ok here are a few things from trevor hurst’s (econonline crush) online tour diary….

Orlando, FLA – I think that this is the home of boy bands. It is isn’t it? I suppose I should know this, being a card carrying member of the music industry. But I’m not sure, although O-town, that awful tv band might have taken it’s name from the city. Sorry, I was drifting there for a second!
We spent the 4th in Orlando hanging out watching fireworks and waiting to play. The gig was at the House of Blues in Disney City. Do I even need to go into the Disney/rock show rant? Anyway the club was cool, and once inside, you could shut out the mass commercialization of parental guilt and cartoon characters.

St. Petersburg, FLA – I know I’ve got to be quicker getting these things out because there has been some discussion about it on our website. It’s not that I’m not trying. I’m just lazy!!
St. Peterburg was insane because the venue was outdoors. Now in any other climate that might be alright but Florida in July is hot. I’m not talking shorts and t-shirt hot. I’m talking where’s my camel I’m heading for the oasis hot!! Needless to say the show was a puddle. We rocked though. I think mainly due to the fact the crowd was so into it. There was this guy with the best mullet I have seen in years, losing it in he mosh pit. I swear it felt like I was at a Judas Priest concert watching that guy jumping around.

does anyone find those 2 entries as hilarious as i do… i loved the mullet comment.

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