nin show #24

toronto show today. kate and i headed up a bit later than anticipated, but it didn’t really matter because we had seats. we had planned to spend the day at edge 102 because of the rumor that trent was to be there at 6. justin had said he was gonna call around and see what was up, so he called me right as we were getting into toronto. if anything was to happen with trent and the radio it would be at the amph because yonge was shut down because of the gay pride parade. so instead we went right to the venue, found adrienne and bliss and hung out. it was warm but there was a breeze so it was ok. even with the sunscreen i managed to get burned. blah. i guess i didn’t put it on as good this time.

peaches was entertaining again. i could understand alot more of what she was saying this time. bauhaus was good again as well. i was going to leave during it to pee, but i was so glad i didn’t, they closed with “ziggy stardust” which was wonderful. i miss bowie. kate liked bauhaus, said she’d go see them at their own show.

so nin. great as always. i decided that “somewhat damaged” is the best opening song i’ve seen them do. it is so powerful and just smacks you in the face. set list was similar to the last one, but we got “sin” instead of something…i dunno i can’t think haha. we got “dead souls” instead of “reptile”. other than that, i think the rest was the same. at least one other person near us knew “non entity” because i could hear them singing it. trent thanked another great canadian audience, said they’d be going away for a few months to finish the new record and then they’d be back. only 2 years after with teeth?!?! a miracle!

at the end of the show kate was converted. she thought that she would like it but didn’t realize just how much she’d like it. she said trent was the sexiest thing shes seen in a long time hahaha.

took an hour to get onto the gardener, so that sucked. need to try to sleep for the trip tomorrow, and i have a massive headache. the new plan, because its all seats tomorrow and with line dramas unfolding we don’t want to sit out all day. so adrienne1 is gonna meet up with her friend in detroit for lunch, and adr2 bliss and i are gonna head to michigan central station for a few hours. hopefully we’ll get to see amira, she’s working the show but is going to try to come out and see everyone in line. i just hope we’re there when she comes out.

nin show #23 – saratoga

Yesterday was the Saratoga show. It was 95 degrees, and disgusting. Adr1, her sister Amy and i made good time getting to saratoga, but then, as per usual, couldn’t find the venue. grrrrr. got settled in and found adr2 and bliss, and waited in the shade for a few hours til things started moving. spiral people have begun to number themselves a la u2 shows. which is good and bad, because we’re driving each day, we’ll never be able to get there early. and then we can’t jump in line with adr2 and bliss cuz of the number bull. whatever. despite how hot it was, and it was still brutal, it could have been way worse. the saratoga performing arts center is in a forest, so there was lots of shade, and it wasn’t just us sitting on cement in the beating sun all day.

so until a few days ago i thought i had a seat for this show, but then it turns out had a ga pit ticket LOL. so that was nice. there were only 100-150 pit tickets so it was reaaaally small. basically just about 2 people deep and a few stragglers who hung out behind everyone. so that was cool. peaches opened…she’s….interesting. she sings the “sucking on my titties” song that was in Lost in Translation. she’s hyper sexual and adr1 said she was pat benetar on crack. hahaha. she’s entertaining. bauhaus was great. i didn’t know what to expect since i didn’t quite care for what i had downloaded of them. but live was good because it didn’t sound so punk-like. peter murphy is about as poseable as bowie. and daniel ash, totally hot. lol

i had cheated a tiny bit regarding the setlist, so i knew we were going to get a more fragile leaning show, and “non-entity.” they opened with “somewhat damaged” which was incredible. great great opener. the only new songs that got played were “the hand that feeds” “only” and “you know what you are?”. they put one of my favourite elements from the fragility dvd into this show, the trent silhouette against the flashing orange screen during “closer” i was excited haha. instead of a screen they have lcd …ladders? metal rigging with lights on it that come up and down during certain songs. pretty cool. and trent hanging on it, pretty fucking hot hahah. but it was like trent hired u2’s ex set designer…the lcd rigging, coming onto the stage and starting with the lights still on, trent wearing a military shirt (so hot)…haha. “burn” rocked as always and “reptile” just never gets old. trent plays an extended piano piece into “la mer” and i could just watch him play piano all day long. “la mer” isn’t quite whole, it goes right into “into the void” which i was really impressed by. it’s not a hugely difficult song, or anything really special. but it’s so much fun, and i just thought “this is why this is my favourite band in the world.” the song trent said he’d never play “down in it” was pretty cool as well, it’s not as sparse live as it is on the cd. OH and “non entity” of course no one except me adr2 and bliss knew it LOL. ppl started looking at us. and there’s hot tambourine action hahah. it was pretty cool. neat “graphics” on the metal things. they had started the tour doing encores but have stopped again. whatever.

