3 weeks ago my parents went to Toronto to see Mama Mia….then my dad thought it would be nice to buy the soundtrack to the musical, and give it to my mom for xmas. so now i’m upstairs, and my mom is blasting it downstairs, clapping and jamming along. AND i had to listen to it in the car on the way home from Michigan. Now there is nothing wrong with ABBA…me and carolyn were singing it at her house when they were on muchmoremusic…but I really don’t need to be upstairs hearing this. arg.

well i went out today. i slowly made my way downtown….ok all the snow must have melted, cuz buffalo looked normal. i mean, it was still snowy. maybe like 2 feet on the ground (i know cuz i had to walk in it)…even the drifts were only “normal buffalo winter” height. whatever.

so i went to barnes and noble cuz i have 2 gift certificates, but there is nothing i want. they don’t sell movies, and their cds are too expensive. and all the books i wanted i got (screwtape letters, u2 book)….so i don’t know what i’m going to buy. I might wait til jan 22nd and get the new NIN cds there…maybe by some twist of fate they’ll have the NIN dvd too and i can get both there. but whatever.

then i went to media play, was gonna buy the hedwig dvd…i walked around the store with it, found an “elevation” cd single that had extra tracks on it that i wanted to own (and the book is a poster…like i need another u2 poster…and it’s a canadian import cd, it smells bad, just like the tea party tangents cd book. all my canadian cds reek)…and i was gonna maybe get myself the popmart vhs (they didn’t have it, they didn’t have any u2 vhs tapes). ended up putting hedwig back cuz i figured i’d check circuit city and bestbuy to see if it was cheaper…so just got the elevation single. then went to circuit city and got hedwig dvd (it was cheaper). circuit city is retarded. they have random checkouts around the store, but no central check out… like near the door. how retarded is that. whatever. so then i headed downtown, went to frizbees and got an orgy vapor transmisson promo cd in hopes that it’s the 5th one i don’t have (haven’t looked yet)…. and…THE BEST CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Vanilla Ice Extremely Live. LOL dude when Ice tours, i’m SO bringing this cd for him to sign, hell yeah.

so after that, drove downtown more to the psych center to photographize the scary tower building (Buffalo State Hospital). this is THE greatest building ever. I would do anything to get inside. when we went on the fieldtrip there we were supposed to go see inside the 1st floor that had been refurbished for a movie, but the lady couldn’t find the key. i was so pissed. but yeah, i’d do anything to go inside and photographize it. even if it’s a health hazard and dangerous cuz it’s in such disrepair, i don’t care. WANT TO GO INSIDE!! i gotta go back in the summer to photographize it more, when there isn’t 2 feet of snow for me to walk through. cuz yeah, my feet and ankles are frostbitten now. but gotta go get the photographs off the digi camera, and i’ll have them up on in arms of undertow in a bit. plus carolyn’s geneseo party pics.

home from toronto. good times good times. i blogged what we did saturday night…sunday we got up late, sat around for a long time watching this Fromage show on muchmusic where they make fun of cheesy videos. we forced ourselves to go to the grocery store to get dinner, realized it was WAY fucking cold. didn’t really wanna head downtown to try to go to the drag show again too cold…so we didn’t do anything sunday. we watched blade and blood and wine (yay stephen dorff). monday we headed downtown to do some shopping on queen street and stuff. didn’t buy anything, but it was cool. headed back to carolyn’s house for dinner and being lazy. then headed downtown again around 11 for new years stuff. we went to the harbor or something to see if there were fireworks this year, but no one was around. so we got back on the subway to go to the concert new years bash thing. sooooo many people. it was actually really horrendous LOL. but we stood around there… or well leaned ourselves up against everyone else there to listen to david usher on stage. he did 2 songs, then it was midnight, and then he did auld lang syne (sp?) and another one of his songs. when he finished people were leaving, and brilliant adrienne and danielle decided to break up a fight that almost broke out between 2 black guys in front of us. yeah, that was SO smart. nothing happened, the guys didn’t fight so i guess adr and danielle were successful. but me and carolyn stood there like WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING!!! and then we yelled at them LOL. smooshed onto the subway to go to a bar near carolyn’s house for a while, then back to her house. we watched silence of the lambs cuz i had never seen it. it was rad. yep. good times good times. now i’m home, yay.

i’m hungry. i just ate but i’m still hungry. blah.


oh yeah. the border crossing back to the states today was…um…the weirdest one i’ve ever done.
guy: where do you live
us: NT
guy: where were you
me: toronto
guy: why
me: visiting a friend
guy: how long have you known them?
me: 6 years
guy: how’d you meet?
me: *lies* um…school i think, yeah, school.
guy: what’s in the trunk?
me: our luggage
guy: do you have anything bizzare in your car?
me: *weird look & laff* no
guy: do you have any civil war bayonnets, antelope antlers or eagle eggs?
us: *laff*
me: *laff* no!
guy: go ahead.

LOL WTF IS THAT?!?! CIVIL WAR BAYONNETS? ANTELOPE ANTLERS?!?!?! HAHAH he didn’t ask us if we purchased anything, or our citizen ship, but he asks if we have ANTLERS?!?!?! yah we killed them while hunting with our civil war bayonnets!!!

