Econoline Crush @ K-rockathon

econoline crush – k-rockathon – vernon, ny – july 22, 2001

i’m not going to say much about this show.

first: big thank you to Dan from EC and the rest of the band

second: big thank you to Joe – the coolest guy on the planet, and no longer “some kid joe” haha since he didn’t like that title in my previous write ups of EC shows.

third: big thank you to Eric

if it wasn’t for eric we wouldn’t have gone to the show, because he wouldn’t have mentioned that Joe had 3 extra guest passes. the trip to k-rockathon was a spur of the moment thing. Saturday Eric was like, wut u doing tomorrow, nothing, Joe has extra passes, I’m so there! Eric and mary already had tickets, so me and adrienne took 2 of joe’s guest passes.

it took an extra long time to get to Vernon, cuz of the non moving traffic in mile 3 from the racetrack. we didn’t move for 20 minutes at a time. Joe called dan to make sure we weren’t going to miss EC’s set, since that’s the only reason why me Joe and Adrienne were there. We ended up getting there just in time, cuz they switched bands around. so, we get our guest list stuff, and figuring the passes were going to be tickets to get in, we were shocked to find guest/photo access cloth passes. boy hits car was supposed to be on, we lost Eric and Mary in the crowd and since we didnt want to be up front for them we went to walk around, decided to see where we could go with the passes, and ended up in the back stage area where all the busses for all the bands were parked.

one thing *AND IM NOT COMPLAINING* is that it was kinda weird to be backstage at a festival where i couldn’t give a rats ass about any of the other bands. there were tons of band people walking around, and i almost never recognized any of them. We saw drummer from crazy town, various members of their crew, various members of drowning pool as Joe told me, boy hits car and cold…i recognized the singer from Cold…that was it…i cant even imagine what it would be like, for me, to have a pass like that at a festival where i liked the other bands playing LOL. trevor mentioned playing K-rock a few years ago and Orgy was there too, and I’m like omg i’d die…hah…i wouldn’t know where to go and who to talk to. Except that Orgy ppl are bitches sometimes so haha….

ended up not actually seeing EC’s set, because guards said we didn’t have the right kind of pass to be standing in front of the stage, so we listened from behind, leaning against crazy town’s bus.

EC setlist:
sparkle and shine
you don’t know what it’s like
my salvation
wicked/head like a hole

my salvation sounded different. they might have added some kind of sample, or it could have just been that were were listening from behind. can’t tell. during EC’s set a group of drunk boys came up to us and asked me if could let them on to the bus (crazy town’s bus) and I’m like no sorry. And he’s like is anyone letting anyone on, and I’m like no. And he’s like, that sucks, and I’m like yeah I’m sorry, and he’s like do you know them. And i start laffing and I’m like NO! lol…he thought i was like, someone important or something that i could let them on a tour bus. It was funny. then one of the drunk guys shook our hands.

i think that’s where I’m going to stop talking. I feel kind of weird writing down every minute of what happened during the afternoon. I’m not sure why. if u really want to know, contact me, i can tell u because I’ve written it down for my personal use. I just don’t think it’s right for me to publish everything that happened on my site. It’s nothing bad or incriminating, no “lets get high and have an orgy” or anything like that at all. The guys in EC are really great, and super nice. It was a totally awesome afternoon. i feel bad that Eric and Mary didn’t get to come with us. Joe got them a poster signed by the band.

few comments, and i hope I’m not overstepping my personally set boundaries, but we’ll see:

1. i thought it was really amusing to hear most of the guys talk about how everyone at the festival sounded the same, and that how most of the new bands out now sound the same, and how much they hate it LOL

2. trevor seems to be a big fan of STP. trevor likes Dave Navarro’s new album, Dan doesn’t hah. Dan liked my purse.

3. i asked mark if it was hard to get his pants off, realized that he could take that the wrong way, and justified my question by saying how i have a pair of pants like that (some sort of leather product) and after just being in the audience i can’t get them off. he said yeah, the pants weren’t gonna come off too easily.

why do i keep capitalizing Dan’s name but no one elses…..?

4. talking to trevor about music videos, i said something about how i just download them. then i was like “oops i didn’t say that” and trevor said he didnt care about the whole napster downloading mp3s thing….take from that what you will but don’t quote me. lol

Papa Roach had 3, possibly 4 tour busses. We didn’t see Staind’s bus. Crazy Town had their bus, and a crew bus…. while we were there we got to hear boy hits car, drowning pool, and i think Cold.

ok i think I’m done, so once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the guys from EC and everyone else who helped make my day so incredible.

no pictures…i didn’t feel right about it. There is one coming of me and Joe by the bus, mark might be in it cuz he was coming off the bus, gotta finish the roll, have 23 pictures left lol. maybe someone on the EC board took some i can steal, and maybe i’ll scan my pass….

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