Somewhat Damaged
You Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am in Hell
La Mer
Into the Void
The Big Come Down
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

there was a gathering after the show but we needed to drive back home. next show, saturday, toronto.

nin tour retrospectical

a review of the NIN tour…so far…

best show – experience wise: still torn between toronto club 1 and rochester…
best show – band/setlist wise: philly club 2 with trent pissed off and throwing shit
worst show: erie…passing out and getting pulled not my idea of a good time
best drive/travel: the drive from buffalo to DC…not sure why, but there was alot of the 3 of us hysterically laughing at things we drove by…
worst drive/travel: gah the flight from hell buffalo-dallas-los angeles-san luis obispo, the dallas delay, missing my connection in LA…trying to see the white house in DC…driving in Erie.
most interesting “new” city: cincinatti…dunno why but i was sort of impressed by it, even beyond cinci union terminal, and bad directions and signage
worst “new” city: torn between toledo and wilkes-barre…toledo is bitchin
best line experience: reno!! even tho the cabazon line was great too…
worst line experience: wilkes-barre…too damn cold and the wind!
best crowd:…hmm…cabazon of course, except for the asshole mexican and the guy who used my neck to get up off the floor.
worst crowd: toronto arena skinheads
roughest show: toronto club shows…still haven’t been as injured as that…
funniest show moment: starfuckers in cabazon…the curtain getting caught on the speaker stack in wilkes-barre and the resulting spinal tap moment…
most cracked out person: the drug addict in…philly? i forget where haha…in november…who kept punching himself in the head, and then leaned on me with his 105 degree body
most ridiculous fan: devil girl LOL
scariest moment: toronto club 1, security not being able to get a crowd surfer off me while i was completely bent over the rail, my ribs about to break and lungs to collapse…
most twilight zone moment: hearing staind’s “it’s been awhile” 3 times on the radio in ohio, and matthew wilder’s “break my stride” 2 times en route to ottawa…and there was that awful thing with bliss…and the van…*shutsup* 🙂
best tour detour: MERCER!!! LOL
best setlist addition: mr self destruct
looking forward to: a different setlist…and my columbus birthday show
biggest disappointment: nothing special at cabazon and kroc almost acoustic christmas not being acoustic
best people met: the reno crew though i’m terrible at keeping in touch, amira and rolf, Siobahn(i tried, is that right?) and Vanessa, cassie and beth, candace and ryan.

nin vegas

so nin vegas. got up and since we all had seats we didn’t bother to do the line thing. so we went to a mall for a bit, and met amira and rolf at the venetian to go to madame tussauds and molest wax figures. i kissed a zombie LOL. and tried to kill Dubya. after went to treasure island but no pirate shows til after 5 so we went back to venetian and got dinner, then off to aladdin for the show. had decent seats in the 100 level. brought my camera this time, and seems i got some good shots. thank you 400$ piece of shit camera.

setlist was the usual. got with teeth tho YAAAAY. good show of course tho. after went to paris with amira, rolf, candace, ryan and their friend somethingoranother. went BACK to aladdin to play some games and try to get a 5$ nin chip (turns out they haven’t gotten them yet grr). i was winning in 10$ black jack tho. then we all headed to MGM, got some drinks, played a bit, lost money in 3 card poker even tho i WAS winning. headed back to the apt. adr2 leaves tomorrow. dunno whats going on the rest of the time. the people from work arrived today, bob ref called me during the show but i forgot his number so we’ll hook up tomorrow prob, see what’s up. tony arrives monday night i think. bachelor party hahaha. i promised his fiancee i wouldn’t let him touch anyone hehe

