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October 3, 2000 – Apparently one of the stores in my area got robbed last night with a hand grenade. The moronic part of it, is that the robber crashed his car in the parking lot when he was trying to get away, and so he got caught. haha

August 23, 2000 – The Coca Cola secret shop lady came into work today. I had jumped on counter to clear out the customers, and was about to go back and get stock when I decided to take her order. I like to do a good job on counter, whenever I’m there (which isn’t often) cuz it makes the other 2 retarded counter people we have look even worse. So I smiled at the lady, took her value meal order, and asked if she wanted it large or supersized. So I get the order together, and she’s like, “Sara, great job. I’m from Coca Cola, and because you smiled at me right off the bat, and asked for supersizing you guys win a bunch of stuff.” haha. She took my name, and everyone who was there got pins, and these duffel bag things. And lucky me, I got this cardboard gold medal to wear around my neck (which my manager is making me wear tomorrow for our owner/operator review). Last year the person who asked for supersizing during the secret shop got money. I didn’t get any money :P. She took my last name though, so maybe I’ll get something sent to the store.

August 18, 2000 (from Amanda) – Old McFaithful…a girl was doing dishes Friday night and the sprayer kinda fell the whole thing right off the faucet. It was shooting super hot water straight up to the ceiling for like a half hour. Me, a manager, and another person were drenched from trying to stop it. We tried all the shut off valves but none of them worked. Finally when Service Tech showed up we learned you need to turn off 2 valves or something. We ended up tying two aprons around the hole to kinda stop the water. The crew room was flooded….took forever to mop up. I risked my life and my non-waterproof mascara to kick all the drains out cuz the girl was too busy flipping out to realize they were all stopped up.

August 17, 2000 – We got a new coffee brewing machine, because we’re having an Owner/Operator review next week. Our old coffee brewer was a piece of crap. With the old one we had to brew a pot of water for hot tea, and with the new one, there is a hot water spout that actually works. The water is extremely hot. There is a man who comes in every day and orders a Senior Citizen hot tea. He asks for it to be microwaved so it’s burning hot. I always thought this was odd, even with the old way of having a pot, because it’s the same temperature as the coffee, HOT! But we’d microwave it for him. Today he ordered his tea, and I did not microwave it. I told him we have a new water spout and that it’s so hot, he doesn’t need it microwaved. He went on about well I’m drinking it, I’m paying for it. And I said, trust me, it’s very hot. But he was bitching so I microwaved it (for a minute, most of the water boiled out. I hope he burned his entire mouth with it). Apparently, while I was microwaving his stupid water, he asked another counter person why we always have such smart asses here. Meanwhile, my store manager (the 4th one I’ve worked under, but finally a good one) was telling me about how the guy is always such a prick. When I told him how long I microwaved the water for, and how the man called me a smart ass, my manager laughed so hard. The man later came for a refill and didn’t ask for it microwaved. He said he was going to “Try the new water”. Whatever. A few weeks ago, I took this same man’s order. He orders an english muffin and his tea. Well I swear he said egg mcmuffin, and tea, so that’s what I rang up, and it was 2.81. He said it was wrong, it should be 1.81. So I told him what I had, and he said no,  I want a plain muffin. So I changed it, I never took the money, and never over charged him.  He said, I must not have been working there long if I didn’t know his order. I told him I’ve been working there for 4 years. Later that morning, I overheard him bitching to one of our other employees about how some girl charged him 2.81 for his breakfast (which I DID NOT!) Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you have the right to complain about everything. I did nothing wrong. This leads me on another tangent, to the 2 old women who come in every day and order some kind of bagel sandwich. It must be lightly toasted (or else they can’t chew it) and cut in half (so they can share). I’m usually on break when they are in lobby eating, and they always sit near me. Every day I overhear the one woman complaining about the hardness of the bagel, or the taste of the coffee. If you don’t like it, why the hell do you keep coming back every day. Go to Burger King or Duncan Donuts. Duncan has bagel sandwiches too! This leads me to the lady who called this morning and complained on the phone to our opening keyholder for 15 minutes. She ranted about the attitude of our employees, and how yesterday she only got 1 butter with her hotcakes (even though it’s policy to only give out 1 butter, and the person who did it was our store manager), and how the hotcakes are always hard (they are not, I eat them every day) , and how she never gets her free water (even though she never asks for it) and how she doesn’t have time to sit on the phone and complain about it. WELL THEN DON’T! Don’t call and complain, don’t come every morning for hotcakes, ask for more butter if you want it, and ask for the damn water.

