Econoline Crush @ Showplace

econoline crush – may 8, 2001 – buffalo, ny

Yay this show was awesome as well. We were late again, no surprise, but doors didn’t open on time, and there was no one there (it was kind of pathetic) so we had no problem getting up front. So we waited a bit outside in the drizzle, then got in, and me and Danielle went to the bathroom. Well Johnny was standing near the door to go upstairs, so we walk by and he’s like “Hey”! so I go “Hey” and wave. So we go and stand up near the barrier, and suffer through the two crappy opening bands (Agent Me and Velour). There was NO one there. It gives Buffalo a bad name, when a band as good as EC has no one show up to their show. No one promoted the show though, it wasn’t even on the marquee of the theatre. Whatever.

So EC came on around 10. Opened with Surefire like always. It was awesome. The people who were there got into the show, so that was good. Trevor was jumping around on stage and his earpiece/black box thing fell out of his pocket during the song. So after, he was trying to make it work, and was like “I think I broke it” so the stage hand guy had to come out and was fooling around with it behind his back. When the guy finished, Trevor was like “thank you for adjusting me” totally being sexual, so everyone screams, and he’s like “ok now you guys are being sick”. So they’re doing their thing on stage, and between songs Trevor was talking about hockey, and how the Sabres were 10 minutes away from going to the next round. So then after another song, he asked for an update on the score, which had gone to 2-2. Then someone shouted “Fuck the penguins” and Trevor responded “No, fuck the leafs!” It was pretty funny.

Well Trevor kept having problems with that ear piece thing, it fell out of his pocket a bunch more times, and just came unplugged a few times, so he was getting a bit irritated at that. During some song Dan saw me and acknowledged me. I am getting the complete set list sometime soon, I don’t know the order but they played Surefire, Sparkle and Shine, All That You Are, The Devil You Know, Trash, Sinking, My Salvation, Flamethrower, Make it Right, You Don’t Know…,By The Riverside, TDM (accompanied by much pelvic thrusting and mic stand humping) and Wicked with the NIN insert…and then Home and Razorblades and Bandaids for encore. It was so awesome, because they came back out and played Home (which I had asked Ziggy to play), and then before Razorblades Trevor said something about how they had gotten requests for those songs, and they dusted off this next one, and they played Razorblades. It was awesome. It helps that Razorblades is one of my all time favorite songs from any band in the world. It was so great, but by then Trevor was really grumpy about the continued ear piece problems. They were supposed to play May I Go too but didn’t.

So the show ended, and we waited around to get stuff signed again. Mary wanted to go outside, so we went outside for a while. Ziggy and Mark came out to the bus, then went back inside and said they’d be down soon. So then we were tired of waiting outside (and tired of the 2 drunk girls trying to get on the bus, and the one who decided to pee on the curb) so we went back inside and were standing around with everyone by the upstairs door. So Ziggy came down and was talking to these people he knew, and Mark came down. We didn’t want to bother them but after a while this guy went over and asked for them to sign stuff. So that kinda broke things open. Ziggy came over to us and he’s like “hey i know you”. So he signed my TDYK cd book, and I was like “thank you so much for playing Home” and he said “well we got the request for it, so we took it to the board and got it played.” So then Mark went and disappeared to the bar, with those people they knew, so we waited around there and Trevor came down. He signed stuff for people, and he signed my book, and I asked him for a picture, and he said sure, and then I asked him if he’d stick his tongue out in the picture. Trevor laughed and was like “oh now you’re just getting sick”. So he gives me my book and puts his arm around me for the picture, and I’m like, tongue. And he’s like, yeaaah ooook. So we get the pic and I’m like thanks, and he tickled my back LOL. So I’m standing there and he’s signing stuff for other people, and he’s like “I like your Bowie shirt” (I had on my purple and silver sparkles David Bowie -Ziggy Stardust shirt on). I didn’t realize Trevor was talking to me, and I thought he said Bowling, but people were looking at me, so I was like “What?” and he’s like “I like your Bowie shirt, it’s cool” And I’m like “oooh, cool thanks, I thought you said Bowling shirt, and I was like I’m not wearing a bowling shirt.” So Trevor laughs and is like “Well Bowie likes Bowling”.

So then Trevor did his thing and left for the bus. Then I wanted to go find Mark so I went back down to the bar with Mary and Danielle, and he’s like “hey I know you”. He signed our stuff and apologized for being dazed haha. So then we went back to the hallway to wait for Johnny and Dan but then the theatres guards kicked us out because they wanted to close. So we went outside to wait, because Joe had said they were coming out in like 5 minutes. So we waited, then Eric said Johnny was in the door way so we just went back inside again. Johnny was talking to someone else, who didn’t have a pen, and Johnny asked him if he had a pen, he said no, and then Johnny saw me and since he had used my pen a million times over the past 3 days he was like “oh I have a pen right here” and took mine. So he signed our stuff, got a pic with him. He like put me in a death grip, I almost fell over haha. Then went to talk to Dan. He’s was like hey. He signed our stuff, got a pic with him too, then I went to claim my pen back from Johnny. We left soon after that.

Mad cool 3 days. I love these 3 day concert binges, but then you get way bored the next day hahah.

Trevor’s Tour Diary entry – “The second show was a club date at the Showplace Theatre. This venue is a great place to see a show. It is unfortunate that the current management didn’t see fit to change the marquee or advertise the show. We had the faithful following at the show but it could have been so much better. Word of mouth made the day but it’s disappointing to know that if more people knew the show would have been sold out.

Enough venting, the crowd that was there was phenomenal and it was that energy that made the show come together. We got to talk with the people from HITZ and the EDGE. There was an impromptu after show meet and greet where we signed CD’s etc. All in all Buffalo was a blast and I hope we get back there soon.”

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