I was at the beach, in NT (there are no beaches), so I guess I was down by the river. I wanted to go find something, I can’t remember what, so I was walking down along the side of the rail road tracks. There was lots of people around, because it was summer. So I turned down this other path to get to where I was going, but there was a crane and it was doing weird things, so I turned around to go back because I didn’t want to get crushed under it or anything. So I was walking back, and I had my headphones on, and this weird guy carrying a branch of a tree came up to me and asked me if I was homophobic. I said no, and he said good, then I wouldn’t tell anyone. I kept walking and he was walking next to me, and he asked me if I like getting whipped, and then he hit me with the tree branch. I was like, what the hell. He kept doing it, so I started running, and he ran after me and was hitting me with the branch. So I ran back to the beach and I was screaming for someone to help me, and there were 3 girls from my high school there. They all looked at me screaming and started laughing at me. No one would help me. So this weird guy is beating me with the tree, and I’m screaming for help, no one is helping me in classic social psych fashion. The one girl Leslie keeps laughing at me, so I got really pissed, and I punched her. Then weird guy had a knife and he stabbed me in the back of the shoulder, Leslie was still laughing at me, so while I was getting stabbed, I was punching her, and I grabbed the weird guys knife and I stabbed her in the eye. Then weird guy got me away from her, and kept beating me up and stabbing me, but finally some guy was gonna help, and he started walking over. Apparently weird guy knew him, because he got scared, so I grabbed his wrist of the hand holding the knife, and held it against the ground. The guy came, and I got away, I guess. Then, I was in high school, in a class with Danielle. Everyone was talking about what happened, and was stretching the truth so bad. Someone came up to me and asked me why I stabbed this girl Stacy in the eye, and I got really pissed off because that wasn’t what happened. No one seemed to care that I had been stabbed, only that I had stabbed Leslie and stuff. So someone came in the room and asked Danielle if it was true that she stabbed someone, and I got really pissed off even more because Danielle had nothing to do with it. So I went crazy, and I pushed them out of the room and started screaming at them to shut the fuck up, they didn’t know anything that happened, and to fucking leave us alone. Then this girl Vanessa came into the room and started talking shit about what happened, so I did the same thing to her. Then a teacher, Mr Zayatz realized that I was having problems, and that the whole situation was causing trouble in the school. So he brought his class into our classroom to have a discussion or whatever. Then Vanessa came back with all kinds of McDonald’s french fries. She started yelling at me, and threw fries at me. At this point I was trying not to care anymore, and so I told her I hoped she enjoyed spending all that money on the french fries. But then I grabbed some and threw them at her. I guess Mr Zayatz thought it would be a good idea for us to get our frustrations out by throwing food. So only the people on my side of the room got to throw fries at everyone else. Then Vanessa had runts (candies) and we started throwing those, but I couldn’t throw them far enough to the other side of the room where Dr Cylke was sitting with other students. After we used all the food, we watched some video. I guess it was to clear things up about what happened. Still no one cared that I was the victim and had been attacked. So then it was after school and I had to leave, I decided to apologize to one of the people I had told off. Then since the meeting took so long, my mom left and I had no ride home. So Adrienne came to get me, and we were walking down the main staircase, and when you got to the bottom it was an elevator. If the elevator wasn’t at that floor, there were no bottom steps, so I fell down about 5 feet. I was like, what the hell, why aren’t there any steps. And she said, because the elevator wasn’t there. Then my ex friend Angela was coming down the steps with us so we warned her about the no steps being there. Then the lobby was all weird, it had black and white floor tile, and was all wavy and really big. Then there were these little devil things, running around. And I thought, this is a dream, there are no devils in my school. So I’m trying to tell them they don’t exist because I’m only dreaming, and then we realize they aren’t devils, but they’re Blink 182. They start chasing us, so we get into the elevator that finally arrived on that floor. Finally we leave and we go to Adrienne’s car, but now it was the mall, and we were stuck in mall traffic. Then my mom called, and I had the portable phone from our house and it still worked. She was at the Starter outlet at the mall, and was talking to me, but then stopped. But I could hear music so I knew she was there. But apparently I had never told my parents about getting stabbed, and I was worried they’d find out. That was about the end of the dream, except that there was a horse drawn carriage in front of us in the mall parking lot.

possible explanation: when telling my dream to Danielle she said it was a combination of talking about homophobia before we went to sleep, not getting enough french fries at Denny’s last night, playing the Burger game on nintendo and not being able to get off the ladders, and something else that now I don’t remember. I have a take home final to do today for Dr Cylke, but nothing else seems to make any sense.

possible interpretation:  when do I ever have any idea what my dreams mean?

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