NIN Toronto Club 2

what have i become
my sweetest friend
everyone i know
goes away in the end

tonight’s show… gah. did i mention we got our tickets on ebay? yeah, we did. and it was totally cool, we got them in person and they were from a kid who was selling them so his girlfriend could afford to go to a bunch of pearl jam concerts. haha. it was cool that they weren’t from a bloody scalper.

we got up to toronto around 1:30/2 this time. after yesterday we decided to go up earlier to get at barrier from the beginning (were one back, good enough). waited in line today with much cooler people than yesterday, but not as cool as reno. we really lucked out in reno with the linemates i think. anyway….so we waited much much longer this time to get in. trent and bandmates got picked up and brought to the venue so we got to see them get off the bus (which didn’t happen yesterday). and i don’t care that it was a whole 3 seconds, trent was totally hot lol.

so yeah…we were one back from the barrier in front of trent/aaron, same area as yesterday. oh…dresden dolls…jerome came out to drum for them for a radiohead cover…which was really funny cuz i had absolutely no idea what song they were playing, though everyone else seemed to. so after we asked the kid behind us (who was singing the entire thing) who it was by, and when he said radiohead we both went “That’s why we don’t know it”…someone on adr2’s other side was all bitchy “how do you NOT know radiohead” maybe cuz they bore me….

so the show. yesterday’s show was the “with teeth” show, they did 5 new songs. tonight’s show was “the fragile” show, they did 6 fragile songs….set list was something like this in no particular order…. the frail, the wretched, you know what you are, march of the pigs, piggy, reptile (AGAIN YES!), closer, hurt, even deeper, big come down, starfuckers, the day the world went away, the hand that feeds, head like a hole, terrible lie, and i think the line begins to blur but i’m not entirely sure. pretty sure but not quite, will have to check a setlist (setlist and comments from

Beside You In Time (instrumental intro)
The Frail
The Wretched
You Know What You Are?
(Trent: “Look at all the fucking pigs!”) March of the Pigs
The Line Begins To Blur
Piggy (stage dive)
Terrible Lie
The Big Come Down
Gave Up
The Day the World Went Away
Even Deeper
(Trent: “okay, enough FUCKIN’ AROUND!”) Wish
The Hand That Feeds
Starfuckers, Inc. (Trent forgot to sing “all our pain” so the middle was twice as long as normal)
Head Like A Hole
the show was fucking great of course. i think yesterday was better though. (and not just cuz i had a horseshoe up my ass and got lucky enough to hold onto trent for a while and get a guitar pick hahah). trent stage dived (dove?) which was like…what the fuck just happened LOL. we had to fight the crowd a whole lot more. i tried to protect the girl in front of me because she was scared out of her mind before the show even started (she managed to stay the whole time which was surprising cuz we were betting 3 songs haha, her friend left half way, and i got barrier again). mainly because she was good to be used as a cushion to not get any more injured. that didn’t really work once i got to barrier. definitely super injured now. can hardly breath it hurts so bad but it got to a point where you really didn’t feel it anymore. i got a wicked whack to the head during head like a hole from a crowdsurfer that the security guy didn’t see. adr2 punched some people. totally glad i wore pants today instead of a skirt again because in trying to protect my poor probably broken ribs, i kept trying to brace myself to push back with my legs and they are totally chewed up even through my pants, from the grating of the barrier.

changed into the 2nd set of clothing in the car then hung around in the parking lot for a while. i found that i had my show reject 8×10 photos in my trunk so i decided to write all my info on the back and go back across the street to throw them at the tour busses. so i did. LOL. i figure someone, anyone, will see them and they can throw them out i don’t care. then later i decided what did i have to lose to take the book i put together and throw it at the busses. so i went back across the street and making sure the security guard had his back to me i threw it between 2 of the busses. except i fucking hit the side of the one bus. that was a nice loud noise so i turned and fucking took off back across the street. LOL i was like, we have to leave now cuz i just hit the bus with the stupid book LOL. so…someone has my book now. hope they enjoy it lol.

drove home alot slower than yesterday, that whole cliched “i dont want the shows to end” bullshit…in my head at least haha. forgot to mention how much i love driving on the QEW where i was going 90 and got passed. brought my car over 100 for the first time. i’m pretty sure my car wasn’t made to go that fast. made 80 sound quiet, and 70 feel like a stand still hahah.

and now i have to wait until the fall??? i’m not sure that’s gonna happen LOL. philly on next wed/thurs….*goes to ebay* i should be mostly healed by next wednesday.