1 Pilgrimage/Mr. Self Destruct
2 You know what you are
3 Terrible Lie
4 The Line begins to Blur
5 March of the Pigs
6 Something I can never have
7 Closer
8 Burn
9 Gave Up
10 Eraser
11 Right where it belongs
12 Beside you in time
13 With Teeth
14 Wish
15 Only
16 Everyday is exactly the same
17 Even Deeper
18 Suck
19 Hurt
20 The Hand that Feeds
21 Head Like a Hole

nin cabazon and arriving in vegas

in vegas. the flight was uneventful except for the fact that it turns out a few people from work were on the same one therefore i was forced to sorta socialize with them. they were people i don’t see and or talk to often. arrived fine and on time, met adr at the airport and off to her house. off to the strip for dinner, shopped at some of the casino malls for boots (no luck) and then back to the airport to get adr2. shopped and turned in to get up at 5 to head out to cabazon cali.

spiral show!

we got to morongo around 10 and got in line. it wasn’t too bad at that point, but by the end 102u870834 people cut in front of us. but no matter it was a 900 ticket show. we met 2 really cool people from utah behind us in line, candice and ryan. so we had a good time.

the show. the first half of the show was allllll old stuff. i actually thought for a while we would get all old stuff. but eventually they threw in only, you know what you are, the hand that feeds and…i think one more from with teeth. we got please for the first time i think out of all our shows. it was almost all the old songs they’ve been doing, and then the few from with teeth. it was a great show of course. trent and the guys were really happy. trent mentioned that they were playing “hit after hit after hit” LOL and that it felt like they were playing for all their good friends, and how he thinks he has the best fans in the world but that he’s never been in a shitty band that would have shitty fans LOL. he forgot the words during starfuckers and just stood there til he remembered. aarons guitar was messed up and trent told him it sounded like shit. aaron said something that i couldnt understand. trent threw the mic to the crowd to sing the “don’t you part” but since aaron wasn’t playing no one was singing and trent was like “just say don’t you a bunch of times” LOL josh was drumming the hand that feeds so completely dorky, much like bono during “love and peace or else” it was hilarious. at the end aaron got onto the speaker stack and jumped into the crowd. basically right into adr2’s arms. but we all ended up on the floor LOL. i was on top of amira, and trying to get up when some guy decided to use my neck as leverage to get up wtf. everyone was really cool, all real fans and all that. it was great.

super tired drive back to vegas after the show. on the drive we drove through the town in the middle of the desert that had the world’s tallest thermometer, and wow it was so less fabulous than it should have been. it was digital! lame. the desert is so weird, nothing around and occasionally a town with a few buildings and gas stations that are boarded up anyway. lots of joshua trees. and it turns out we were driving NO where near Joshua Tree park to find THE joshua tree. another time.

Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Frail/The Wretched
Mr Self Destruct
Dead Souls
You Know What You Are?
Gave Up
Starfuckers, INC
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

perfect little dream

Nine Inch Nails – Rochester, NY

Absolutely amazing night.

*warning* this post will be totally fangirl */warning*

amira, the adrs and i headed out to rochester pretty early, got to the arena around 9 and there were 5 people ahead of us. the weather was crap, chilly and rainy but we got to sit under an overhang, and then in a vestibule for a while. so it wasn’t too bad. we got moved outside again, but luckily enough, to another overhang. the weather got better, it stopped raining, and it actually turned into a decent, no need of coats, day. cassie and beth met up with us a bit later, and eric joined in early afternoon. the wait went by pretty fast all things considered. no soundcheck, but the venue was way more organized than the others, and we got in with no problem and all of us ended up at the rail in the center out towards aaron. amira was 1 back behind the girl and her mom (i forget their names, it’s only been 4 shows with them haha), but got to the rail when they were thrown out. the rest of us were all lined up at the rail. it was so great to look down and see all of us there.

anyway. saul williams continues to impress. it’s still so very different that i don’t think the majority of the crowd really gets it, but he is really good. cassie totally got love from him as she rocked out the whole time.

nin…ok wow. we were back to the new flesh/love is not enough/you know what you are type of setlist. got the standards plus “the day the world went away” which we hadn’t seen since…reno? maybe the club shows. piggy was moved from after the “break” to after “march of the pigs” like it used to be. and holy crap.