I was at the beach, in NT (there are no beaches), so I guess I was down by the river. I wanted to go find something, I can’t remember what, so I was walking down along the side of the rail road tracks. There was lots of people around, because it was summer. So I turned down this other path to get to where I was going, but there was a crane and it was doing weird things, so I turned around to go back because I didn’t want to get crushed under it or anything. So I was walking back, and I had my headphones on, and this weird guy carrying a branch of a tree came up to me and asked me if I was homophobic. I said no, and he said good, then I wouldn’t tell anyone. I kept walking and he was walking next to me, and he asked me if I like getting whipped, and then he hit me with the tree branch. I was like, what the hell. He kept doing it, so I started running, and he ran after me and was hitting me with the branch. So I ran back to the beach and I was screaming for someone to help me, and there were 3 girls from my high school there. They all looked at me screaming and started laughing at me. No one would help me. So this weird guy is beating me with the tree, and I’m screaming for help, no one is helping me in classic social psych fashion. The one girl Leslie keeps laughing at me, so I got really pissed, and I punched her. Then weird guy had a knife and he stabbed me in the back of the shoulder, Leslie was still laughing at me, so while I was getting stabbed, I was punching her, and I grabbed the weird guys knife and I stabbed her in the eye. Then weird guy got me away from her, and kept beating me up and stabbing me, but finally some guy was gonna help, and he started walking over. Apparently weird guy knew him, because he got scared, so I grabbed his wrist of the hand holding the knife, and held it against the ground. The guy came, and I got away, I guess. Then, I was in high school, in a class with Danielle. Everyone was talking about what happened, and was stretching the truth so bad. Someone came up to me and asked me why I stabbed this girl Stacy in the eye, and I got really pissed off because that wasn’t what happened. No one seemed to care that I had been stabbed, only that I had stabbed Leslie and stuff. So someone came in the room and asked Danielle if it was true that she stabbed someone, and I got really pissed off even more because Danielle had nothing to do with it. So I went crazy, and I pushed them out of the room and started screaming at them to shut the fuck up, they didn’t know anything that happened, and to fucking leave us alone. Then this girl Vanessa came into the room and started talking shit about what happened, so I did the same thing to her. Then a teacher, Mr Zayatz realized that I was having problems, and that the whole situation was causing trouble in the school. So he brought his class into our classroom to have a discussion or whatever. Then Vanessa came back with all kinds of McDonald’s french fries. She started yelling at me, and threw fries at me. At this point I was trying not to care anymore, and so I told her I hoped she enjoyed spending all that money on the french fries. But then I grabbed some and threw them at her. I guess Mr Zayatz thought it would be a good idea for us to get our frustrations out by throwing food. So only the people on my side of the room got to throw fries at everyone else. Then Vanessa had runts (candies) and we started throwing those, but I couldn’t throw them far enough to the other side of the room where Dr Cylke was sitting with other students. After we used all the food, we watched some video. I guess it was to clear things up about what happened. Still no one cared that I was the victim and had been attacked. So then it was after school and I had to leave, I decided to apologize to one of the people I had told off. Then since the meeting took so long, my mom left and I had no ride home. So Adrienne came to get me, and we were walking down the main staircase, and when you got to the bottom it was an elevator. If the elevator wasn’t at that floor, there were no bottom steps, so I fell down about 5 feet. I was like, what the hell, why aren’t there any steps. And she said, because the elevator wasn’t there. Then my ex friend Angela was coming down the steps with us so we warned her about the no steps being there. Then the lobby was all weird, it had black and white floor tile, and was all wavy and really big. Then there were these little devil things, running around. And I thought, this is a dream, there are no devils in my school. So I’m trying to tell them they don’t exist because I’m only dreaming, and then we realize they aren’t devils, but they’re Blink 182. They start chasing us, so we get into the elevator that finally arrived on that floor. Finally we leave and we go to Adrienne’s car, but now it was the mall, and we were stuck in mall traffic. Then my mom called, and I had the portable phone from our house and it still worked. She was at the Starter outlet at the mall, and was talking to me, but then stopped. But I could hear music so I knew she was there. But apparently I had never told my parents about getting stabbed, and I was worried they’d find out. That was about the end of the dream, except that there was a horse drawn carriage in front of us in the mall parking lot.

possible explanation: when telling my dream to Danielle she said it was a combination of talking about homophobia before we went to sleep, not getting enough french fries at Denny’s last night, playing the Burger game on nintendo and not being able to get off the ladders, and something else that now I don’t remember. I have a take home final to do today for Dr Cylke, but nothing else seems to make any sense.

possible interpretation:  when do I ever have any idea what my dreams mean?

