hedwig is such a great movie!!!!!! it’s so adorable, and so fun, and john cameron mitchell is so cute!! cute in a platonic way, not in a sexy way…cuz hes gay and all that LOL. but yeah… so love this movie!! i watched it in bed last night, and then watched the 2 deleted scenes. the one is a different version of the mall scene when hedwig goes to see tommy gnosis. and it has this part of Itsak remembering how he met Hedwig in Croatia haha…theres also a part with the manager having a phone installed in her head, and that part is dumb. but the part about Itsak and Croatia should have been left in cuz it explains something i didn’t catch the first time around. Hedwig was married to Itsak. When Itsak gets invited to do Rent, he goes to yell at Hedwig and asks for a divorce… didn’t realize that when i saw it in the theatre….and it’s not mentioned anywhere else in the movie. just that they were lovers or whatever. but in the deleted sceen, Itsak proposes to Hedwig…and it all makes sense. haha….THIS MOVIE IS SO GREAT!!!!!


this is too great. i was looking for my “fashion photo shoot” pictures from when i was in greece in 96, but instead i found a bunch of my old school work. i’m scanning some that will be up later, but this one….it’s a thanksgiving card and it says “we are thankful for…school, food, pilgrams, family, friends, and church.” LOL CHURCH! i never went to church as a kid, why the hell would i say that? i must have been told to put that down LOL.

this other stuff is from MPP and i’m realizing.. i didn’t do a very good job LOL….I got G’s (we had a messed up grade scale, not A, B…etc… it was FR – first rate, the highest, G – good i guess…i don’t remember the rest…)

HAH i found another thanksgiving book from 2nd grade…written and illustrated by Sara Etten. Once again….”thanksgiving is… for family, for freedom, for schools, FOR CHURCH, for people, for pets, for my house, and hospldolls.” HAHA HOSPLDOLLS!!!! it’s supposed to be HOSPITAL! hahahahahah

we must have had to do a journal in 1st grade, cuz there is a whole folder of things i wrote about the year….one of them is about Commander Tom and me being nervous when he talked to me (and i do remember being really nervous)….and there is one about not liking seat work…but when Commander Tom asked me what I’d do as principal I told him I’d give the kids more work to do…and that we didn’t have enough work. LOL and then i’m scanning this one journal entry that is “my mail box got trashed on sunday” with a picture of my mailbox exploding LOL…it did get trashed. hahahaha

my mom found my photo shoot pics… it is so unreal. The guy who did them, Charles…he liked me a bit too much, and he was really strange. well he addressed the package he sent with the proofs and stuff to me…instead of to my parents. Then he sent me a 2nd letter with the photo negatives (which aren’t here…wonder where they are)…at least he couldn’t make any more prints of me or anything lol. I wonder if he remembers me. I wonder if he has a website… lol. nope…no website. he’s on websites, there’s one about his Women and Horses exhibit…and people who had him as a mentor…and photo credits on sites in DC…i really hated these photos he took of me at the time, but now… they’re not half bad. esp cuz most of them are in profile, and i HATE my profile…lol.

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