August, 2000 – a lady came in and wanted the Drive Thru club special hamburgers for 49 cents. She said she wanted 4 hamburgers and 3 plain hamburgers. That would be a total of 7 hamburgers. Well she got to the window, and confusion insued because she apparently couldn’t add 4 plus 3.

April 8, 1998 (but it happens everyday)- I love it when people order a “cheeseburger plain, with only catsup and mustard”…well duh, if you want catsup and mustard on it, it isn’t plain is it??

March 29, 1998-When the weather turns nice, does that mean that customers can be more retarded than usual? No, I wouldn’t think so. But everyone else does. It is finally nice weather, and so we were MAD busy, and we weren’t expecting it to be. So of course, I was in back drive thru, I am always in back drive thru. A person pulls up to the speaker, and I asked them to take their order, and I SWEAR they said something about a coke. So I asked, ” I’m sorry, you said a coke, what size?” and they said ” I didn’t say anything”. So I said,” I’m sorry, I thought you said something, what would you like?”. And they said, ” I didn’t say anything I just pulled up to the speaker.” very rudely. Then they took forever to order. So she gets to my window, and is glaring at me, and is really rude, and she said, “Does the receipt come out here or up there.” really snotty. bitch… Ok then, this I didn’t even know happened until I went on break. But someone came through, and I took their order, REPEATED it to them, and they paid. Then, so they told me, she got to the next window, and I had charged her for 2 chocolate milk shakes and she wanted 3, so she started to have a fit. She said, ” You better tell that girl back there to clean her god damn ears out. You god damn people can’t do a god damn thing right.” So then we had to pull her, because we were waiting on something or another. So she came in, and started yelling at my manager, that “we can’t do a friggen thing right in this damn place,” and that we would be hearing from her again “because I’m gonna right a god damn letter to everyone in this god damn company.” God…get a grip.

Then my manager was telling me about these customers she had, asking about the Monopoly® game, which is being played right now. They asked her if she knew which tickets were the winning ones. YEAH RIGHT, if we knew, wouldn’t we keep them for ourselves?? Besides how would we know anyway? Then someone else called on the phone, asking for the number of the main office, because we were playing Monopoly® wrong!!!

March 13, 1998-Some people have NEVER came through Drive thru before. Well that is how it seems. This man came through drive thru, and ordered, then he asked if we have any kind of drink that is Diet and Decaffinated.. um.. NO hello?!? How many restaurants have that? NONE ok, so stupid question. Then he said, ok since you don’t have anything like that I’m gonna change my whole order around. So we took everything off his order, and started over again. Then he ended up reordering half that he had taken off, and he make this big whole ordeal about it. God has he never been through drive thru before? He was holding up the whole freaking line. Then people yell at us for it taking a long time, and in reality it was the moron customer ahead of him. Then he gets to my window, and it turns out he’s a “regular” someone I recognize as coming alot. What a moron.

February 18, 1998-Satan. Satan came through drive thru. Yes he did. This man came through, and he looked just like you would think Satan looked. It was so scary. Then that girl from Melrose place who got fired because she was pregnant came through. No not really, but this woman who looked like her did. Then a woman who looked like a teacher at my school came through. So we started a game, name that drive thru person. It was alot of fun. We ended up having a guy who looked like my neighbor, and a guy who looked like James Hetfield of Metallica come through!