McDonalds Stories

June 23, 1999 – Here are a few things for you from the last beanie baby promotion…. People lined up in drive thru starting at 4 AM (we open at 6) for the stupid International Bear toys. At my store, if a car has been sitting on the speaker for a long time I guess it turns off, because I couldn’t use the headset to talk to the car, so he had to pull to my window. So I asked him what he wanted and he ordered 2 things and wanted 10 bears. I told him we had a limit of 5 bears per order, and he started aruging with me about how he had bought 10 bears last week, and I said no you can only buy 5 those are the rules. So he goes, well I’m not moving until you sell me 10. So I said, fine that you can talk to my manager. I got my manager and she told him, and he wouldn’t listen. So our supervisor (who was in our store that day because we had Full Field) came and talked to him. And he was still arguing about it, but then finally he just bought 5 and left. haha….there was  another crazy beanie lady who claimed we shorted her 3 toys in her happy meals, and that she wanted to come in and get 3. So we said, fine, since you should have gotten toys 1, 2 and 3 you can come in and get the same ones. But no she wanted to get 4, 5 and 6. And we told her no, she paid for 1, 2 and 3 she could only get those. So she said fine and was going to come in. She called again 2 mins later and asked AGAIN why she couldnt get the next 3. And we told her, the rules said you can only get what you paid for…she was all like, but Idon’t understand. So finally after talking to my store manager 3 times, one of the assistants started answering her calls about why she couldnt get 4, 5 and 6. So she talked to the assistant twice, and then I answered the phone and talked to her 4 more times. EACH TIME SHE ASKED THE SAME THING and each time her story changed a little more. This time she told me that she had 1, 2 and 3 and wanted to trade them in for 4, 5 and 6. And I go, I thought you didn’t get the toys in your happy meal. And she stuttered and was like, yeah, I didn’t get them. My sister in law gave them to me AHAHHAHA what a loser .

This is a cute story. One of our workers was abandoned by his parents when he was 3 or 4, and he hadn’t seen them in 16 years. Well his biological father called during the morning, and then came to pick him up after his shift. He went out in to the parking lot to meet his real father for the first time in 16 years, they shook hands and everything.. awww it was sooo cute me and my manager were staring at them out the drive thru window, and it was soo nice!! awww

Spring 1997 -BEANIE BABY MANIA….You don’t even know what a mad house you crazy beanie people created at McDonalds. The phone was ringing off the hook, and we began answering the phone, “BlahBlah Drive McDonalds, we have such and such beanie baby for the next 10 minutes.” and eventually we had to say, “BlahBlah Drive McDonalds, we have NO more Beanies left.” It was a total crazy scene. Everyone employed at my McD’s was working that week of hell. If you went to a McDonalds during that week you would know what a crazy place it was. You could expect to stand in a line outside the door for at least an hour at some points in the day. When we sold our last Beanie, people actually got in fights. Of course, people were getting mad at the wait (hey you try working in a fast food restaurant with moron customers, it’s alot harder than you think) and people were getting mad that there were no napkins left out in lobby. Well SORRY I had other customers to attend to, you’re not the only McCustomer in the world, get a grip. Anyway, I guess the story was, this guy had waited for like a half hour in drive thru or SOMETHING, I never quite understood what he said about that part, and his order was totally wrong or something, and he had come in, and had to wait in line again until we could fix it, and then it was wrong again. He said we were rude or something, and our manager was just standing there listening to him complain. He asked her if that was the way they trained their crew people, to be mean and rude and stuff, and she didn’t know what to say, she just said no, they aren’t supposed to act like that, but we had been under extreme pressure and we were so busy we couldn’t handle it, and if we had been rude we were truely sorry. Well he kept complaining about our service and then he THREW his bag of food at our manager. It hit our ice cream machine and flew all over. By that time it had slowed down a little bit, and there was a lady standing at the counter with her daughter. She started yelling at the man, and telling him to grow up and be a bit more  mature. When he threw the food at our manager she yelled at him, “Yeah that was mature.” and she covered her daughters ears, and told her never to act like that bad man. It was SO funny, but we were quite upset. Our manager ran back crying, I almost started crying from that dumb man, and the fact that it had been an awful busy crappy beanie filled moron customer day. One lady tried to give me a $2.00 tip and I had to refuse, we aren’t allowed to accept tips. She was like, ” but you are doing such a great job, come on take it.” I didn’t take it.

McDonalds stories

Stories from my old McDonald’s Stories Blog


October 3, 2000 – Apparently one of the stores in my area got robbed last night with a hand grenade. The moronic part of it, is that the robber crashed his car in the parking lot when he was trying to get away, and so he got caught. haha

August 23, 2000 – The Coca Cola secret shop lady came into work today. I had jumped on counter to clear out the customers, and was about to go back and get stock when I decided to take her order. I like to do a good job on counter, whenever I’m there (which isn’t often) cuz it makes the other 2 retarded counter people we have look even worse. So I smiled at the lady, took her value meal order, and asked if she wanted it large or supersized. So I get the order together, and she’s like, “Sara, great job. I’m from Coca Cola, and because you smiled at me right off the bat, and asked for supersizing you guys win a bunch of stuff.” haha. She took my name, and everyone who was there got pins, and these duffel bag things. And lucky me, I got this cardboard gold medal to wear around my neck (which my manager is making me wear tomorrow for our owner/operator review). Last year the person who asked for supersizing during the secret shop got money. I didn’t get any money :P. She took my last name though, so maybe I’ll get something sent to the store.