piggy…not a favourite song and i was not happy it seemed to replace “with teeth” after the break, but trent DOES come down every time during piggy. considering we were right in the center, he came down right to us. as soon as he got down he grabbed my hand, and he was standing right in front of me. so there i was, holding hands with trent fucking reznor the entire time he was there, my face in his stomach, my other hand up the back of his shirt LOL (his bodyguard moved my hand at one point hahah damn). i totally forgot about the entire rest of the crowd. i have no idea if i was being crushed, i have no idea if he was still singing, i had no idea what the adrs on both sides of me were doing. then he was leaning over us and his weight was totally on my head, face in the crotch LOL (and seriously i did not have dirty thoughts). when he pulled back away, adr2 starts yelling to me not to let him go LOL so we have our arms around his legs hahaha. he got down off the ledge and moved to the left of us, and suddenly me and both adrs have our arms linked, totally freaking out. it was so fucking amazing. it was just. just an incredible experience. no idea what happened the rest of the song.

so we’re gawking at trent’s hotness through the whole show, and it seemed to me, and what i could gather from the adrs, that trent was totally fucking with us. it was like “i know i’m hot, and i know they’re totally digging me, so i’m going to be as hot as ever”. talking to the others later, they all thought the same thing, he was totally playing to us. and i know that sounds so totally lame, but seriously that’s what it seemed like. later in the show he started talking about running into a friend of his earlier in the day that he hadn’t seen since the self destruct tour. they talked about how they survived that tour and how much things had changed for them. he started to mention how he had gone away for a while to fix himself and how great it was to be back on stage…and the next part we’re not sure what he really said. it totally sounded like he said it was great to be back on stage with a front row who was totally into the show. and of course, that’s what we all want it to be. but he could have said it was great to be back on stage with a full arena of people into the show. either way, it was totally sweet and somewhat unexpected (especially since the show wasn’t particularly rough, i didn’t know how into the show the rest of the crowd was).

so we rock out the whole time, and we get to “everyday is exactly the same”…time for tambourine hotness haha. typically trent had been throwing the tambourine into the audience after the spoken part where he starts to use it. but he didn’t. and adr2 and i looked at eachother. ok whatever. he finishes the song, picks up the tambourine and throws it to me. like, totally lobbed it softly right to me. holyfuckingshit! i had it right away, and we all start screaming for security to get me out. he didn’t quite get it, since there had been no struggle or any sign that any of us would want to get out. it took him a bit to get that i seriously wanted out. so i got pulled again hahah but this time for a good reason. omg. i totally skipped the entire way to the back of the arena, and danced around like a lunatic to the next song “suck”.

“hurt” was up so i went to the lobby to see if i could get a bag for my tambourine, and i ran into saul williams dj, cxkidtronic. so i talked to him really breifly because he couldn’t hear me at all haha. went back onto the floor and got a message from amy, so her and alex came and found me and we rocked out to “the hand that feeds” (which has really cool looking lighting, never noticed up front) and “head like a hole”. it was funny, cuz i had told them i was front and center before the show started. we were talking after, and alex said that when trent left the stage during “piggy” amy asked where he went, and alex replied “he’s on top of sara” and he so totally was LOL. talked to them for a bit before finding everyone else by the soundboard. it was insane everyone was so hyper and happy about the tambourine and it was so great. patrick from work found me and he was totally psyched about the show. he said he can’t believe he had waited so long to see NIN. everyone seemed to have a really good time.

new flesh/pinion
love is not enough
you know what you are
terrible lie
line begins to blue
march of the pigs
gave up
right where it belongs
beside you in time
the day the world went away
every day is exactly the same
hand that feeds
head like a hole

i was so flying after the show i couldn’t feel a thing. nothing hurt, nothing could go wrong. now…haha. no real bad injuries, my left knee is completely done, more weird bruises i think from getting pulled out because my feet got stuck so it apparently was not as elegant as erie 😛 haha. additional hip bruises, and i did get crushed over the barrier when a crowd surfer fell on me. (which reminds me we had the funniest security guard ever. reminded me and adr1 of Tony from ctrc.)

it was adr1’s first ever nin show and i knew she would completely freak at the total hotness of trent. and she did hahah i am really really glad she got to go to an arena show and see it from up front because the spiral and vegas shows are going to be so different. eric said he enjoyed it.

talking with cassie and beth after, we all agreed this was the perfect show to end this mini tour. it was the last one that we’d all be at together for a while, and to have us all up front, all recognized by trent…it was the perfect perfect ending. it couldn’t have gotten any better.

