home from toronto. good times good times. i blogged what we did saturday night…sunday we got up late, sat around for a long time watching this Fromage show on muchmusic where they make fun of cheesy videos. we forced ourselves to go to the grocery store to get dinner, realized it was WAY fucking cold. didn’t really wanna head downtown to try to go to the drag show again too cold…so we didn’t do anything sunday. we watched blade and blood and wine (yay stephen dorff). monday we headed downtown to do some shopping on queen street and stuff. didn’t buy anything, but it was cool. headed back to carolyn’s house for dinner and being lazy. then headed downtown again around 11 for new years stuff. we went to the harbor or something to see if there were fireworks this year, but no one was around. so we got back on the subway to go to the concert new years bash thing. sooooo many people. it was actually really horrendous LOL. but we stood around there… or well leaned ourselves up against everyone else there to listen to david usher on stage. he did 2 songs, then it was midnight, and then he did auld lang syne (sp?) and another one of his songs. when he finished people were leaving, and brilliant adrienne and danielle decided to break up a fight that almost broke out between 2 black guys in front of us. yeah, that was SO smart. nothing happened, the guys didn’t fight so i guess adr and danielle were successful. but me and carolyn stood there like WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING!!! and then we yelled at them LOL. smooshed onto the subway to go to a bar near carolyn’s house for a while, then back to her house. we watched silence of the lambs cuz i had never seen it. it was rad. yep. good times good times. now i’m home, yay.

i’m hungry. i just ate but i’m still hungry. blah.


oh yeah. the border crossing back to the states today was…um…the weirdest one i’ve ever done.
guy: where do you live
us: NT
guy: where were you
me: toronto
guy: why
me: visiting a friend
guy: how long have you known them?
me: 6 years
guy: how’d you meet?
me: *lies* um…school i think, yeah, school.
guy: what’s in the trunk?
me: our luggage
guy: do you have anything bizzare in your car?
me: *weird look & laff* no
guy: do you have any civil war bayonnets, antelope antlers or eagle eggs?
us: *laff*
me: *laff* no!
guy: go ahead.

LOL WTF IS THAT?!?! CIVIL WAR BAYONNETS? ANTELOPE ANTLERS?!?!?! HAHAH he didn’t ask us if we purchased anything, or our citizen ship, but he asks if we have ANTLERS?!?!?! yah we killed them while hunting with our civil war bayonnets!!!

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