February 15, 1998-I’m incompetent. Yep that’s right, yours truly, who just got a PROMOTION to shift supervisor at my McD’s is an incompetent worker. I was in front drive thru, Sunday morning, with a sale on Sausage McMuffins with egg. Eggs take about 4 minutes to cook. We get thousands of orders at once, and in drive thru when you are waiting on food, you tell the car to go park and we’ll bring out their food. Well I had to pull at least 10 cars, because they were all waiting on some kind of Sausage Mc Muffin sandwich. Ok well then they all decide to come in at once, and start yelling at me, and telling me that I am incompetent. It is not my fault we didn’t have any eggs cooked, and when you order 10 Sausage Mc Muffins, you have to expect to wait. But could I be mean and actually tell them what was going on? NO I had to be nice and say ” I’m very sorry, there is nothing I can do. Thank you for waiting.” Great, but I was being called incompetent and being yelled at by 20 customers at the same time. NICE that is how I want to start my day, on the verge of tears. During this big commotion, some old man comes through drive thru and orders some stupid meal, some sandwich or something, and he asks, ” Is there a fork in the bag?” and I said, “No, let me get you one.” quite politely. I get him the fork and he says, ” You people can never get anything right.” HELLO but how many people eat sandwiches with FORKS? HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!?! idiots.

February 8, 1998-Stupid customer #1.-A man came through the Drive Thru, it was 6:00 PM. He ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. We said, “I’m sorry sir, but we stopped serving breakfast at 11:00AM.” He replied,  “But its 6 oclock!” UMOK whatever man, what have YOU been smoking? Stupid customer #2.-Ok its quarter to 7 on a Sunday night in February, how many customers do you think we are going to get? Right, barely any… well….Not always.  We were not prepared for a sudden rush to hit near 7 pm, so we of course, were down major Big Macs, I was down about 15 at one point, just on counter, and Drive Thru was down 25 at one point. So this mad crazy lady was in drive thru, and she had been waiting for a minute, a measly minute. Now when it is a Sunday night almost 7 in February and we get no customers, when we DO get customers they have to wait to get fresh food. You can expect to wait at least 5 minutes if you have a big order, in drive thru in the winter. So this lady is waiting for a minute when she starts to lay on her horn BEEEEEEEEEPBEEEEEEEEEEPBEEPBEEPBEEEEEEEEEEEEP ( you get the idea) non stop BEEEEEEping…it was mad crazy. So I had a lobby full of people and I was the only counter person, drive thru was backed up, and our manager was in grill trying to make dumb Big Macs for us. This lady is BEEEEEEPing her brains out. There was a lady at the first window, who then stuck her head out the window and started screaming at the crazy woman, “SHUT UP AND WAIT YOUR F***IN TURN B***H.” It was a pure mad scene. Our manager was getting extremely mad at the annoying beeping in drive thru, so she told our back booth worker to refuse to server her. So when she got to his window he said, “I’m sorry m’am we cant serve you.” She started yelling at him and pounding on his window, “I wanna speak to your manager.” blah blah blah So he said, “I’m sorry but she is very busy trying to get the customers served.” and he walked away. So the lady was stuck in line, and wasn’t getting any food, so she continued to cause a mad ruckus outside in line, laying on the horn BEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEPBEEPBEEEEEEEEEEEP. She started screaming out her window for the cars in front of her to get out of the way, and BEEEEEEEEPing at them. So finally she is the next car, and she is 2 inches away from the car in front of her as she BEEEEEEPS screams and drives out of drive thru, mad crazy woman.

Any day-I just love when you serve someone, and they go sit down for 5-10 minutes, and then  come back to the counter with their fries and say, “My fries are cold, can I have some warm ones.” or “My fries were only half filled can I have a whole one.” and you KNOW they are conning you, but you have to give them new fries, because the customer is always right, even if they are wrong. Or I love it, when we had the Monopoly® game pieces, we ran out of the cups with them on it, so we had to give them hash brown wrappers so they’d get their pieces. I had to put them on the tray, and stuff, and this woman who I KNEW I gave her pieces came up and said, “My friend got pieces but I didn’t.” so I HAD to give her more.

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