March 2001 Dreams

Well I seem to be having some issues remembering my dreams lately. Besides the fact that March was a really busy month, started out busy, middle was busy, end was finally not busy (but then I was lazy), I haven’t been really able to remember a complete dream all month. The ones I remembered I had no time to write down, so below are the only parts of the only dreams I somewhat remembered. Hopefully my dreams will start being remembered soon.

March 1st – dream about ryan shuck from orgy. I met him in a bar, and we were sitting at the end of the bar and I was asking him really stupid questions. I knew the questions were stupid, like “so, you like to play guitar?” but I couldn’t stop. It apparently didn’t matter because he wanted me. So then he went to talk to some people but I didn’t want him to forget that I was there, so I sorta followed him around, not really, but just kept an eye on where he was. He always kept looking for me in the crowd so he wouldn’t lose me either, and he’d come up to me and talk and kiss me. Then he started a conga line, and was dancing around. Then I left the bar, because he had left, and I had to go find him, and I was driving a tractor.

there were other dreams dealing with members of Orgy in the beginning of the month, due to going to 3 Orgy shows in 3 nights, but I don’t remember any of them.

Danielle and I were going to the airport because we had to catch a flight someplace. We were really late, and we had to go to the ticket counter because we had ordered our tickets online or something. I went to one of the teller people, and someone cut in front of Danielle and went to the next available teller. I was like, no, we’re going to miss our flight if she doesn’t go. I was mad, and it was frantic because we were late and going to miss our flight.

no airplane crashes, so that’s a good sign.

some sort of tornado dream, there were lots of tornados all around. I was hitting myself in the dream to figure out if it was real or a dream, I slapped myself in the face, and it hurt, so I said, oh this is definitely real life.

this dream, trent reznor was sleeping in danielle’s loft above my bed instead of her. “the fragile” (the song) was playing, and suddenly I realize who he was talking about in the song, and totally understood where he was coming from, all this stuff. so  I get up and stand on the bed and I’m looking at him, and I think I was crying because I understood his sadness or something. So I’m standing on my bed, looking at him sleeping in the loft and I just touched his face, to like, let him knew I understood.

next day I told danielle about the dream and she said that if she ever wakes up and sees me standing there about to touch her face she’s going to kill me haha.

I dreamed I was dating Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. It was 4th of july and we were going to see fireworks. I had to stop at a friends house because I was working on some school project with her. I hate this girl in real life…Anyway, Johnny disappeared so I was nervous he had hurt himself, and left to go find him. Then we watched fireworks from a lawn chair in a park.

I dreamed that me, Eric and his friend Karl were at my house chilling in the living room. Me and Karl were on the big couch, and Eric was on the other. We were just goofing off and stuff, then Eric went to the bathroom and me and Karl went to the kitchen to get drinks. Karl got pop out of the fridge and was saying something about how Eric was going to be pissed because we didn’t have any woo pop. And then Karl said under his breath that he was falling in love with me. I wasn’t supposed to hear him but I did.

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