August 18, 2000 (from Amanda) – Old McFaithful…a girl was doing dishes Friday night and the sprayer kinda fell off..like the whole thing right off the faucet. It was shooting super hot water straight up to the ceiling for like a half hour. Me, a manager, and another person were drenched from trying to stop it. We tried all the shut off valves but none of them worked. Finally when Service Tech showed up we learned you need to turn off 2 valves or something. We ended up tying two aprons around the hole to kinda stop the water. The crew room was flooded….took forever to mop up. I risked my life and my non-waterproof mascara to kick all the drains out cuz the girl was too busy flipping out to realize they were all stopped up.

August 17, 2000 – We got a new coffee brewing machine, because we’re having an Owner/Operator review next week. Our old coffee brewer was a piece of crap. With the old one we had to brew a pot of water for hot tea, and with the new one, there is a hot water spout that actually works. The water is extremely hot. There is a man who comes in every day and orders a Senior Citizen hot tea. He asks for it to be microwaved so it’s burning hot. I always thought this was odd, even with the old way of having a pot, because it’s the same temperature as the coffee, HOT! But we’d microwave it for him. Today he ordered his tea, and I did not microwave it. I told him we have a new water spout and that it’s so hot, he doesn’t need it microwaved. He went on about well I’m drinking it, I’m paying for it. And I said, trust me, it’s very hot. But he was bitching so I microwaved it (for a minute, most of the water boiled out. I hope he burned his entire mouth with it). Apparently, while I was microwaving his stupid water, he asked another counter person why we always have such smart asses here. Meanwhile, my store manager (the 4th one I’ve worked under, but finally a good one) was telling me about how the guy is always such a prick. When I told him how long I microwaved the water for, and how the man called me a smart ass, my manager laughed so hard. The man later came for a refill and didn’t ask for it microwaved. He said he was going to “Try the new water”. Whatever. A few weeks ago, I took this same man’s order. He orders an english muffin and his tea. Well I swear he said egg mcmuffin, and tea, so that’s what I rang up, and it was 2.81. He said it was wrong, it should be 1.81. So I told him what I had, and he said no,  I want a plain muffin. So I changed it, I never took the money, and never over charged him.  He said, I must not have been working there long if I didn’t know his order. I told him I’ve been working there for 4 years. Later that morning, I overheard him bitching to one of our other employees about how some girl charged him 2.81 for his breakfast (which I DID NOT!) Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you have the right to complain about everything. I did nothing wrong. This leads me on another tangent, to the 2 old women who come in every day and order some kind of bagel sandwich. It must be lightly toasted (or else they can’t chew it) and cut in half (so they can share). I’m usually on break when they are in lobby eating, and they always sit near me. Every day I overhear the one woman complaining about the hardness of the bagel, or the taste of the coffee. If you don’t like it, why the hell do you keep coming back every day. Go to Burger King or Duncan Donuts. Duncan has bagel sandwiches too! This leads me to the lady who called this morning and complained on the phone to our opening keyholder for 15 minutes. She ranted about the attitude of our employees, and how yesterday she only got 1 butter with her hotcakes (even though it’s policy to only give out 1 butter, and the person who did it was our store manager), and how the hotcakes are always hard (they are not, I eat them every day) , and how she never gets her free water (even though she never asks for it) and how she doesn’t have time to sit on the phone and complain about it. WELL THEN DON’T! Don’t call and complain, don’t come every morning for hotcakes, ask for more butter if you want it, and ask for the damn water.

August, 2000 – a lady came in and wanted the Drive Thru club special hamburgers for 49 cents. She said she wanted 4 hamburgers and 3 plain hamburgers. That would be a total of 7 hamburgers. Well she got to the window, and confusion insued because she apparently couldn’t add 4 plus 3.

April 8, 1998 (but it happens everyday)- I love it when people order a “cheeseburger plain, with only catsup and mustard”…well duh, if you want catsup and mustard on it, it isn’t plain is it??

March 29, 1998-When the weather turns nice, does that mean that customers can be more retarded than usual? No, I wouldn’t think so. But everyone else does. It is finally nice weather, and so we were MAD busy, and we weren’t expecting it to be. So of course, I was in back drive thru, I am always in back drive thru. A person pulls up to the speaker, and I asked them to take their order, and I SWEAR they said something about a coke. So I asked, ” I’m sorry, you said a coke, what size?” and they said ” I didn’t say anything”. So I said,” I’m sorry, I thought you said something, what would you like?”. And they said, ” I didn’t say anything I just pulled up to the speaker.” very rudely. Then they took forever to order. So she gets to my window, and is glaring at me, and is really rude, and she said, “Does the receipt come out here or up there.” really snotty. bitch… Ok then, this I didn’t even know happened until I went on break. But someone came through, and I took their order, REPEATED it to them, and they paid. Then, so they told me, she got to the next window, and I had charged her for 2 chocolate milk shakes and she wanted 3, so she started to have a fit. She said, ” You better tell that girl back there to clean her god damn ears out. You god damn people can’t do a god damn thing right.” So then we had to pull her, because we were waiting on something or another. So she came in, and started yelling at my manager, that “we can’t do a friggen thing right in this damn place,” and that we would be hearing from her again “because I’m gonna right a god damn letter to everyone in this god damn company.” God…get a grip.

