seems like salvation comes only in our dreams

wilkes barre today. we were going to go at 9 but i couldn’t get out of bed and adr2 was sick, so i got up and went when one of the girls we had met in philly called to see where we were. so we went to find the arena, had no clue where it was. figured there’d be signs. nope. ended up calling the girl for directions, got there, established a spot then left to go put real clothes on haha. stood outside in gale winds for 5 hours. it could have been worse, it could have done more than sprinkled for 5 minutes. and we had good company.

it was getting late and hopes of a soundcheck today were falling but they finally let us in. trent was late getting there. this time they did “reptile”, “the frail/the wretched”, “deep” and “wish”. awesome again. i still think it’s such a cool thing that they’re doing for their fans. mass confusion ensued afterwards about where they were taking us to wait, and how we were going to get on the floor. but it all went well and i ended up by myself at the barrier on jeordie’s side, along with a girl from the line. talked to this other girl next to us tons. she works for aveda and is gonna send me free samples hehe

the show itself…trent was pissed. after the first song they raise the curtain up, except this time it was stuck. a cord from some equipment thing got stuck in the wires and almost knocked one of the big crates that holds the lights over. meanwhile the curtain is stuck half way up for the beginning of “you know what you are”. trent was piiiiissssed. he went on a rant about punching the guy who works the curtain in the head hahah. threw some stuff around. typical angry trent. got “even deeper” and “dead souls” again. it was a cool show once again, but lacked something. maybe people. only half the tickets were sold. it was weird. same setlist as philly but without “something i can never have”

off to explore tomorrow in downstate ny, and drive the rest of the way to boston. i really want to find someplace to get my hair cut.

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