random memory #1: we had the same border guard going into canada today as we had yesterday. it was sort of a wayne’s world moment “nine inch nails? yes. again? yes.” hahahah. did not have the cool old guy who let us back into the states last night – had an asshole who made us show him our ticket stubs (which is a story in itself…didn’t bring my bag into the show, stuck everything into my socks in my big boots, didnt realize i didn’t have my stub until we got to lewiston and were waiting to move up to the custom booth. adr2 said it was probably stuck to my leg, hers had been. and it was….stuck enough that running back and forth across the street from the car to the busses twice, the entire car ride, and going to the bathrooms at the lewiston bridge it had still not fallen off my leg LOL).


injury report…

i should take pictures haha

one massive ugly painful bruise on left arm
one massive ugly painful bruise on left elbow
a few light bruises on lower right arm and wrist
giant thumbprint looking painful bruise on upper right arm
no visible bruises to the ribs just INTENSE PAIN
both hipbones very bruised, they took the brunt of the abuse last night. it hurts to wear clothes. wearing a belt is out of the question
left knee is just one giant bruise
right knee cut and bruised in various places

i really look beat up. no black eye though.


trying to get tickets for either or both of the NIN shows in philly next week. we’re addicted. i know. no need to tell me. no intervention necessary. we’ll be fine. this is the reason i have a job.

NIN Toronto Club 1

please allow me a moment

I TOUCHED HIM. I FUCKING TOUCHED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oh my lord. i dont even know what to say. this was the best show i have ever seen, and i think i’ve seen a fair amount of shows. and it made reno seem like a nap. holy crap. how to even start.

adr2 had to scalp a ticket. we got in around 4 and the going price was 300+ so we kept waiting. some guy showed up to sell tickets to the “main scalper asshole” so she ran over to him with this other kid and bought the tickets from this guy instead of “main scalper asshole” (more on him later) turns out she got a “discount” (term used loosely), cuz the guy wanted to feel her boobs. she said no but he gave her the discount anyway cuz she “had such great tits.” LOL the other kid had to pay 75$ more. so yay. we both had tickets…or we thought so.

doors opened at 8. we were in a fairly good position in line, along the side of the building. cool. until we get in and my ticket doesnt pass the bar code inspection. wtf. its a real friggen ticket i actually got it during the sale. the guy who checks fake tickets looks at it, sees that it looks real. then realizes it says May 10th on it. TICKETMASTER FUCKING PRINTED MY TICKET WRONG. cuz i have the confirmation email as proof that i purchased a ticket for the show on the 9th. FUCK ME. so i had them take me back outside, so i could find a ticket for tonight. ended up trading in the ticket for the 10th plus cash to “main scalper asshole” who was a total dickhead. had to reenter the line at the back, which was all the way down the opposite side of the building. fuck me.

got in. adr2 sent me messages about where she was so i made the attempt to move up in the crowd towards where she’d be. got stuck about 8 back from the barrier on aaron’s side again. the guy next to me stunk something awful. dresden dolls came on so i just stayed there for their set. and they weren’t bad. it was completely not the disaster i was expecting so that was nice. as soon as they were done everyone started the push. i ended up 2 back from adr2. not bad.

the show started. holy cow. i’d say it’s the roughest show i’ve ever been to except for the fact that it was only rough in the sense of being completely smooshed…i wasn’t in the pit so i wasn’t getting hit. it was just one of those shows where your feet may not be on the ground at all times, but you can’t possibly fall cuz everyone else is holding you up. which was nice. cuz i definitely wasn’t on both feet alot of the time. during “head like a hole” i was not only on either of my feet, but i was at a 45 degree angle and being completely supported by the poor little girl next to me. the kid on my other side was like, we really need to stand up straight again LOL he managed to push some people and we both were able to stand back up haha. in the beginning i ended up on top of adr more or less. held on to her for a while. kept moving back and forth and ended up next to her at one point. she ended up attempting to leave the crowd but ended up in the pit and stayed there hahaha. i ended up getting pushed around more. some real short kid got in front of me when someone was pulled out by security. he had a camera and was trying to take a picture so i told him to let me do it. he thought i was the coolest, and a bit later he gave me his spot closer to barrier. another kid got pulled out and i ended up at barrier. rock on!