Then my manager was telling me about these customers she had, asking about the Monopoly® game, which is being played right now. They asked her if she knew which tickets were the winning ones. YEAH RIGHT, if we knew, wouldn’t we keep them for ourselves?? Besides how would we know anyway? Then someone else called on the phone, asking for the number of the main office, because we were playing Monopoly® wrong!!!

March 13, 1998-Some people have NEVER came through Drive thru before. Well that is how it seems. This man came through drive thru, and ordered, then he asked if we have any kind of drink that is Diet and Decaffinated.. um.. NO hello?!? How many restaurants have that? NONE ok, so stupid question. Then he said, ok since you don’t have anything like that I’m gonna change my whole order around. So we took everything off his order, and started over again. Then he ended up reordering half that he had taken off, and he make this big whole ordeal about it. God has he never been through drive thru before? He was holding up the whole freaking line. Then people yell at us for it taking a long time, and in reality it was the moron customer ahead of him. Then he gets to my window, and it turns out he’s a “regular” someone I recognize as coming alot. What a moron.

February 18, 1998-Satan. Satan came through drive thru. Yes he did. This man came through, and he looked just like you would think Satan looked. It was so scary. Then that girl from Melrose place who got fired because she was pregnant came through. No not really, but this woman who looked like her did. Then a woman who looked like a teacher at my school came through. So we started a game, name that drive thru person. It was alot of fun. We ended up having a guy who looked like my neighbor, and a guy who looked like James Hetfield of Metallica come through!

February 15, 1998-I’m incompetent. Yep that’s right, yours truly, who just got a PROMOTION to shift supervisor at my McD’s is an incompetent worker. I was in front drive thru, Sunday morning, with a sale on Sausage McMuffins with egg. Eggs take about 4 minutes to cook. We get thousands of orders at once, and in drive thru when you are waiting on food, you tell the car to go park and we’ll bring out their food. Well I had to pull at least 10 cars, because they were all waiting on some kind of Sausage Mc Muffin sandwich. Ok well then they all decide to come in at once, and start yelling at me, and telling me that I am incompetent. It is not my fault we didn’t have any eggs cooked, and when you order 10 Sausage Mc Muffins, you have to expect to wait. But could I be mean and actually tell them what was going on? NO I had to be nice and say ” I’m very sorry, there is nothing I can do. Thank you for waiting.” Great, but I was being called incompetent and being yelled at by 20 customers at the same time. NICE that is how I want to start my day, on the verge of tears. During this big commotion, some old man comes through drive thru and orders some stupid meal, some sandwich or something, and he asks, ” Is there a fork in the bag?” and I said, “No, let me get you one.” quite politely. I get him the fork and he says, ” You people can never get anything right.” HELLO but how many people eat sandwiches with FORKS? HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!?! idiots.

February 8, 1998-Stupid customer #1.-A man came through the Drive Thru, it was 6:00 PM. He ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. We said, “I’m sorry sir, but we stopped serving breakfast at 11:00AM.” He replied,  “But its 6 oclock!” UMOK whatever man, what have YOU been smoking? Stupid customer #2.-Ok its quarter to 7 on a Sunday night in February, how many customers do you think we are going to get? Right, barely any… well….Not always.  We were not prepared for a sudden rush to hit near 7 pm, so we of course, were down major Big Macs, I was down about 15 at one point, just on counter, and Drive Thru was down 25 at one point. So this mad crazy lady was in drive thru, and she had been waiting for a minute, a measly minute. Now when it is a Sunday night almost 7 in February and we get no customers, when we DO get customers they have to wait to get fresh food. You can expect to wait at least 5 minutes if you have a big order, in drive thru in the winter. So this lady is waiting for a minute when she starts to lay on her horn BEEEEEEEEEPBEEEEEEEEEEPBEEPBEEPBEEEEEEEEEEEEP ( you get the idea) non stop BEEEEEEping…it was mad crazy. So I had a lobby full of people and I was the only counter person, drive thru was backed up, and our manager was in grill trying to make dumb Big Macs for us. This lady is BEEEEEEPing her brains out. There was a lady at the first window, who then stuck her head out the window and started screaming at the crazy woman, “SHUT UP AND WAIT YOUR F***IN TURN B***H.” It was a pure mad scene. Our manager was getting extremely mad at the annoying beeping in drive thru, so she told our back booth worker to refuse to server her. So when she got to his window he said, “I’m sorry m’am we cant serve you.” She started yelling at him and pounding on his window, “I wanna speak to your manager.” blah blah blah So he said, “I’m sorry but she is very busy trying to get the customers served.” and he walked away. So the lady was stuck in line, and wasn’t getting any food, so she continued to cause a mad ruckus outside in line, laying on the horn BEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEPBEEPBEEEEEEEEEEEP. She started screaming out her window for the cars in front of her to get out of the way, and BEEEEEEEEPing at them. So finally she is the next car, and she is 2 inches away from the car in front of her as she BEEEEEEPS screams and drives out of drive thru, mad crazy woman.

