3 weeks ago my parents went to Toronto to see Mama Mia….then my dad thought it would be nice to buy the soundtrack to the musical, and give it to my mom for xmas. so now i’m upstairs, and my mom is blasting it downstairs, clapping and jamming along. AND i had to listen to it in the car on the way home from Michigan. Now there is nothing wrong with ABBA…me and carolyn were singing it at her house when they were on muchmoremusic…but I really don’t need to be upstairs hearing this. arg.

well i went out today. i slowly made my way downtown….ok all the snow must have melted, cuz buffalo looked normal. i mean, it was still snowy. maybe like 2 feet on the ground (i know cuz i had to walk in it)…even the drifts were only “normal buffalo winter” height. whatever.

so i went to barnes and noble cuz i have 2 gift certificates, but there is nothing i want. they don’t sell movies, and their cds are too expensive. and all the books i wanted i got (screwtape letters, u2 book)….so i don’t know what i’m going to buy. I might wait til jan 22nd and get the new NIN cds there…maybe by some twist of fate they’ll have the NIN dvd too and i can get both there. but whatever.

then i went to media play, was gonna buy the hedwig dvd…i walked around the store with it, found an “elevation” cd single that had extra tracks on it that i wanted to own (and the book is a poster…like i need another u2 poster…and it’s a canadian import cd, it smells bad, just like the tea party tangents cd book. all my canadian cds reek)…and i was gonna maybe get myself the popmart vhs (they didn’t have it, they didn’t have any u2 vhs tapes). ended up putting hedwig back cuz i figured i’d check circuit city and bestbuy to see if it was cheaper…so just got the elevation single. then went to circuit city and got hedwig dvd (it was cheaper). circuit city is retarded. they have random checkouts around the store, but no central check out… like near the door. how retarded is that. whatever. so then i headed downtown, went to frizbees and got an orgy vapor transmisson promo cd in hopes that it’s the 5th one i don’t have (haven’t looked yet)…. and…THE BEST CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Vanilla Ice Extremely Live. LOL dude when Ice tours, i’m SO bringing this cd for him to sign, hell yeah.

so after that, drove downtown more to the psych center to photographize the scary tower building (Buffalo State Hospital). this is THE greatest building ever. I would do anything to get inside. when we went on the fieldtrip there we were supposed to go see inside the 1st floor that had been refurbished for a movie, but the lady couldn’t find the key. i was so pissed. but yeah, i’d do anything to go inside and photographize it. even if it’s a health hazard and dangerous cuz it’s in such disrepair, i don’t care. WANT TO GO INSIDE!! i gotta go back in the summer to photographize it more, when there isn’t 2 feet of snow for me to walk through. cuz yeah, my feet and ankles are frostbitten now. but gotta go get the photographs off the digi camera, and i’ll have them up on in arms of undertow in a bit. plus carolyn’s geneseo party pics.

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