February 2001 Dreams

February 14 – It was my birthday. There was some part of this dream about Orgy. But then it was my birthday and I was having a party, a pool party. It started really early in the morning, and Danielle and I went swimming because it was really hot. Then for some reason we went out to the front of my house, by the mailbox, and Ryan from Orgy drove by. I guess I had invited them to my party but they didn’t know where it was. Maybe that’s why we went in front. But we looked all gross because we had been swimming, but I guess everyone thought we looked fabulous. So then we went back to the backyard, and with everyone else. The pool was on my deck and it was more like the size of a hot tub. My parents were there too. So people kept arriving, and we had cake. Then someone came and asked if I was me, and I said yes. So they left, and a little while later this boy from high school showed up with a hot wheels toy for me. Then someone was talking about Denis Hamel from the Sabres, and about how he wasn’t doing good because his mom had diabetes and he wouldn’t accept the fact she was going to die. Then he arrived, and was talking to everyone. He looked different though, like an India Indian. So my mom brought him cake, but she didn’t know who he was or why he had an accent. He dropped some cake on his pants.

possible explanation: it was the night of a hockey game, even tho Denis Hamel is out for the season. My birthday is in June….not sure

possible interpretation: is cake a phallic symbol? I doubt it. Not sure of interpretations.

February 13 – Dream 1 – I was in a car with my old nextdoor neighbors, just the older girl and her father. The car was very wide, and only one seat. More like maybe a rollercoaster type of vehicle. We were down by the river. The father suddenly has a bass guitar with him, and starts playing. He asks us if we recognized the song, and the girl had no idea. But it was Korn’s “Blind” and I told him that it was Korn. He was impressed that I knew. So he kept playing and I started singing. But then it turned into Disturbed’s “Voices”. So I was like, wait, this isn’t “Blind”, it’s Disturbed.

Dream 2 – My dad and I were hang gliding in a gorge, like the grand canyon. But we didn’t have a hang glider. We were just flying/floating. There were all kinds of bridges spanning the 2 sides of the gorge, and they were mostly old and falling apart. We’d fly up near them and look at them, and my dad was explaning the people who built them and how they were in some old ancient style. I was always scared though because my dad always wanted to fly under these bridges, and I kept thinking we were going to hit them. Our flying was weird, because it was like he was holding onto my feet. Anyway, we kept going by all these bridges, and he almost dropped me once (even tho he was holding on to my feet). There were also big wires streched across the gorge, and there were people tight rope walking on them. I was scared we were going to run into the wires and get caught. Then suddenly my dad let go of me, cuz I guess it was time for me to die. So I thanked him, I guess for giving me a good life, and was free falling to the bottom of the gorge. I was hoping that I wouldn’t hit the rocks below, just fall into the river. But then people might not find my body in the river. I decided while I was falling to write a note saying what happened and how I died. So I got some crayons and wrote the note. Then I was hoping that I’d pass out soon from lack of oxygen as I was falling so that I wouldn’t feel it when I hit the ground. Turns out I hit the rocks I guess. I went to hell. I was in hell, sitting at a table by some big windows. Across from me was my friend Mary who was talking about Saturday Night Live. I was eating really gross cookies that looked like almonds, but they were giant almonds. Not overly huge, but just bigger than normal almonds. Next to Mary was some bitchy lady, and next to her was Brad Pitt. So I was talking to Mary and we apparantly pissed the bitchy woman off. She asked me, “Do you guys have degrees?” and I said “No, we didn’t get a chance to finish them. We have high school diplomas. But we died before getting our college degrees.” Then I was irritated at her bitchyness, and I asked her “Do you have a degree.” And she said “No.” and I said “Yeah, well it shows.”

possible explanation: none

possible interpretation: I’m sure Freud would say phallic symbols…I don’t agree. I have no idea what it means.

February 11 – Danielle and I were going to an Orgy concert. It was in a Walmart or something. So we went to the venue and were checking out what was going on and how the show was going to be run. Pat Benetar was the head security person, and we went to talk to her and ask her stuff. Then we went into the room where the concert was and there were some people standing around, but no one was up against the barrier in front. So we were like what the hell, and went up to the barrier. But as soon as we got there everyone just pushed up to the barrier with us. So I had to fight some girl for my space, then  we weren’t there anymore, but back in Walmart, and we went to talk to Pat Benetar again. We found out that there were seats, like at a movie theatre, in front of the stage, and no one was allowed in the seats. We all had to stay behind a barrier at the end of the seats. We went to talk to Pat and asked why we were so far from the stage, because every other concert we’ve been to we’ve been against the stage. She said that’s how it was, and no one was allowed in the seats. So we were kinda pissed about that, but then went back in and everyone was standing behind the seats. Then a bunch of people were sitting in the seats, and I was like what the hell. She kept telling us no one was allowed in the seats, but people kept going in them. Before all this had happened, I had realized she was Pat Benetar when no one else did, and I decided after the show I would get her autograph, and I’d be cool cuz no one else has Pat’s autograph. So we were standing behind these seats, really pissed off, that was about it.

possible explanation: Danielle and I are trying to get a ride to see Orgy. Pat Benetar?? No clue.

possible interpretation: I don’t think there are any phallic symbols in this one!!!

February 10 – Something about Jay McKee being made captain of the Sabres

I was at home and Trent Reznor was doing a concert in my driveway. There was no stage, no band, just him. I was the only one there and was sitting inside a car parked in my drive way watching him. He was going all out like a typical show. I was sitting there watching him, and it was amazing, but I kept wondering how he could go all out when there was no one watching. I guess he didn’t realize I was there either. I didn’t think I’d be able to get all hyped up and stuff if I was just alone practicing. So he kept performing in my drive way, and I was wondering what people driving by thought of seeing a guy going crazy in my drive way. So then he started doing the Tapeworm song “Vacant” that A Perfect Circle has done live. It was different, harder than APC’s version. Then he started to cry, and sat down on the cement crying. I got out of the car and walked over to him and hugged him. He held onto me and just cried into my shoulder.

possible explanations: can’t really think of any. it was the night before i tried to get u2 concert tickets, could explain the concert aspect of it.

possible interpretation: well I’ve been reading a lot of Freud lately for class, and according to him, EVERYTHING that I dream about is phallic. Yeah, Freud thought everything was phallic, but the specifics he talked about…airplanes, trains, sticks, knives, pushing something in or out, etc…are all phallic symbols. What do you know, that’s what I dream about. But he goes on to say that the face value of dreams are often exploring the opposite of what they seem. So would that mean a sex dream would mean you didn’t want to have sex? And phallic symbols would really mean the opposite? Yah I know, Freud was full of a lot of shit…just commenting. Personally I’d love to be able to comfort Trent. If Freud was right, I’d need to be having a lot of dreams where I don’t comfort Trent 🙂

February 8 – Squirrels again. They didn’t bite me this time. We had a bunch of squirrels living in our back yard at home and we wanted to be friends with them so we kept trying to feed them. There was one squirrel who was really mean and would come sit on the windowsill and hiss at us if we tried to feed it. So we hired this animal tamer lady, I guess, to come and tame the squirrel.

possible explanation:  none

possible interpretation: According to Freud squirrels mean children. I think not.

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