving). We didn’t want to wait any longer, since we had to drive home, so we left. Mad cool.