Any day-I just love when you serve someone, and they go sit down for 5-10 minutes, and then  come back to the counter with their fries and say, “My fries are cold, can I have some warm ones.” or “My fries were only half filled can I have a whole one.” and you KNOW they are conning you, but you have to give them new fries, because the customer is always right, even if they are wrong. Or I love it, when we had the Monopoly® game pieces, we ran out of the cups with them on it, so we had to give them hash brown wrappers so they’d get their pieces. I had to put them on the tray, and stuff, and this woman who I KNEW I gave her pieces came up and said, “My friend got pieces but I didn’t.” so I HAD to give her more.

Orgy @ Buffalo

December 5, 2000 – Orgy Show at 103.3 Misfit Xmas party

Oh my god. This was an amazing show. Danielle, Eric and I headed out to Buffalo in white out conditions to see Orgy play at the 103.3’s Misfit Xmas party. We got there around quarter to 7, had to wait outside in the freezing cold for 20-25 minutes. It was terrible. Once we got inside, it was fine, I could feel my feet again, it was all good. We got barrier thanks to Eric. Dust For Life played first, and it was more enjoyable this time than at Geneseo with 3 Doors Down (but being at barrier makes everything more enjoyable). The guitarist Jason was late coming on stage. We found out talking to him after the show that they had told him 8:30, so at 8:10 he went and took a piss, got a beer, and then saw the band was on stage. So he came in after the 1st song. We were on the other side of the stage from him this time, in front of the bassist. They’re a decent band, they put on a decent show. Better than Geneseo, like I said.

Between sets 103 did some lame ass stuff on stage, boring. Danielle and I had our pictures taken by 2 different photographers. One guy on a digital camera, I’m assuming for 103’s website, and one by a chick. I also had the skanky Chuck Norris wanna be security guard take a picture of us with my camera. After that was Lifehouse. Not impressed, but the absolutely beautiful lead singer helped a lot. The sound was bad, you couldn’t hear his vocals at all, but then again, I was having a good time just staring at him. Then after a forever wait, as per usual with Orgy, they finally came on.

The show was incredible! The set list went something like this: Suckerface, 107, Opticon, Fiction, Gender, Dissention, Stitches, Where’s Gerrold, Blue Monday/You Spin Me Round. Only 9 songs, which I was disappointed about that, but it was a radio show party thing. And they made up for it with the show. We were right in front of Paige the whole time. When they came out Amir gave us love, held out his hand for us to grab. Suckerface, not my favorite song off VT was a great opener. 107 kicked ass! I love that song, and it was awesome live. The new shit definitely is good live material, which some people might not think so cuz it’s not really as guitar driven like Candyass stuff was. Anyway, the whole show Danielle and I were singing, and we totally got Paige and Jay’s attention. They looked over at us all the time, Paige gave us tons of love. Jay looked over at us during songs that he had ad-libs too (Gender, Dissention, Blue Monday) to see if we knew them, which we did. At one point Jay came over and held his hand out to us for a while, which was rad. Then, I don’t even remember what song it was, but it must have been Blue Monday, he was having everyone sing, was holding the mic out to us and stuff. Then he came down off stage to the barriers and came right in front of me and Danielle. He walked by twice, and then stood up on the step right in front of us! Danielle’s face was right in his crotch (lol), he was getting totally molested (not ONLY by us LOL) and was loving it the whole time, big smile on his face lol. His shirt was soaked, but it was really rad material, it felt cool HAHA. I was surprised that we weren’t crushed when Jay was in front of us, or maybe we were and I just didn’t notice, I was too busy with Jay standing right in front of me.

So then he went back onstage, and they finished up Blue Monday (if that was the song they were doing at the time) with You Spin Me Round, which Jay looked at us to see if we knew that was next. We hung out at the barrier still after they left the stage, to get the setlists or picks or something. Someone had thrown flowers on the stage, so the stage people gave us parts of them. Then I asked the guard for the setlist but he gave it to this other 16 year old chick who had been flirting with him the whole time (it was an 18+ show). Then they got Amir’s extra pics and gave them to us. I got one with a G and I on it. (oh yeah, I also got a Dust For Life pick, and setlist.)

Then we walked around, I got a shirt, and we met the guys from Dust For Life. I got a pic with Jason the guitarist and the singer Chris. I got their autographs and the drummer Rich’s autograph. I was talking to Jason, and told him I had seen them at Geneseo, and he had no idea they had even played there HAHA. He said he liked my pants, and stuff, was all flirty. It was rad. Chris was talking about how it was the worst show they played, he got hit in the head with a drumstick when the drummer tried to throw it to the crowd. Then someone kept throwing Trident gum on stage. He was so funny, cuz he said something like how that guy was going to meet some girl and have bad breath and be like, damn I threw all my gum at that band! Rich was hitting on me, shook my hand all that stuff, and was like, yeah I saw you down in front. haha It was kinda funny. After that, we left to hang out by the busses. It was so damn cold we moved the cars to the side where we were standing, so we could sit in somewhat warmth until they came out. Eventually we left, after about a half hour probably, because it was cold, I had gross vinyl pants on and had to pee. The show was totally awesome, mad love from Paige and Jay, definitely better than the other 2 shows of theirs I’ve seen.

