Econoline Crush, Buffalo again

econoline crush – june 24, 2001 – buffalo, ny

another lovely EC show in buffalo hehe. This was for the Artvoice Street Festival. There were a bunch of bands playing on like 4 stages, but on the main stage was Oleander and EC and other crap bands we didn’t stay for. Anyway, we headed out got there right after Treblecharger. I heard they sucked. We decided to walk around cuz all the busses were behind the stage. So we walked through bus land and over to were a crowd of people were. They were all getting autos and pics from Treblecharger. Big deal. But Johnny and Mark were standing around too. So we went over to talk to Johnny. He was like “hey guys” haha. So he signed my poster and Adriennes cd book, and we stood around talking to him for like 20-30 minutes. Mark came over to us too and signed stuff, and hung out talking for a while. He was like hello again, and i was like yeah welcome back. Trevor walked by and we waved to him, then he went to the bus, and then later Mark left. Johnny stayed for a while longer talking, it was rad. We left to get a spot for Oleander while he was talking to some old dude.

So Oleander played, wow. They were alright. The singer guy jumped down into the crowd (not crowd surf or dive or anything) and almost wacked this girl with his guitar. So then he gave the roadie the guitar and just hung out singing in the crowd. It was kinda cool. If I liked them it would have been cooler haha. So they played for 40 min or so. We got in front for EC. They came on a bit after 5. They opened with TDM which was a shock (ok so not really, because when we were talking to Johnny we were standing by his drum kit, and the setlist from the night before was still taped to the carpet thing, and so we saw it, and he said they were doing a different setlist but still opening with TDM). So that rocked. Then it was X3, Sparkle and Shine, Surefire, Sinking, Trash, My Salvation, Home, Make It Right, You Dont Know, and Wicked once again with the Head Like a Hole insert They played the typical songs, nothing out of the ordinary. It was a short set, like 40 min. So that rocked. Not sure if those songs are in the correct order or not….whatever

So after we left the crowd and went back to the busses but then Eric and Mary wanted to leave so we did. Oh well whatever.

Meanwhile I’m getting a nice tan on my left arm from being outside alot the past 2 weekends LOL. only the left arm tho, so i look lopsided.

from Trevor’s tour diary: “Buffalo Street Festival

The Buffalo street fest had a very diverse and mostly Canadian line-up. Blue Rodeo, 54-40, treblecharger, EC and Oleander. It was great to see all those bands. Greg from treble joined us for our morning coffee and shared road stories from his current tour. The guys from Oleander were kind of wondering how it was that they ended up being the only American act on the bill. We hadn’t hung out with 54-40 in years. It was good to see Matt and Phil et al. Keeping the Vancouver vibe alive. They’re releasing a kind of greatest hits record in the US this summer on Nettwerk USA.

The show was great! Buffalo has always been and continues to be a great town for us to play. Thanks to everyone at the Edge and Bruce and his family. The day wouldn’t have been the same without them. We’d also like to thank Erin for the cool book of EC photos and art.

T “

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