econoline crush webcast

econoline crush – march 30, 2001 – toronto, on

Mary got special passes for the webcast for being on the street team, and was nice enough to invite me to see the show. We got there way later than we thought, but it was ok since they didn’t open doors til after 10:30. Only problem was that I told Carolyn to meet us there around 8:30, so she had been waiting for a long long time. It turned out ok tho, because she ended up holding our place in line, about 5 back from the beginning! woo hoo. We waited outside for a while, and then doors opened. They gave us a hard time about our New York State IDs but whatever. We got in and got to the barrier. The stage was way small, probably the size of my closet room at school haha. We stood around and waited for the show to start, no openers thank god! They came on around 11:30. Oh my god. They are great live. Trevor is incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen any singer as sexy as he is on stage, it’s amazing. I don’t think you can appreciate Trevor’s hotness until you see him live, it’s indescribable. It’s sex on stage haha. Anyway. They played 11 songs: surefire, sinking, trash, my salvation, home, may I go, you don’t know what it’s like, all that you are, sparkle and shine, make it right, wicked. No encore, technically it was wicked, but Trevor said something about how since it was a webcast they weren’t going to go offstage and come back for an encore, just to pretend they had left and come back. hah. The show was awesome, the new stuff sounded great live. Looking forward to seeing them again. After the show Eric stole the setlist, and then we waited off to the side of the stage where the black curtain was, where the band was doing interviews. A few of them came out to talk to us, got autographs from the drummer. We waited a while longer for the rest of them (but they were at the private party as we saw when we were leaving). We didn’t want to wait any longer, since we had to drive home, so we left. Mad cool.

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