while trying to use the video capture card on my dad’s piece of shit computer i had on VH1 and it was forever wild friday… forever wild is this new show on VH1 hosted by Sebastian Bach. well this show is awesome, and he is soooo hysterically funny. he’s so great. they were doing like, metal style, and he was trying on clothes at the store where he gets all his metal gear at called Trash. yeah and he looked really hot sometimes LOL. and he doesn’t like body hair HAHAHAHA…yeah great show.

so yeah, was trying to use the video capture card to encode that vh1 bono thing. 4 weeks ago eric and i did the mpegs of commander tom, and each segment was approx 5 minutes long – 55mb or so. ooook so all i was trying to do was encode this little intro speech bono makes for the award he’s giving away…can i do it? of course not. i don’t know what the hell my dad’s been doing to change the settings and what not, but totally wouldn’t let me. i tried to do the whole thing in 1, and the file was like 2 GB in avi, fine, the others were bigger….except it said it was an invalid file type. so i had to break it down into 3 fucking parts in order to get valid file formats. why can’t my dad just ever leave something alone on that computer. and yeah, totally gave up on encoding the wild horses video a few days ago, no chance in hell that’s ever gonna happen….someone *cough*eric*cough* needs to buy a video card so that i can do this on other ppl’s comps LOL. everything always works better on other ppls comps.

since my net died for like an hour and a half i decided i’d go through the videotapes in my toybox. so i found one labled VH1 fashion awards and ABC in concert. i couldn’t remember MJ ever being on either of them, so i had to put it in. i press play and it’s the rolling stones video for “anybody seen my baby” which carolyn was looking for a few months ago cuz Angelina Jolie is in it LOL i had it the whole time. so then i’m like ok rewind, let’s watch the fashion awards. well i taped it cuz the stones performed on it. so i watched their parts, and fastforwarded the rest. well i decided to stop after some commecial break to see who the host was introducing…and she was introducing BONO! LOL so of course i jump up and run closer to the tv. LOL its from 97 so it’s short hair popmart bono. it was SO cute. he was talking about how irish were trendsetters cuz now all the designers had their retro 70s fashions and the irish were wearing those in the 80s LOL and how the irish created that waif shit HAHA. and so he presented the award for best personal style female to courtney love. she went up there and he like kisses her neck LOL. then he sat down on the stage behind her during her speech LOL tooooo cute. so now i gotta mpeg that so i can have that tape to record over. lol. toooo funny.

all week i’ve been randomly been getting the Jackson’s song “Torture” in my head… LOL

random, but i graduate on may 25th.

i ate an apple today. i really don’t like apples. they just don’t do anything for me. i had half a grapefruit too. and 2 medium sized iced teas since work was out of bottled water. and a yogurt. i really really want something fried, but my heart is being weird, and i guess i should try to eat healthier. i wonder what’s for dinner tonight. i’m starving.

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