A few observations from the show:

– Jay has a really nice tongue… nice and pink and shiny. And he’s mad skinny. Small nipples as well,  not bad, just an observation.

– Paige’s platforms are huge

– When Amir comes on stage, he looks like a doll. Like a glam/goth Barbie

– Ryan has a really large head

I was home for break and I wanted my job back at McDs. So I went in to talk to Dave, but the store was all different. It had been remodeled or was in the process of being remodeled, so it was all weird. I saw Dave, but he was way tall, like 6’2″ or something, and I was like, this is weird, Dave’s not taller than me. And he had really bad skin, acne wise I mean. So I asked him if I could have my job back for a few weeks, and he said to talk to Joy (?) who was the new manager doing schedules. So I found her, and she was really tall too, and sort of old. So I asked her for my job back, and I guess she was semi-deaf (Dave said so) so she couldn’t understand what I was saying. I felt really weird shouting at her, but I had to. I told her I wanted 40 hours a week, and she was like, what?! No one gets that! I told her it was only for a few weeks, and she said it was ok. Then my friend Amanda was at my house, she lived there, and she slept in a bunk bed above me. We went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep well. Then a friend of ours from work Cheryl came over, supposedly she was drunk, and when she was drunk she needed to come stay at my house. But she had to sleep in the same bed as Amanda. So she got in the bunk bed, and was talking. I didn’t know what was going on because I was half asleep, but I heard her take her shoes off. I didn’t even know another person was up there until I asked Amanda if she had gone to bed with her shoes on, and she said no that it was Cheryl. Then my alarm went off, and I was trying to turn the light on but I couldn’t, it was broken. So Amanda turned hers on, and I was thinking it was weird that Cheryl was just getting home now, at 6:30 am. But then Cheryl wasn’t there.

There was some small part of this dream or another one, about 2 lego/toy space ships that had to go on a mission, I was on one of them, and had to go to Mercury and Venus, and study them. I didn’t know how to fly the ship, or how to land or anything. So we crashed into one of the planets.  

possible explanation: none

possible interpretation: none, wow

Airplane crash dream. I was outside in my driveway at a picnic table with my mother. A new flight from someplace had been added, and it caused a plane to fly right over my house. Well this plane flew over, and I asked my mom if she knew where it was coming from, and she didn’t, but it looked like a Southwest Airline plane. Then I saw another plane flying really low, lower than it should have been, to the west of my street. I told my mom to look at the plane, cuz it was very weird. It was definitely a Japanese plane, it had Japanese symbols on it that we could see clearly. The plane was weirdly shaped, sort of like a submarine with wings, but the back of the plane was all messed up. Then the plane started to turn, then flipped over. I yelled “it’s going to crash.” and my mom and I both watched it crash into the ground and explode. I put my hands over my face and kept saying “This is a dream! This is a dream!” and I looked at my mom and we both tried to figure out if this was a dream, and I tried to wake myself up if it really was a dream. But we couldn’t, so we figured it wasn’t a dream, but I still thought that it HAD to be a dream. Then everything I saw, I saw in pixels, like a computer screen. And I was still freaking out trying to figure out if I was dreaming. My mom suggested I go to lay down, maybe I’ll wakeup if it’s a dream. Then my mom called up the stairs that it wasn’t a dream, the plane crashed, but no one was hurt (?). Missy from down the street came over as well and was talking about the plane crash.

Not sure if this part is the same dream or not. Missy had this really popular boyfriend, and we had to go back to school. So she drove us to school, and we went to find her boyfriend who was sitting on a bench. She sat next to him and he basically ignored her and told her she wasn’t allowed to talk to him anymore, because more or less, it would hurt his image. So she got really pissed and I went after her to her car. We got in and I was trying to calm her down, but she wouldn’t, so I told her just to drive carefully, but she was driving like a maniac, we almost hit some street signs in the parking lot, a tree, and then we drove off a small cliff. We were flying in the car, and I was wondering what we were going to do. Then we landed, and the car smashed to pieces, but we were fine. So I got the pieces and laid them out on the road to try to put them back together. Missy disappeared at that point, and some lady I knew who could put cars together found us, because she had seen us fly over. So she took me down the street to her house where she could fix the car, but I had to stay overnight.  I had to sleep in a room with her 2 sons. One was younger, the other was my age I guess. So they had bunk beds, and then I had a regular twin bed at the end of the bunk beds. I was freezing, and the woman had bought us all new band shirts and left them by the beds, so I put on 4 shirts, and went to sleep. Then I woke up and heard the boys talking, but pretended to still be sleeping. Then the older boy came and sat on my bed to wake me up, but I didn’t want to wake up. Then he said something about how I had a Deftones shirt on. After that, their father came to get us for breakfast, but I still didn’t want to get up, so they left me there, but I knew the father was getting mad that I wasn’t up. So I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face, but there were a million light switches. I kept pressing them, but some turned on the water in the bathtub, and others different lights, but not the main one. I finally got the light on, and everything was fine.

possible explanation: none to think of.  Hope I’m not psychic, but keep your eyes on the news for a Japanese airline crash.

possible interpretation: well you could say that my airplane crash dreams deal with problems, anxiety, stress in my life that’s about to explode or something. But I don’t get stressed with finals or anything, so not too sure what that has to do with anything.