i really wasn’t injured until i got to barrier. it made me really really appreciate water street’s padded barrier. haha. but it was totally worth it. as i said I FUCKING TOUCHED HIM. i can’t remember for the life of me what song he was playing when he came down from the stage, but he was right there, and i got to touch him and omg i can die happy. lol. *teenie bopper moment*. the kid i ended up next to at barrier kept talking to me. he made sure i was able to grope trent, and he was like “well that was worth it” when the kid got pulled out and i ended up next to him lol. he also fucking wacked me with his head right above my eye, i thought i had a black eye but i don’t. he made sure i was ok after a crowd surfer sat on my fucking neck and security couldn’t get him off me. that’s when i mostly got injured, cuz i was bent over the barrier and the kid was sitting on me. ouchy. but yeah, i’m so totally injured LOL. can’t wait to see all the bruises in full effect when i wake up. i’m gonna need lots of painkillers tomorrow.

so…what was played. i have no idea. except SOMETHING I CAN NEVER HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was holding on to adr2 at this point, and when i heard the first 2 notes i just went “oh my fucking god” in her ear LOL. and omg is right. it was so incredible. i almost cried, it’s something i can never have for gods sake, but also because everyone in the crowd is singing it and wow…just amazing. and reptile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still best song live ever. and burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what else…. opened with “you know what you are”…other than that, in no particular order, this is what i remember….march of the pigs, closer, hurt, with teeth, everyday is exactly the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!, something i can never have, burn, reptile, home, head like a hole, the hand that feeds, the line begins to blur, terrible lie, sin, suck, wish, gave up, no you don’t (hey that might have been the song he came off stage…it’s whatever song was before hurt…)….wow i think that was the only song off fragile…i can’t remember anymore. that might have been it…

*Edit* setlist
You Know What You Are?
The Line Begins To Blur
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
The Hand That Feeds
Terrible Lie
Closer (w/The Only Time)
With Teeth
Every Day Is Exactly the Same
No, You Don’t (blew the goddamn roof off!)
Gave Up
Head Like A Hole

though i’m not sure i remember sin being so early in the set. but i was too overwhelmed so who knows haha.

i have never sweat so much in my entire life. i might have lost enough water weight to be under 100 lbs right now LOL. completely soaking wet. at one point i wasn’t sure if i was still fully clothed. i lost my jacket pretty much immediately, found it at the end of the show. i thought at one point this guy was making a slow attempt to feel me up. had his hands in weird areas – everyone was holding on to everyone elses shoulders, but not him. and then he stopped. i told adr2 later and she said he totally was trying, she saw him and hit him LOL. at the end of the show, before the lights even came on, some guy walked by me at the barrier still and put a guitar pick in my hand. no one else even saw him do it. go me!! no one was moving so it took awhile to disentangle myself from the barrier to finally get some water and find adr2. called lei and screamed I FUCKING TOUCHED HIM as soon as she answered LOL. oh yeah…ran into rob sheridan and i talked to him. complimented his album art, and i did for real tell him that i hoped he thanks god every day for having the coolest job in the world LOL. he said yeah, it’s sorta hectic at times having to do everything, but then he smiled and was like, but it’s cool. oh yeah, he took a picture of all of us up front in my area after the show. i only sorta hope to see it at some point. i’m sure i look frightening. hah

best border crossing ever: on the way back in to the US “citizenship? nine inch nails? go on.” LOL the lady on the way in was like “nine inch nails?” as soon as i said i was going to a concert haha. guess there were alot of us.

holy crap. can’t get over how amazing this show was.

random cool thing #1. it was really cool to hear so many people during and after the show saying that it was totally worth the $xxx that they paid to scalp a ticket.

random cool thing #2. and it was really really awesome to be in a place completely filled with fans. not that reno wasn’t but it was very different. with so few tickets you know that there weren’t some random assholes who only like “closer” taking up space. and with the album being out for a week, you know everyone there spent the last 6 days listening to it. so everyone knew the new songs, and could sing along, and it was just so fantastic.

random funny thing. adr2 got hit in the head with trent’s tambourine when he threw it into the crowd during “with teeth” HAHAHA

and trent had a white shirt on at the beginning LOL it was so strange. later stripped to a black tank top. he got so built since last tour.

AAANNNDDDDD we scored tickets for tomorrow (well apparently i already had one :P). found a decent deal for 2 tickets on ebay, talked to the guy on the phone, meeting him at the venue tomorrow afternoon to get them.

so injured. so tired. so can’t wait for tomorrow! totally bringing a whole different set of clothes to change into afterwards. a shower has never felt so good my entire life.

best. show. ever


oh…and clock unveiling tomorrow morning LOL going back up to toronto right afterwards. going earlier this time so we can get barrier right away.

i’m sure i’ll edit this if i remember more stuff.

