we will never die…beside you in time

hello from bellmawr new jersey. so the last few days…

tuesday left around 1 and headed for dc. it rained the entire way, which was yuck. we just missed being able to go to reptiland in PA, sadly. and there was one stretch of highway, we’re talking about 500 feet, that had the funniest signs and billboards in it. i can’t remember any of them, but believe me, they were funny.

as always, there was construction right where we needed to get off the highway to find our hotel, so we got mixed up and turned around. it’s really normal and no big thing. got the hotel, which had a really scary shower in my room – burned from cigarettes but it looked like someone was killed.

wednesday the day of the show, i got an email from the spiral about ticket pickup – that they were going to open will call early, at 130 due to the large number of spiral members going to the show. so that pretty much told us that we’d never make it into sound check there. so we decided to go around dc for the day, went to the vietnam memorial, then walked to the white house – er, tried to. all the streets around the white house are blocked off blahblahblah, but they wouldn’t let us down a normally open side walk that runs behind the white house but really really far away. couldn’t even look at it, let alone flip it off. we asked why we couldn’t go there, and one of the guards said “cuz he is.” drove to georgetown and found a whole foods for adr2 and bliss to get food. then finally headed to the show.

the show was great. 1 back from barrier, aaron’s side…again. haha. autolux is off the tour now, replaced with death from above 1979, who are from toronto. yeah, didn’t like them. would rather suffer through autolux. and queens of the stone age. forgot how anthony michael hall singer guy makes me ill. but! ear plugs work wonders, and made them tolerable.

nin was great as expected. alex learned some more songs, “you know what you are” and “the collector” were both added. set rearranged a bit, but same basic songs. these reviews are just going to be me repeating “reptile!!!! burn!!!! so great!!!!” hahaha aaron through a keyboard into the audience at the end. like the old days. i want a broken key haha.

1. Pinion
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. You Know What You Are
4. Terrible Lie
5. The Line Begins To Blur
6. March Of the Pigs
7. The Frail
8. The Wretched
9. Closer
10. Burn
11. Gave Up
12. Eraser
13. Right Where It Belongs
14. Beside You In Time
15. The Collector
16. Wish
17. Only
18. Reptile
19. Suck
20. Hurt
21. The Hand That Feeds
22. Head Like A Hole

partook in the absinthe after the show. it is…definitely a strong acquired taste. i could see how the more you drink it the easier it goes down. experimented with the amount of water and sugar til it got tolerable. haha. definitely got drunk off it, high alcohol content, but there was no halucinating or anything. it’ll be interesting to try it again.

thursday was driving to nyc day. again, we decided not to leave super early cuz, come on, it’s nyc. there’d be tons of people in line by the time we got there. so we left around noon and headed up north. checked into the hotel we booked here, changed, then headed to newark to take a train to penn station. we decided us driving in manhattan would not be too smart. newark was bad enough as it was rush hour. took forever to get down the street to penn station. anyway…

the show. i had a seat for this show, cuz my presale was messed up and GA sold out before i got one. so i was by myself. had a good seat, front of a section so no one was in front of me. i actually fell asleep during death from above, i got really tired suddenly haha. and i could sit! someone was snoring behind me during queens. nin show. great show. added “something i can never have” which was great, i didn’t think we’d see it in the arenas. emotional as always. no i didn’t cry. i still haven’t cried to that song live. so 😛 no special guests on stage, but james iha was there. they trashed the stage at the end, aaron destroying the drum kit and his guitar all at once. alessandro started tearing apart his keyboards. i didn’t notice trent destroying anything really, and jeordie was just really funny, cuz everyone else is throwing stuff, and he just gently puts his bass down haha. it was great.

1. pinion
2. love is not enough
3. you know what you are?
4. terrible lie
5. the line begins to blur
6. march of the pigs
7. something i can never have
8. the frail
9. the wretched
10. closer
11. burn
12. gave up
13. eraser
14. right where it belongs
15. beside you in time
16. the collector
17. wish
18. only
19. reptile
20. hurt
21. suck
22. the hand that feeds
23. head like a hole

driving back to the hotel, got lost. haha surprise!!

tomorrow is spending the off day in philly exploring.

good time so far. looking forward to the rest of the trip.

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