this has been the 2 weeks of “only me”.

i’m in LA… i shouldn’t be. i should be in the air on my way to san luis obispo, but no i’m in LA.

i managed to get 3 hrs of sleep before going to the airport for my flight to dallas. no problem. i didn’t even really have to wait to board cuz i was sorta running late. but then there was a head wind and we were late getting into dallas. so i almost miss my flight from dallas to LA cuz i have a whole 20 minutes to get to another terminal. and of course there are no signs, and the ones for the sky tram aren’t clear. then ass holes are slow and i miss the sky tram. but i get to the gate and board the plane….but it’s snowing, a whole 5 snowflakes (i counted) and they have to spend an hour and a half de-icing the plane. SUPER! my layover in LA was an hour and 15 minutes. no way am i making the flight. we get to LA earlier than they said but it took so long to get to the gate i’m late again. but then the gate i need is only a few away from where we got off the plane. COOL! people let me deboard and run only to find out that i have to take a shuttle to gates that are only a few numbers away. with 5 minutes to get there, so not happening. fuck. they try to get me on a united flight at 1:15 but don’t because for some reason i wouldn’t be able to get to the gate in the next 45 minutes before it leaves. ?????? so i am now booked on a flight at 3:40 out of LA to san luis obispo.

but of course i’m on a wild goose chase now cuz i gotta get to the united terminal. so i have to take a american airlines bus from point A to point B. then i have to take the continental bus to point C. then walk down an alley. wtf. so i find united finally and my ticket makes it seem like i’m paying another 235$ to get from LA to SLO. NO FUCKING WAY I’M NOT PAYING THAT. so i go to customer service to ask if i’m being charged and then they can’t find my reservation in their computer for the united flight. wtf. they finally find it cuz they had my name wrong and are trying to call someone about something. they can’t get through to them so they tell me to go down to the gate. but i don’t know why so when i get there i’m all…i don’t know why i’m talking to you they told me to come down here. they don’t know why i’m there either and tell me i can leave to get food or whatever but then they call me to come back cuz i need to go to TSA to get searched. wow i’ve never been so thouroughly frisked before. i was violated haha not really. but wow. was surpising. ok now keep in mind this is alot of walking and i haven’t really slept in 24 hrs and i’m freaking starving cuz i couldn’t get food or go pee in dallas since i was late for that flight too, and have a massive headache. soooo tired. and the duty free shop is closed wtf! BUT…while waiting at the gate, a man got arrested for being drunk. haha.

meanwhile…now that that’s out of the way…so the flight from dallas to LA i got to sit next to the most typical dallas old lady…er at least, she was my stereotypical dallas old lady. bright pink and orange leopard print shirt, big diamonds, poofy blonde cotton candy hair, fake eye lashes, fake nails. yeah. twas fabulous. of course she violated the i-have-my-book-out-and-am-“reading”-so-don’t-talk-to-me rule. blahblahblah talk talk talk yuck.

FINALLY get to san luis obispo which has the smallest airport i’ve ever seen. basically one room, with a baggage belt. i definitely won’t be able to come back there and sleep til my flight. crap. ok. i call a cab which takes forever, and i see the greatest woman ever. it’s a grandma picking up her family. she’s got blond hair all big in ringlets. she’s wearing a white knitted sweater, a homemade skirt with snowmen on it, blue leggings, and white cowboy boots. so wonderfully horrible. i took a pic on my phone but it’s crap of course. had the coolest cab driver, he knew that adr2’s ringtone when she called was animotion. and he’s the first american cab driver i’ve ever had.

so i get to the venue and find adr2 and bliss and get let in. waited forever for autolux to come on, and i must say they were very welcome compared to having to see dfa or queens again. these supremely annoying people ended up behind us, but they told me that i had cool clothes and looked exactly like what a nin fan should look like…?!? ok. satin pants from guess and the pirate jacket from hot topic. nothing fancy. ok. anyway….the show. josh freese has replaced alex who had replaced jerome dillon. i like josh. so that was cool. same basic setlist with the addition of starfuckers, which i did not miss from the other shows haha. got a bit killed. not the front of my rib cage this time, cuz i had a girl in front of me for padding, but 2 guys on the sides of me beat me up with their elbows and arms in my rib cage. was a bit rough though i have no visible bruises. club shows are amazing. er rather…college gym shows LOL. trent commented that it was the strangest place he has ever played, and that he was going to fire his booking agent except that it turned out to be pretty cool. he talked alot. it was cool. great great show. as always.

after the show, since i couldn’t hang at the airport, i had adr2 take me to a hotel, so i did manage to sleep for 6 hrs. back to the one room airport to leave for home. slept through most of the flight to dallas. ah dallas. did i mention how i fucking hate dallas? because yeah, guess what, we were delayed in dallas AGAIN. at least this time i didn’t have to make a connection, i just had to go find my car to get home. i wander all over to find the gate, then sit there and sit there and sit there and why aren’t we boarding? and why has the time when we were to have taken off come and gone and we haven’t boarded still? oh because one of the flight attendants decided not to show up. WTF. so it took over an hour for this girl, who we were told was IN THE FRIGGEN BUILDING to show up. the excuse was that dallas had a hard day yesterday what with the 32 degree temperature and all the delays because of the 5 snowflakes, they were all still recovering. YOU STILL HAVE A FUCKING JOB AND RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW UP. she should be fired. how irresponsible. an entire fucking plane of people stuck because you can’t get out of bed or whatever? fuck that. so pissed. anyway, so we take off an hour late, but beat the snow storm home. uneventful flight.

home now. tired. desperately need to brush my teeth. after all the trip was still totally worth it, the show was awesome, and yeah. i’d do it again. and i liked the area in california. it turns out it was near where michael jackson lived haha. my total travel time was 25 hours. lol i’m insane i know. and i got tix to the toledo and cinci shows for us too.

this was more entertaining in my head before i actually got home and a chance to type it out. boo.

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