NIN #1

Nine Inch Nails – Toronto, Ontario – April 28, 2000

During spring break, I got tickets to the Nine Inch Nails show in Toronto. The Thursday before the show, Eric came and picked me up to stay overnight in his apartment at RIT. Friday, I spent a few hours in the RIT library, yay, and then around 4:30 me, Eric, Mary, Karl, Dan and their friend who’s name I can’t remember left for Toronto. After a quick stop at Karl’s house and Wendy’s we hit the road for Toronto. I had told my friend Carolyn to meet us at this Taco Bell near Maple Leaf gardens at 6 or 6:30…but since we didn’t leave until 4:30 we were about 2 hours late HAHA. So anyway, we get into Canada, and are on our way…we hit a bit of traffic, nothing bad.

We get into the city, find a parking lot and go get Carolyn at Taco Bell, who was ready to just go home. So we went into MLG and got padded down, pink wrist bands, and headed out to the floor. As soon as we got onto the floor Carolyn and I lost the rest of them (actually, their no name friend had a seat by himself, and we all had floor tix) but found a spot in the crowd until we could find them again. We missed half of A Perfect Circle’s opening set, but from what I saw they were pretty good. So they finished, and we walked around the back of the crowd as people left before NIN came on. We found them, and rejoined them. At 9:30, the show started. There was a black curtain around the stage, and they “opened” with “pinion” which went into “terrible lie” as the curtain opened. This is the complete


Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Gave Up La Mer
The Great Below
The Mark Has Been Made
Get Down Make Love
Head Like a Hole

E N C O R E :

Just Like You Imagined
Starfuckers, Inc.

They played for an hour and a half. At one point Trent talked to the crowd about how it had been a long time since they had been there, and he thanked us because they were really looking forward to playing for us, and how we made him happy and that was a rare event. The show was beautiful. The stage was pretty small, smaller than what I expected. They had 3 LCD things (dunno what u would call them), that they used for lighting instead of just pictures (like jumbotrons)..they moved down from above them pointing down, to behind them and they moved front and back, and it was a really cool effect. During some of the instrumentals they did use them for natureish pictures of water, and a field of tulips, and it was gorgeous.

After the first 3 or 4 songs, like when they played Piggy, the crowd mellowed out, and were amazing. The beginning was nuts of course, and we got thrown around a bit (That’s when Karl got hurt), but after Piggy, it was great. I had a perfect view of the stage the entire time, we were about mid stage mid ice. I had no problem with people around me, and I didn’t need to get my spleen removed afterwards haha. Before the encore Trent was like “you put me in a good mood, and that’s a rare thing, thanks.” What else..god it was just so incredible…The best show I’ve ever been to…Ok, so NIN closed with “hurt” the LCD screens were behind Trent and light just shown on him and it was so great. Um…I guess that’s it…so after the show we went out to find Karl, and got in line for shirts, which was worse pushing than the crowd during the show was.

After we got our shirts we still hadn’t found Karl, so Dan, Carolyn and I went out front, no name guy and Eric went out back and that’s where he was, near the parking lot. So I said goodbye to Carolyn, and we headed out of Toronto. By then it was about 12, and when we finally got to the QEW, we ended up losing no name guy who Dan was driving with, because they went a wrong way, then made an illegal turn back into the right way, but then we got stopped at a red light, and lost them. Since no name guy drove so slow, we caught up to them, passed them but they didn’t realize it. And so we lost them again….we pulled over to the side of the road until they passed us again, then we ran over a box which got stuck under the car for the entire way home haha.

Then in Oakville we got stuck in traffic cuz of construction, that was about 5 feet…but they merged 4 lanes into 1 without any signs or anything. We were there for a half hour…so that ended, and we rode back to North Tonawanda. Got home at quarter after two, drank a bottle of water and went to bed. On Saturday I got up around 12, took a shower and stuff and Eric, Dan and Karl and some girl, Kelly I think, came to my house to go to the Our Lady Peace show…which I wasn’t going to go to because I had so much work to do, but I did anyway. We went to UB (university of buffalo) to find out about it, doors opened at 4 so we went to the mall and then back to UB. We found out that OLP wasn’t going to go on until 9pm, so we decided not to go, and go back to school. So we went and got my stuff from home, and then to Eric’s house where his parents made us dinner, and drove back to RIT. After a quick stop there, Eric drove me back to Geneseo, and this boring life.

One last thing, Trent is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my entire life. He is amazing.