!!! i have trent reznor’s tambourine…!!!

broken bruised forgotten sore part 2

Nine Inch Nails – Erie PA

headed out around 9 for Erie/Mercer PA. and let me just say we are total dorks and phil must think adr2 and i are completely insane. so we get to mercer and cassie and beth are delayed cuz they got pulled over on the thruway. we drive around and scope the town out…if you can call it a town hahaha. we looked for a welcome to mercer sign, every town has them, but with no luck. we finally found one of those small signs that tell you you’re now in a new town. so we pulled over and me and adr2 took pictures and she put a sign on it that said “home of trent reznor.” haha we’re freaks. so we go out to the high school and what do you know, there’s a big welcome to mercer sign. so we park at the school and do the photo op with the sign and then walk behind the school to the football field where band geek trent performed in the Mercer Mustang Marching Band Machine. LOL took some pics in the bleachers and then i had the idea of going into the school. so we so totally did. now i know amira and phil thought we were insane. so we go in the main entrance and look down the halls. there is a girl waiting in the entry for something and we’re all being geeky and theres some sort of plaque for something with Thomas Reznor on it, so adr2 is like TAKE A PICTURE hahaha so the girl asks us what we were there for, and adr2 is all like, oh just looking. so i go “ok be honest, trent reznor went to high school here and he is god” lol she just looked at us and was like oh yeah. seriously, mercer is definitely middle of nowhere, where the only fun thing to do is lick grandpa’s powertools. 🙂 so we left and decided not to wait for cassy and beth and to go back to erie to get a spot in line.

not alot of people there when we got there, so it wasn’t too bad for getting there after 2. decent enough weather. no soundcheck or anything, get inside around 6 and we decide to go for center, cuz we were 2nd row. at this point i was just really annoyed with people and i was thinking i was going to leave and just watch the show from the soundboard. but when saul williams came on and i realized trent would be right there right in front of me i decided to stay.

got mr self destruct again. crazy. absolutely completely crushed. but it was fun. i realized they used “sin” to replace “you know what you are” which is a weird trade off i think. we discussed that we think sin is a weird 2nd song and it would be better somewhere else in the set. anyway…this time we got “something i can never have” instead of “the wretched”…which made “closer” seem too early in the set. whatever….we got reptile AND dead souls so that was good. “piggy” replaced “with teeth” again but trent came down in front and adr2 got to molest him finally 🙂 so she was happy. hurt is totally boring to me now. it was kinda funny, between some song trent started talking, alot…about how he’s been interviewed alot of times and people always ask him where does all this angst, and anger, and sadness and depression come from. and he said, i spent 18 years in pennsylvania what do you think! hahaha

so now with all of this stuff during the show…i wasn’t there. i remember “something i can never have” and i remember pretty lights behind trent during the song, and then i remember walking along the barrier with security. cuz at some point i passed out. but apparently i was still functioning because i asked to get out. i don’t remember any of that, i just remember being down at the other side of the stage walking and a security guard asking if i was ok. adr2 and amira said i was really elegant getting pulled out LOL like i was a queen and they were carrying me LOL so hey i look good getting pulled out. so they took me to chairs on the side of the floor and i sat there and cried through “closer”. i am so fucking pissed i had to get pulled out. because i was not getting hurt at all, smashed sure, but i have no new injuries and i was not in pain at all despite the fucking ignorant rednecks who ended up behind us (who i almost bit haha i didnt know where he had been tho so i didn’t). i was covered in other people’s sweat but i could breathe and i wasn’t overly hot or anything. i am no more injured than i was yesterday. but whatever. i passed out. done.

after staying at this side area for 4 songs i went to the back to get something to drink and turns out phil was back there. he left at some point, walked back out of the crowd. so we just stayed in the back the rest of the show. i got bored during hurt and suck so i went to buy the tour book since it wouldn’t be completely destroyed haha.

