McDonalds Stories

June 23, 1999 – Here are a few things for you from the last beanie baby promotion…. People lined up in drive thru starting at 4 AM (we open at 6) for the stupid International Bear toys. At my store, if a car has been sitting on the speaker for a long time I guess it turns off, because I couldn’t use the headset to talk to the car, so he had to pull to my window. So I asked him what he wanted and he ordered 2 things and wanted 10 bears. I told him we had a limit of 5 bears per order, and he started aruging with me about how he had bought 10 bears last week, and I said no you can only buy 5 those are the rules. So he goes, well I’m not moving until you sell me 10. So I said, fine that you can talk to my manager. I got my manager and she told him, and he wouldn’t listen. So our supervisor (who was in our store that day because we had Full Field) came and talked to him. And he was still arguing about it, but then finally he just bought 5 and left. haha….there was  another crazy beanie lady who claimed we shorted her 3 toys in her happy meals, and that she wanted to come in and get 3. So we said, fine, since you should have gotten toys 1, 2 and 3 you can come in and get the same ones. But no she wanted to get 4, 5 and 6. And we told her no, she paid for 1, 2 and 3 she could only get those. So she said fine and was going to come in. She called again 2 mins later and asked AGAIN why she couldnt get the next 3. And we told her, the rules said you can only get what you paid for…she was all like, but Idon’t understand. So finally after talking to my store manager 3 times, one of the assistants started answering her calls about why she couldnt get 4, 5 and 6. So she talked to the assistant twice, and then I answered the phone and talked to her 4 more times. EACH TIME SHE ASKED THE SAME THING and each time her story changed a little more. This time she told me that she had 1, 2 and 3 and wanted to trade them in for 4, 5 and 6. And I go, I thought you didn’t get the toys in your happy meal. And she stuttered and was like, yeah, I didn’t get them. My sister in law gave them to me AHAHHAHA what a loser .

This is a cute story. One of our workers was abandoned by his parents when he was 3 or 4, and he hadn’t seen them in 16 years. Well his biological father called during the morning, and then came to pick him up after his shift. He went out in to the parking lot to meet his real father for the first time in 16 years, they shook hands and everything.. awww it was sooo cute me and my manager were staring at them out the drive thru window, and it was soo nice!! awww

Spring 1997 -BEANIE BABY MANIA….You don’t even know what a mad house you crazy beanie people created at McDonalds. The phone was ringing off the hook, and we began answering the phone, “BlahBlah Drive McDonalds, we have such and such beanie baby for the next 10 minutes.” and eventually we had to say, “BlahBlah Drive McDonalds, we have NO more Beanies left.” It was a total crazy scene. Everyone employed at my McD’s was working that week of hell. If you went to a McDonalds during that week you would know what a crazy place it was. You could expect to stand in a line outside the door for at least an hour at some points in the day. When we sold our last Beanie, people actually got in fights. Of course, people were getting mad at the wait (hey you try working in a fast food restaurant with moron customers, it’s alot harder than you think) and people were getting mad that there were no napkins left out in lobby. Well SORRY I had other customers to attend to, you’re not the only McCustomer in the world, get a grip. Anyway, I guess the story was, this guy had waited for like a half hour in drive thru or SOMETHING, I never quite understood what he said about that part, and his order was totally wrong or something, and he had come in, and had to wait in line again until we could fix it, and then it was wrong again. He said we were rude or something, and our manager was just standing there listening to him complain. He asked her if that was the way they trained their crew people, to be mean and rude and stuff, and she didn’t know what to say, she just said no, they aren’t supposed to act like that, but we had been under extreme pressure and we were so busy we couldn’t handle it, and if we had been rude we were truely sorry. Well he kept complaining about our service and then he THREW his bag of food at our manager. It hit our ice cream machine and flew all over. By that time it had slowed down a little bit, and there was a lady standing at the counter with her daughter. She started yelling at the man, and telling him to grow up and be a bit more  mature. When he threw the food at our manager she yelled at him, “Yeah that was mature.” and she covered her daughters ears, and told her never to act like that bad man. It was SO funny, but we were quite upset. Our manager ran back crying, I almost started crying from that dumb man, and the fact that it had been an awful busy crappy beanie filled moron customer day. One lady tried to give me a $2.00 tip and I had to refuse, we aren’t allowed to accept tips. She was like, ” but you are doing such a great job, come on take it.” I didn’t take it.

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