toledo would be a funny word to say if you were high

Nine Inch Nails – Toledo

so much for the ETA of 7 hours, it only took us 5 hours to get to toledo. thankfully it was snow free weather. a nice day overall, near 40 degrees so we didn’t totally need to bundle up when we got to the venue. found amira and her husband, and turns out the girls are back from france for this leg. hah they are nuts. we were outside for about an hour and half before spiral members got let in to wait in the hall of the arena.

and let me just say, toledo is bitchin! wtf..there is NOTHING there. why does toledo even exist?

now this arena…is probably a tiny bit bigger than sabreland LOL. i couldn’t believe they have the red wings farm team play there. it was nuts. so we got moved around the hallway of the arena for awhile and nin started sound check. they hadn’t been doing sound check at alot of the shows, i think only one before this one. they played “dead souls” first, then halfway through “you know what you are” they let us onto the floor to see “with teeth”. yay with teeth is back!! trent + tambourine = love. so then we were herded back out into the hallway for another bunch of time. it was fun though hanging with the people we met last leg.

finally let onto the floor for real, at the rail in front of aaron surprise! it seemed like a really long wait, since now there’s only one opener. it was Moving Units. i’d group them into that whole 80s killers throwback crap, even tho i don’t think the killers sound 80s at all. this band really did, and the lead singer is a spazz and looked like he came out of the 80s. and i guess ryan shuck was a trend setter with his gross mullet 2 years ago, cuz everyone is doing it now. they were ok.

the nin show i think is one of the best from the arena shows i’ve seen. it might have just been the setlist changes. but the band with josh drumming sounded really really good. they threw in “with teeth” “getting smaller” um…they took out “suck” and “hurt” (though it was probably because the night before in grand rapids someone hit trent in the head with a lighter during the song and he just left and ended the show), oh yeah, they did “everyday is exactly the same” which was the first time we got it since the first toronto club show. that was awesome. it sounds better now too. “closer” with the platform – totally hot. lots of trent hotness 🙂



twin geeks.

hah not explaining those even tho i know in a few months time i won’t even know what they mean anymore.

1. The New Flesh/Pinion
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. You Know What You Are?
4. Terrible Lie
5. The Line Begins To Blur
6. March Of The Pigs
7. Something I Can Never Have
8. The Frail
9. The Wretched
10. Closer
11. Burn
12. Gave Up
13. Eraser
14. Right Where It Belongs
15. Beside You In Time
16. With Teeth
17. Wish
18. Only
19. Every Day Is Exactly The Same
20. Getting Smaller
21. Dead Souls
22. The Hand That Feeds
23. Head Like A Hole

the venue also had the best security i have ever seen. this one guy could grab any crowd surfer, even a guy bigger than him, and just throw them around to the ground no sweat. they really made me want to crowdsurf, because i want to do it once in my life, but i’m scared of security dropping me haha. a girl who got pulled out during “head like a hole” apparently kicked me in the head. cuz after the show outside she grabbed me and apologized haha. that was nice.

since toledo sucks we decided to just drive home after the show and not stay over. got home at 4am and could not sleep to save my life, tho i was wicked tired. then mom came over at like 8 to see the cat tho i emailed her and told her i was home and not to come wake me up haha.

i need new boots. i’m sure hot topic will only have platforms that i don’t want, but i’m gonna go see anyway.

and THIS is the greatest video ever. trent singing billy idol. you all must click and watch. and it’s hilarious that he has the same mannerisms while performing now as he did back then LOL. oh man.

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