Mr. Self Destruct
Terrible Lie
The Line Begins To Blur
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Right Where It Belongs
Beside You In Time
Every Day Is Exactly the Same
Dead Souls
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

met up with everyone after and headed home. amira and i might go get tattoos tomorrow afternoon, run some errands, and then cassie and beth are coming up here for a little get together at the house with adr2 and maybe bliss and maybe adr1 depending how she’s feeling. dunno what we’ll do other than gush about the shows LOL and mercer.

i really gotta say i was so fucking excited in mercer, being all dorky and everything. we’re so lame. haha it had to be done. pics to come.

rochester thursday will be my 20th show. i think. hahaha yeah. we’re heading up really early because we want to be first in line for once LOL. not expecting a soundcheck but maybe we’ll be surprised. it’s supposed to rain. it’s gonna suck.

broken bruised forgotten sore

Nine Inch Nails – London Ontario

What is it with Canadians? Canada is supposed to be the so nice and civilized, polite, must stop for pedestrians, socialized medicine country. But go to a show there and it’s the roughest crowd ever. My god.

Adr2 and I took the quick 2 hour trip to London and met up with Amira, Cassie and Beth. Spent 7 hours in the cold, but it was pretty amusing and fun most of the time. Warmed up by sitting on the sewer haha. Anyway…1 back, in front of Aaron…Saul Williams opened. It was interesting and very different. It seemed like everyone was pretty polite. He did a good job, for what he does. It’s a combination of spoken word and hip hop. Very political, and you can tell that if he was in front of his own crowd he’d be able to totally command them. It was pretty cool.

NIN rocked as always. They opened with Pilgramage into Mr Self Destruct. holy crap haha. so so very cool. It had a very different sound than I expected and it was cool. A few set list changes…added Sin, Piggy in a very bad exchange with With Teeth blah, Suck again…That might have been it. I’ll have to look it up later. OH…added Reptile back in and I soooo missed that song. I really hope they have it in on thursday cuz Eric definitely needs to experience Reptile. I got really really tired during Hurt and almost could have fallen asleep standing there (what with 2 hours of sleep last night) but it was too amusing to watch the high schoolers profess their undying love for that song…how cliche 🙂

Great show, rough crowd. So yeah we were behind these 3 kids who must have been in high school based on their maturity level. Very obnoxious and all that. Well at some point in the pushing I ended up at the rail in front of the guy among them. So that led to this stupid girl yelling at him to punch me in the fucking face. Over and over and I’m just laughing and enjoying the show but she wouldn’t shut up. So I yelled back at her that I’d punch her in the fucking face. So the kid decided to smash me up against the rail, as if that’s gonna do anything to me at my 18th show. But I punched the girl LOL. It wasn’t hard and it was in the arm but she totally was not expecting that. And I almost got thrown out cuz of it hahah. Seriously if you’re gonna talk shit about punching someone you better expect to get the same in return. Fucking retard. They didn’t bother me the rest of the show.

The whole show was rough, very injured. bad bad bruises on my knees and hip bones, spine bruised from the guy behind me having his elbow in the middle of my back for half the show, ribs totally hurt, and legs are just…hurting. I can’t wear a belt it hurts too much so i gotta figure out something to wear tomorrow haha. Erie is not gonna be a big thing, but I gotta be comfortable with my injuries. And i’m not as bad as after the toronto club shows. I can still breathe without hurting haha.

1. Pilgrimage
2. mr self destruct
3. Sin
4. terrible lie
5. the line begins to blur
6. march of the pigs
7. the frail
8. the wretched
9. closer
10. burn
11. gave up
13. right where it belongs
14. beside you in time
15. piggy
16. wish
17. only
18. every day is exactly the same
19. Reptile
20. Suck
21. Hurt
22. The hand that feeds
23. Head like a hole

So tomorrow leaving at 830 for the drive to Erie. But we are kidnapping Phil and meeting Cassie and Beth in Mercer PA to do stupid NIN fan shit in Trent’s home town – like pose for a group picture on the high school bleachers 🙂 and the mercer town hall….and a mercer sign….etc hahahah

my laptop will not keep time…

nin tour milage…

flown milage
reno 3-05 – 4940 miles
chicago 10-05 – 560
chicago to detroit 10-05 – 305
san luis obispo 12-05 – 5576
las vegas 4-06 – 4648

driven milage
toronto 5-9 & 5-10 – 332
philadelphia 5-05 – 832
detroit to cleveland 10-05 – 169
cleveland 10-05 – 213
november roadtrip DC, NYC, Philly, WilkesBarre, Boston, Toronto – 2546
toledo 2-06 – 626
cincinatti 2-06 – 902
watertown for cancelled ottawa show 3-06 – 452
london, on 3-06 – 266
erie, pa 3-06 – 236
rochester 3-06 – 174
vegas to cabazon 3-06 – 524

for a total of: 23301

1599 miles short of one trip around the earth…with a summer tour still to come 🙂

i don’t even want to begin to think about money spent anymore hahaha.

