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i dont know if i could be any more pissed off right now. yah i dont have a home in a month. back at school we’re supposed to be moving into the new townhouse complex. ok so we get email today telling us that the 4 person town houses will be finished on time, but the 5 person ones wont… GREAT! THANK YOU GENESEO U FUCKED US OVER AGAIN. So we’re in “alternative housing” in blake hall, which is supposed to be closed this year. If i remember correctly, it’s corridor style, so i’m going to have a nice fun time there until they’re finished. SUPPOSEDLY the 5 room houses will open 1 at a time, the first one holding 30 people a week later, and the next a while after that etc. When we left Geneseo in May they were 2 weeks ahead of schedule, yeah what happened to that?

if it seems like i’m surprised, i’m totally not. I was expecting this because everytime I look at the webcam of the townhouse construction there has been virtually no progress. the houses have been half bricked for 2 months now. you never see any people doing any work….and that’s just how geneseo is. Instead of starting on the town houses last summer, when no one is on campus except orientation groups, no they dont even start to dig and move dirt in the area until october. Yeah, brilliant. Great planning. Lets not start them until winter, so they can get frozen and screwed up because you’re not supposed to do cement stuff in the winter cuz it cracks….but go ahead, wait until winter to start actually building anything. Take a month and a half to push dirt around. They claimed as long as there was no bad snow storm the houses would be done on time, and as far as I remember, it didn’t snow much at all….I should know, I was there all winter. FUCKING IDIOTS I HATE YOU GENESEO. I DONT WANT TO FUCKING LIVE IN BLAKE HALL FOR AN UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF TIME. I HATE YOU.

now i was going to post this all nice and happy entry because i had an excellent weekend, but then i had to go and find this shit out….i hate geneseo to begin with. this next year was supposed to make up for 3 shitty years, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

but ok i guess i’m gonna talk about this weekend. i’m just so pissed…

ok so friday, it was too hot so after dinner i went to the mall with adrienne. we randomly went into Claires and they were having a big sale. It was 10 things for 5$…all the things eligible were crap of course LOL. But we managed to find 10 things. I got 2 key chains, a bracelet, these window shades for the back seat windows, with lemons on them and they say “fresh” lol, and this lame necklace that says “glam rock” on it, that is now on the new purse I bought there too, cuz it was 5$. hah…

saturday was amanda’s grad party. It was way more fun that it probably should have been LOL that’s not an insult. We went over there around 4:30, hung out with eric and jake all day, and amanda. Had a few beers, played football, and went to the park with their 2 little cousins. haha it was fun. Well Eric was like, what are u guys doing tomorrow (sunday) and we’re like nothing. K-rockathon was sunday in syracuse and Eric and Mary had their tickets, but Joe was on the Econoline Crush guestlist as +3 and none of his friends could go. So we’re like hell yeah we’ll go! haha. So we headed up to Rochester that night after Mary and Karl got back from the Staind show in buffalo.

sunday, joe came up to Rochester and we left for Vernon Downs. things were fine until we got 3 miles from the place, then it was not moving traffic. it wasn’t even crawling traffic, it was “we’re going to sit in this same spot for 15-20 minutes”. We went a mile in an hour and a half. There must have been an accident or something because ambulances and stuff went by a few times, but we never saw anything. Since an hr and a half went by we were getting scared we were going to miss EC so Joe called Dan from the car to find out what time they were on at, and that left us with an hr and a half to get to the place. So we get moving and are 2 miles away then, and then we just parked at some hotel that was 3$ and a 20 min walk to the place (45 min drive in the traffic). It ended up being a real good idea, shorter walk than that.
Get to the racetrack and find where we get our guestlist stuff. We were expecting regular tickets to get in, turned out Joe had gotten guest/photo cloth passes. We’re like dude this rocks LOL. So we went in, and stuff. Lost Eric and Mary in the crowd going up to the front to see Boy Hits Car. We didn’t wanna be up front for them (we being me Joe and Adrienne) so we didnt try to find them. Then turns out EC was on next, and not Boy Hits Car cuz everything got turned around. So Joe me and Adrienne went to walk around, and decided to try out our passes. I asked some security guard where we could go, and he was like, go over there. So we went to the VIP entrance, and went backstage where all the busses and crap was. We spent the rest of the afternoon back there. Didn’t get to actually see EC, cuz the guards wouldnt let us in front of the stage with our passes, so we listened from behind, leaning against Crazy Town’s bus LOL. That’s all I’m going to talk about that. It was mega rad. I felt all important LOL. I got to see the inside of a tour bus FINALLY for like 2 minutes lol. when i make my first million I’m buying myself a tour bus and i’m gonna hire a driver to take me around the country for a few months LOL, its way better than a motor home.

So we left around 5ish i guess, had to walk back to the car and stuff. Got home around 930. Eric and Mary stayed there to see Staind and whoever else. While we were there we got to hear boy hits car and drowning pool, and I think Cold.

*in a james hetfield voice*
“no AC at work – baaaaaad!”
“cold shower – goooood!”

“wacky stripped sunburn – baaaaad!”
“sunblock – gooooood!”

my mom seems to think i was beaten up or raped yesterday….my lip is weird, i bit it, she’s like WHAT HAPPENED TO UR LIP i’m like nothing…and i have this weird sunburn around my neck, where i missed putting on sunscreen. So it’s this circular burn like a necklace where the neckline of my shirt was. She’s like IT LOOKS LIKE U GOT CHOKED!…wtf…it’s SOO a sunburn. She’s like, it looks like strangle markes…hahah

i’m bored cuz its too hot to move so i’m just sitting here. ok well there is this coca-cola commercial…i’m sure you’ve seen it. it’s like 5 teenagers in a subway, and one of them is “narrating” in his head about being crammed in cars together after concerts and stuff…it’s like, a goodbye to teenage ignorance and bliss kinda thing. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT?! lol… well that commercial kinda makes me sad. ok it doesn’t make me sad cuz i’m totally not an emotional person… but it’s like…nostalgia… cuz i’m so old u know. grrr i cant explain it. it totally reminds me of my friends (more recently, past few years, than in high school…screw high school). i’m gonna look at some old video tape years from now and have this commercial on it and be like omg…then it’ll be nostalgia. i tried to find the commercial on an mpeg but no luck. they have every other friggen beer commercial etc but not this one. i need to have it. i love it. it doesnt make me want to drink brown pop, but whatever…

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