January 2001 Dreams

January 29 – Hockey dream. It was the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals. I was actually on the team, and it must have been in overtime, because I scored the game winning goal. So all my line mates came over to hug me and stuff, and then Adrienne didn’t realize we had won right away, and then she did so she was all happy and laughing as everyone from the team surrounded me on the ice. Apparently the game took place inside a mall, because then we were all walking around the mall all happy, and store workers were congratulating us. At one point, we were in front of Spencers, and someone came over to give Eric the Stanley Cup. He didn’t want to carry it, and then he thought someone was going to steal it. So I was like, “how are you not gonna notice someone stealing the Stanley Cup.” and then he was whining about how heavy it was, and that he needed to put it down. So Mary found a box, and he put it in a box and then carried the box. Then a bunch of players from the Sabres were on a talk show kind of thing, and it was Vaclav Varada and Alexei Zhitnik and someone else I can’t remember, who were on the show and kids were asking them questions. It was so hilarious. Someone asked Alex a question, can’t remember what it was, but he kept saying all these really hilarious things and one time said something like “over the past 3 years I only had 30 shots on goal.” But it was so hilarious, I was watching the show and laughing to death.

possible explanation: nothing that I can think of. No hockey was on, so it wasn’t that.

possible interpretation: I’ll just continue to believe that the Sabres will make it to the Stanley Cup and win. yup, sounds good ūüôā

January 26 – A bunch of people went to Washington DC on a class trip. When we were there, we got to meet President GW Bush. We were all sitting in a circle, and he was going around and asking us what we didn’t like about him. Since we all disagreed with him, we told him tons of stuff we didn’t like about him. So he was getting upset, and he got to me and asked me what I did like about him. I was like “What I like about you?!” and he said, yes, and I said, “Well you’re really comical.” So he was upset that I was essentially making fun of him. And I was thinking, well what does he expect, we’re from NY, the Al Gore state.

I was at a pool with my old neighbors, and we were playing pool bowling. You had to throw the ball across the water, and if it went more than 8 feet, you got points. So we were playing it, and I took my bathing suit off, but I wasn’t naked still (?). So we kept playing that game, and then I had sold baked goods as a school fundrasier or something, and I had to go pick them up. So I went to the high school and got them, and my friend had ordered a giant cookie. This cookie was huge, it had to be 3 feet tall, and I guess they had just baked everything because it was still warm. Then I went to take it to my locker, and in our lockers we had refrigerators. But mine was locked, so I had to find the key and when I opened it there were 5 packages of ready to eat waffles in there, that had been there since my birthday the year before. They were so old they had turned blue. So I was cleaning that out, and trying to put these tiny bottles of lemonade and iced tea into my fridge, and find someplace for the baked goods.

possible explanation: i really haven’t thought about anything like that recently

possible interpretation: bush is gonna fuck everything up? maybe? lol

January 25 – 2 Orgy dreams, both I was woken up from rather rudely, first by the phone at 3am, and then my alarm.

#1 Shit, now I can’t remember this one either. Damn it. Paige was in it. It was something to do with Paige, and then the phone rang, and I was pissed.

#2 Danielle and I were going to an orgy concert, and it was being held in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. We were inside, and Bobby (who was not really Bobby) was walking around, with the other guys. I was taking pictures. There was a plaster statue of Jay, kneeling down singing, but he was bald with only a tuft of hair on his head, kinda like Hare Krishnas. So then we got inside where the show was going to be, and it was like a dining room… or a rec room in some kind of like, fire hall. We had to watch the show on a TV, because they were on Rosie. So we watched, but then they were back in the room because they had to go on trial. We were sitting in the front row of chairs in this “court”, and Bobby was sitting at the end, looking sad and angry about having to go on trial. Then Paige came and sat down, and he was talking to us about why they were on trial. I don’t remember what he said, but it was something to do with how they played a show in Minnesota, and they have such closed minds there. Then Jay came in, and he had to sit at this table that was against the wall, I guess because he was the singer, he had to represent the band. Bobby was really a little girl, Paige and Jay were normal, and Amir and Ryan weren’t really in the dream. Before court started, Danielle and I were back in my basement, because she wanted to see the pictures I took at the show (so apparently it was a different day that the trial was going on). So I had to turn on the computer. I had laundry in the washer, but for some reason Danielle had to do something to the washer, and she turned the dial and now the wash was going to be in there for another 14 minutes. I was actually washing Orgy. That is what I said was in there. So I showed her the pictures, as if she had never been there, telling her who they were, and about the Hare Krishna Jay statue thing. Then it was the trial again, and they were just about to start when I was woken up by my alarm.

possible explanation: orgy plain and simple. we found out about the orgy tour, and the 3 dates we’re going to go to.. exciting stuff. The trial stuff, and Rosie, and Ripley’s believe it or not.. no clue

possible interpretation: i’m sure i could find out info about the significance of a trial, etc. but it prolly has nothing to do with anything.

January 24 – Another hockey dream. Wait. Now I can’t remember it. never mind.