holy psychicness batman

Nine Inch Nails – Cincinatti

so while toronto1 was my show, cinci was adr2’s show.

i think i’m a moron, because i didn’t quite realize just how far cinci was, and where exactly it was in ohio. for some reason i thought it was in like, mid ohio, not completely across the state, and on the border of kentucky. ha. i know now. the drive took about 6 and a half hours, even going 90 most of the way. and we did end up in kentucky YIKES. that’s alright. it started off pretty nice in line, but got really really cold. no soundcheck or anything, so i was freezing in my dress til they let us in at 6. that’s ok. (but i so totally love the dress)

i think adr2 and i are more teenybopper than ever LOL. the whole thing is just, omg so hot, omg so hot, tambourine so hot haha. the show was great. no songs from the fragile, which makes “closer” seem really odd, and way too early in the set. but that’s ok. adr2 got in a fight during closer haha. “with teeth” which had been infiltrating my brain to be a favourite song is most definitely a favourite song of the moment. live, it’s just so incredible (and sexy). “burn” a highlight as always. the crowd was pretty tame and the guy behind me most of the show seemed afraid to really touch me. haha so that’s ok. better than getting humped from behind.

and then we get to “head like a hole”…pretty typical, i didn’t get kicked in the head like i always seem to during this song. aaron who is a crazy bastard broke the end of his guitar off in the amp which is actually pretty normal…and threw the rest of the guitar into the crowd. so that meant like, right on top of us. and ADRIENNE FUCKING GOT THE GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!! holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha the guitar was way over my head, and i don’t really know how she got it since she was next to me, but she went for it. i turned around and didn’t see her, and i just looked at amira and said “she’s fucking got it”. massive fight for it of course, finally saw her and this kid matt who we hung out with all day, and i just knew she was gonna get it. totally awesome.

the fight ended so i went to look for her and ran into the drummer from Moving Units. he apparently recognized me and asked if i went to every show haha. talked to him for a few minutes, and he was really nice. saw adr2 with the guitar and went to her and security wouldn’t let us leave til everyone cleared out so we wouldn’t get jumped hahaha. rockin.

i didn’t remember my being all shaky and nervous til i told adr1 about it, and she reminded me that i was psychic hahahahah. so here’s hoping for more being super nervous before shows.

1. Pinion
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. You Know What You Are?
4. Terrible Lie
5. The Line Begins To Blur
6. March Of The Pigs
7. Something I Can Never Have
8. Closer
9. Burn
10. Gave Up
11. Eraser
12. Right Where It Belongs
13. Beside You In Time
14. With Teeth
15. Wish
16. Only
17. Every Day Is Exactly The Same
18. Getting Smaller
19. Dead Souls
20. Hurt
21. The Hand That Feeds
22. Head Like A Hole

aaannnddddd kate got me and adr1 our tickets for the super exclusive spiral member only 900 seat show in cali march 31st!! YAAAAY

oh yeah, and before we got to the venue we stopped at the Cincinatti Union Station, also by Felheimer and Wagner. and omg it is breathtaking. it is so beautiful, and so nicely re-developed into 3 museums and an omni max, and stores and restaurants. it’s truely incredible. and a bit depressing, because that could so totally be buffalo central terminal if only someone had some vision and money 20 years ago. very awe inspiring though. tried to find it at night on our way home but couldn’t haha.

the drive home was about 95mph and thank you to the ohio cops who had always pulled someone over already when we went by haha. moms on both sides of us warned about snow – there was about 1 mile of really bad snow outside of cleveland and that was about it. nice drive home, got back at 6:30am. and i slept for 12 hours hahaha

and oh yeah. i feel myself getting sick with the worst of it to hit on friday, so i can go to ottawa for the show 🙂