Acoustic Econoline Crush

econoline crush – may 7, 2001 – buffalo, ny – acoustic Edge Session

I won passes from the radio for this show, even though I sorta was already going because Mary had gotten passes that she couldn’t use. But I tried to win them anyway, and did, so I took David and Eric took Adrienne. The day started off as one big headache. I had an exam at 3:30, Eric worked until 4:30 so neither one of us could pick up the passes from the station between 9-5 since we don’t live in Buffalo. So the DJ I won the passes from told me to call this number and tell the receptionist that someone else was picking them up and give them the person’s name. Ok well I got up and called and she connects me to the promotions director. Well that woman isn’t there, so I leave a message. I talk to Mary who is also worried about who is going to get the passes (David was supposed to). She tells me that I need to talk to the receptionist too, so I call back, and I tell the lady that I was told to talk to HER about it. She asks me who told me that, I tell her the DJ, she tells me no I have to talk to promotions, so she connects me again to the woman who is never there. Turns out I had the promotion woman’s email address from when I won godsmack CD from the station, so I emailed her and told her that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the passes and that David was going to. Hours later she emails me back and says no problem. David was able to get my passes, and Mary’s even though she never got through to anyone about it.

So Eric picked me up around 5, and we had to drive to NT to get Adrienne and David. We were already going to be late, but it didn’t help that we got stuck behind the world’s slowest truck on the 63. We finally get home, pick them up and it’s past 6:30 the time we were supposed to be at the Backstage Pub by. It said NO LATER THAN 6:30… oops. We got there a little after 7. They didn’t hassle us, THANK GOD, or I would have had to throw a fit. Some band, local I guess, called Superpimp was doing an Edge Session of their own as “opener” haha. They were good, not my style, but whatever. They finished, and half hour later EC played.

I thought EC did more than 4 songs, but now I guess they didn’t…hahah. They played My Salvation, All That You Are, You Don’t Know What It’s Like, and May I Go all acoustic. It was really awesome. The DJ running the show mentioned that he was shocked to hear that a band as electronic and plugged in as EC was going to do an acoustic show. Trevor talked about how they decide a song is good if it translates into acoustic form. The audience got to ask questions between songs…someone asked about the origin of the name Econoline Crush, and Trevor said something about how his dad had an Econoline van, and he and his friends would drive around in it during the teen years and stuff. Someone asked for a fun road story, and Trevor created a PG version of a story from the Kiss tour….someone asked why they thought it was hard for a Canadian band to make it in the US….that might have been it. Anyway, the songs were awesome acoustic, I was surprised they did You Don’t Know…it sounded really awesome though. I kinda was hoping to hear Razorblades and Bandaids or Tomorrow Starts Today…obvious choices for an acoustic set, but no luck this time…So after the set they hung around the bar, and eventually made it to a table near the door to sign stuff for everyone, I got them to sign my webcast pass, and my Brand New History cd book. Got another pic with Trevor. This time we found Dan and talked to him. He’s super funny, seems like he has a real good time doing shows and meeting fans and stuff. (side note, the bar played Blue Monday and Trevor was jammin haha woo hoo). So then they went to leave, and we went outside with them. The radio station photo dude took a few pictures of the band in front of the Edge van. Then the van’s alarm went off and Trevor took off running down the street to the bus. We talked to Ziggy some more, I requested they play Home tomorrow haha…

It was way rad…there was only about 30-40 people at the show, you could only get passes by being in the cyber club, and then being lucky enough to win them (or know someone at the station haha). It was definitely a cool rare thing…

Trevor’s Tour Diary entry – “The first show in Buffalo was the Edge103.3 “sessions” show which had the band play four songs acoustically and answer questions from the host Adam 12 as well as the audience. It was held at the Backstage Pub. It was
fun… we played “may I go”, “my salvation”, “all that you are” and “you don’t know”. The questions were good and
the audience was super loud and involved. ”

on to the next EC show…

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