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the 14th show – toronto – up there with philly as the best arena show of this tour.

(and wow hey. I’m going to see them at calpoly in san luis obispo california. it’s a club show again. i figured the spiral presale tickets that went onsale yesterday would be gone by now, but nope. just got a ticket. ha i guess i have to go now. 300$ flight here I come. and the following day is u2 in buffalo.)

headed up to toronto around 8. was supposed to be 7, but somehow i didn’t get up until 7…oops. didn’t much matter, we were the 3rd group of ppl in line, there were about 7 of us total when we got there. amira met us later, and we were joined by vanessa and siobahn (sp?) the girls from france. luckily for us, we got to spend most of the day inside at the box office, before they gave us our tickets and shipped us out side for 45 min in the freezing cold. got in for soundcheck, which this time was “with teeth”!!!!, “the frail/the wretched”, “deep”, and “wish”. very cool that they’re working on getting “with teeth” back into the set. and again, really really friggen cool to see the sound check. unfortunately there was no meet and greet. kinda disappointed. oh well. sat around after, and when it was time to go on the floor got barrier between trent and aaron. not bad at all.

dfa1979 is from toronto so all their family was there for the show. same as always. i didn’t fall asleep which is good, since that’d be rude. and queens i tried to pay attention but i still hate them. the crowd was nuts. between queens and nin these 2 skin heads pushed up front, and no one besides me and adr2 apparently know how to hold our own up front. they pushed up and got to barrier as well. they were assholes, and adr2 got in a fight with one of them. finally he was like, you are one tough bitch, and asked for a truce hahahah. the show was great! approximately the same set list as it has been. the crowd was nuts. i’m only slightly injured though – thanks to the last crowd surfer during queens who got me in the head, and the way the guy behind me was holding onto the rail around me and crushing my ribs. not anywhere near as injured as the club shows. i swear that trent changed the beginning lyrics of “only” to “i’m becoming more divine as days go by” which was really hot. hahaha.

not much to review, pretty standard show, but it was fucking great. everything went well and trent didn’t get pissed off at anyone this time haha.

2545.8 miles later, the trip is done. totally fucking depressed now. i’m going to go back to bed i think. although i need a rest, i don’t want to return to my shit ass life. i should have gone to montreal for the show today. i’m not sure if adr2 decided to go or not. it would have been tough getting back for work tomorrow and not dying. i do have this cali club show now so i have that to look forward to. and after 15 shows I BETTER FUCKING GET A MEET AND GREET! or SOME special treatment. haha 🙂

getting a “halo 14” tattoo, but i don’t know what kind of font i want yet. gotta look into it.

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