So. Bliss decided not to go to the Boston show, so I posted an ad on craigslist and ended up being offered side stage tickets for face value. score! so adr2 and i headed to boston around 9, in front of the line, and waited til the guy came to buy the tickets off him. ended up being joined by 2 girls from france/germany who were doing all the east coast and canada shows. we had met them at the philly and wb shows, the one girl got an entire guitar from aaron at the wb show. cool girls. it was sorta cold but not windy or rainy so that was good. got in for soundcheck again. reptile, the frail/the wretched, deep and wish again. we were walking by the speakers during reptile and holy crap it was the best thing ever. we were right up front for soundcheck this time, since there was no struggling to still get a good place in the waiting area so we could get a good place for the show. trent commented that deep “wasn’t a bad song” and that he didn’t know why we all complain about it. and he commented on the seats. the boston show was no GA, all seats even on the floor, which pissed trent the hell off. before march of the pigs he said it was an historic fucking event, because it was the last time he’d ever play a show with seats on the floor. that it was his fault for not reading the contract before he signed it, but it would be the last time he’d ever play that shit hole. during march of the pigs, as it started he told everyone to “shhh” and “calm down”, and during the “doesn’t it make you feel better” he said “i don’t feel better at all.” he broke his guitar, threw stuff. typical pissed trent haha. it was awesome. the show was cool cuz of the anger at the seats element. at one point he asked if we were having a good time, because he kept forgetting there were seats, and he thought everyone looked pissed off. he reminded us the seats were for our own safety. haha and it was funny, cuz both adr2 and i realized we must look choreographed, rocking out the same way hahah. by the end of the show we had a security guard at the end of our row, and adr2 overheard him say he was there to watch us cuz they thought we’d try to jump the rails to get back stage. hahaha.

after soundcheck we unfortunately sat in front of these really annoying girls who engaged in non stop bitching about how disappointed they were that they only got soundcheck. how if there was no meet and greet they could have done more songs at soundcheck. how they felt like they were in high school being penned up in a section of seats in the arena and not allowed to go outside. blahblahblah bitchbitchbitch ungratefulungratefulungrateful. they started a singalong which was funny for about 2 minutes. then it got old real fast. and seriously, they did not stop bitching about how disappointed they were. adr2 got so pissed that she left, and i eventually was like, hey, 13th show here and no meet and greet so shut your fucking mouth.

and oh yeah, it’s november, and it’s not even thanksgiving. do we REALLY need commercials featuring christmas music, and entire radio stations playing nothing but christmas music already?!?!?!?!

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