I was in a restaurant and at a certain time every day they did kareoke.  Every day one of the employees had to be the first one to sing, and she had to sing “Tiny Bubbles”. So I was watching her sing, and she was terribly tone deaf, but she still did it every day.  Then the next day, she decided to sing “Hopelessly Devoted To You” from Grease, and she was wonderful. She looked like Olivia Newton John, and sounded just like her. So then I was back in the kitchen, I guess, and everyone was telling her how good she was, and how she should do that song every day instead. So they got her this blue dress, so she would look like Olivia. The next day, I was in front of the singing area and watching her sing with the manager. She was doing great, then she had to light a fire in the fireplace. Well she disappeared in the fireplace while trying to light it, but no one was concerned. Then this metal grate came down in front of the stage area, and the whole part inside kept moving up and down. So I asked the manager what was going on, and he said it was taking her up to her father upstairs. But I thought the manager was her father, but he said no he was her step father or something. So she disappeared.

I’m not sure if this next part is part of the first dream, or a new dream, but me, Danielle and Adrienne got a job at a store, that was like a Best Buy but with sporting goods and furniture. So we went onto the floor of the store to find out what we were supposed to do, and there were tons of people around. We didn’t really have to do anything, we could stand there, and hang out. So we went to play pool. Some weird people were playing pool at a table next to ours, and our pool cues were pointy like pencils instead of flat like regular ones. So we tried to find other ones, but couldn’t. Then we found a bunch of them on the other side of the room.

Then I had a short blurb, that there was a picture of me and Danielle at a friends house in Boston from when we were there in August. In the picture I was holding ice on my knee because I got injured at the concert we went to. Since I never told my parents about that, I was afraid they were going to see the picture and ask why I had ice on my knee.

possible explanation: No clue. I haven’t seen Grease in years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole thing. The metal grate thing was like the furnace in the basement in “Home Alone” but I haven’t seen that either. No clue about the pool game. I guess the picture of me in Boston could be explained. I took 2 pictures of my leg injuries and they are on my personal site, and my parents could see them if they snooped around haha.

possible interpretation: Not sure, surprise.

I wasn’t going to put these dreams up, because they’re very disjointed, but since I’m stuck here with no way home because of the stupid blizzard, I have nothing better to do.

I was in my room at school, but it looked nothing like my room. I was sleeping on the floor in a weird position, and J and Andy from Hollowpoint (a local band) came over. I was embarrassed cuz I had been sleeping weird, and they sat on the floor next to me. I guess I was going to try to hook up with Andy, but then his girlfriend showed up. Then I realized there were 4 or 5 boys in my room, and so I said “wow, this is a record number of guys in a girls room in Geneseo”, or something. Then I don’t remember much of the next part, but I was shopping in stores up on main street, and to get out of the store you had to climb up the wall and out a little crack in the foundation.

I went to pick up Emily to hang out one day, and we decided to go to Denny’s. So we went to the Denny’s on Nash Rd (there is no Denny’s no Nash Rd) and went inside, and we were waiting forever for someone to seat us. Then Emily realized that it was like a Ponderosa, and you had to pay for your food first, at a cashier near the door, then go sit down. Well I was pissed, because I didn’t like Denny’s that way. I went to order, and since I wasn’t prepared for that, I had to look at a menu and was holding up the line. So I was like, no, screw this, I want to be seated. So the lady was like “oh, you want to order when you’re seated, ok” and they took us to a table. Well we sat there, I had a menu, but no one came to take my order. So I was getting really pissed. Then they brought Emily her food, some kind of 7 cheese nacho thing, and I was like, “HELLO, NO ONE HAS TAKEN MY ORDER!” And the waitress was like, “oh, I’m sorry.” But by then I was so pissed off, I was like no, screw this, we’re leaving and not paying for that. So we left, and I was thinking about how I need to go file a complaint for how shitty the service was, and how shitty it was that they changed stuff around.

Another very long, but uncomplicated dream had to do with going to see A Perfect Circle. There was nothing to the dream except me thinking that I was going to see APC. But it seemed to go on forever.

I don’t remember a lot of this one either. But someone knocked on my door at home, and I went to answer it and it was George W Bush, and he was campaigning. Then Al Gore pulled up, and they were fighting to get in to my doorway to talk to me. Then some other fat guy came and was also fighting to get into the doorway.

possible explanation: APC is explained by the fact that I am going to see them again in March. A long way off, but whatever. The rest doesn’t seem to have much of an explanation.

possible interpretation: Not sure of course, but I’m getting suspicious of the sequence of dreams that I’m always pissed off in. Every night I dream about something and I’m really pissed off….