January ¬†23 – Adrienne, Danielle and I had tickets to a bunch of hockey games. The only thing though, was that they were held in my basement. They practiced ¬†in my basement, and the games were there. So we were getting ready for the game, and our seats were in my dad’s back room in the basement off to the side. From inside the room we couldn’t see the ice. We also had to sit on these really high chairs, they looked like pinball machines. It was time for the game, and the players were walking down the stairs to my basement, and one of them was this kid from high school who we used to call “Free Willy”. He was talking in an accent like he was Russian, and I was standing by the steps watching him. I started kind of yelling at him, and I was like “what do you think you’re doing. you know you’re not on the team. pretending to be russian isn’t going to get you on the team.” So he got all sad.

possible explanation: this wasn’t the whole dream, i don’t remember much of it. doesn’t seem to have an explanation

possible interpretation: none.

January 12 – Danielle came back from Florida, and we had to go to this school assembly/concert/parade thing. So we’re sitting in seats, and someone down the row lights up a joint. He’s like, this is good shit, and he offers it down the row, but the only one who wants any is Danielle. And she’s like, I’ll take it. So she¬†takes the joint and takes a drag off it, and I’m like what the hell are you doing. And she said, I have no idea. And I’m like what the fuck are you doing, you don’t do drugs. And she’s like, yeah I do. And I was severely pissed off at her, cuz I’m like what the hell is wrong with her. So I don’t say anything, but I’m just really mad, and she’s sitting there getting high. So then like suddenly, I grab the joint and throw it onto the road where the parade is going on. And she’s like why the hell did you do that. And I’m like, u shouldn’t be doing drugs. And then like school officials smell the pot, and they send out these drug guard ppl to find out where it’s coming from and who did it. So then like we’re trying not to be like, obvious, that it was her smoking and me who threw the joint into the parade. So then we’re in our dorm room, or well I am, and she left me a note about how it’s ok that she does drugs, even tho she’s a vet. And the note was done all in pictures, so there’s a drawing of her in the vet clinic only smoking cigarettes, and then one of her outside pumping gas in her car smoking a joint. And it was supposed to explain to me why it’s all right that she does drugs now, as long as she does them outside of work. So then later, the principal, Mr Ruggerio, is interviewing everyone in the school by 2’s about the parade and the drugs, and who was responsible for having the drugs there. So like Eric and someone go to talk to them, and we’re getting nervous cuz Eric knew it was me who threw it, and stuff. So Mr Ruggerio comes to get us, and then tells us to sit in this lobby place, and it has big windows looking out at the valley in Geneseo. So we’re waiting for him cuz he had to go to his office and do something and he was supposed to come back for us. Then an airplane flies by the glass windows, and it’s making these terrible noises and sparks are coming out of them and I’m like omg the plane is gonna crash right into the building. But then it suddenly changes directions, flies upside down, and then lands on a runway of the little Geneseo airport in the valley. So I’m like that was close, but we’re still waiting for Mr Ruggerio to come get us but we’ve been waiting forever, and we see more airplanes and they’re all flying up side down….then we’re like screw this, we’re going to find him and get this over with, so we go down a hall to find his office, but since we were the good kids in school we didn’t know which one was his, but we pass Mr Belbas and Mrs Kormashe’s offices.

possible explanation: none. none whatsoever

possible interpretation: no clue. my dream book sheds no light into it at all.

January 5 – Airplane crash dream again. Adrienne had called me from Oregon only 2 days after she had left. I went outside on the front porch with the cordless phone and was talking when I saw an airplane. I was asking her about the trip and how she made it there so fast, and how it was dealing with her step sister for that long. But then I looked at the plane and it was flying funny, and I thought, it’s going to crash. Then it flipped over, and did a nose dive into the ground. I thought, this is a dream, it has to be a dream. And I kept saying to myself wake up wake up wake up. I went inside, and I told my mom I must be dreaming, and so I wanted to go upstairs and lay down on my bed so I could wake up. It took me a while to get upstairs because people kept talking to me. I kept saying that I needed to go to bed so I could wake up. So I finally got to my bedroom and put my stereo on. I noticed my stereo had a weird function that would show special effects on a little screen. I put a cd on, and the screen started showing the video for that song. The song was NIN’s “closer” and it was playing the video, but I couldn’t figure out why. I never knew it could do it before, and then I thought it must only work with new cds, so I got out an old Madonna cd (Ray of Light) and put that in, but it had new songs on it from her Music cd and it still played the video for the song.

I’ve noticed that in many of my airplane crash dreams, in the dream the airplane is really big. In the last one, with the ¬†Japanese airplane, it was a really large plane, like it was really close to me. It’s not like I see a small dot of a plane in the sky and it explodes. And there seems to be a theme of the plane flipping over before it crashes. Not sure why.

possible explanation: none for the airplane crash part. Adrienne is in the process of driving to Oregon with her step sister.

possible interpretation: my dream book says some crap about explosions and how they could be “destroying an obstacle in your path to a goal”…so you could say that since Adrienne was in the same dream as the crash, I want to destroy her because she’s an obstacle…yeah sure whatever. Under music, it says something about notice what is played and where… well it’s “closer” and it was in my bedroom.. could it be sexual?!?!?! lol

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