the big news of the day is that adr made the sabres telecast! and she missed it! (and so did i but i have a better excuse haha). eric called and left me a message that adrienne was just mentioned during the intermission – because she made and sent a pillow to rick jenneret, since someone stole his last week. how cool!! i want to see pics!

and the other big news, the short version, is that our season ticket account got hacked and someone stole the tickets to wednesday’s game. because the fucking RETARDS who set up the myticketreplay system on set everyone’s default passwords to their zip code. how many zip codes are in WNY? 15? trial and fucking error will get you into people’s accounts, if they never logged on to change the password (which we didn’t). spent an hour at the arena figuring out what was going on, and we’re basically at this point, getting nothing in return… no refund or anything. phill’s mom was livid and they went back down to the arena again, and were told that now they’re doing a police investigation because “it goes beyond just this”…though we looked at our account status there, and no other games were affected. i had asked if this had happened to anyone else, and at the time they said no, but maybe the discovered it had happened. or phill suspected it may have been an inside job – as in inside the sabres organization – and that they’re investigating that. either way, they know the name of the person who used the tickets, and i would imagine that the system has logs, and they should be able to trace IPs to who logged in and transferred the tickets etc. whatever. so aggravating.

2 weird dreams. one was about going to a nin show with adr and bliss. i had met them there, but they had been late and the show was supposedly already going on. we tried to find the spiral entrance and couldn’t, so we went in through a loading dock door and ended up right on the floor. and no one was inside yet, and no one cared that we were there. so we went up front, but it was this steep incline…i’m talking almost vertical. so we had to almost climb up this barrier and sit on the top of it to see anything. then people came and got in our way, and i dunno the rest.

then one about seeing u2 on tv or something, and bono had a huge tattoo on his back of like…an astrological chart, with zodiac signs and circles and stuff. and me thinking i needed to talk to kate and find out if this was new, or something i just never heard about before cuz i had never seen his back haha.

happy thanksgiving

my early thanksgiving memories all involve elementary school, with the teachers and room mothers making a thanksgiving feast for the whole class. we always learned about columbus, and then the pilgrims on the mayflower. we always made construction paper turkeys by tracing our hands and cutting out different color “fingers” to make the turkey feathers. and in the early years, for the feast we’d always dress up in costumes made out of paper bags, more construction paper, and of course lots of paste. to be fair, i guess, all the kids had to draw pieces of paper out of a hat that either read “pilgrim” or “indian” to determine what kind of costume each kid made. i always wanted to be an indian because they made fun paper bag vests and construction paper headbands with feathers. but i always always always was a boring old pilgrim. with a stupid white construction paper apron and stupid black construction paper hat. i hated being a pilgrim.

still waiting for eric’s obligatory turkey cartoon post…

in other news. phill and i had sold our hockey tickets for yesterday’s game vs toronto a week ago. i got a call today from the kid i sold them to, and apparently when he tried to go to the game they scanned as “invalid”. wtf. they took him to the accounts office and treated him like crap, and told him the tickets had already been sold on the sabres “replay” system which allows season ticket holders to resell the tickets they can’t use. basically they said there were already 2 people in the seats, and that his tickets were invalid. of course i’m sure this kid thought we screwed him. i talked to him on the phone and he told me the story and i’m just like wtf, because we’ve never used, and haven’t even signed up for, the my replay system on then it dawned on me, someone must have pulled the scanned tickets image off our ebay auction and printed themselves a pair of tickets. and in that case, what the hell is wrong with the arena ticket people that they couldn’t tell the difference between badly scanned and printed fake tickets and the real ones. i guess the bar code would still scan, but COME ON! i have to meet the kid to give him his money back, so we lose out on that $150 plus the actual cost of the tickets since we weren’t able to actually use them. we’re going to go down to the arena and be like wtf give us a refund. but if the mistake is on their end, and they have our account marked as invalid for some reason, we need to fix it since we’ve sold almost every other game too. we’ll find out tomorrow if the kid who bought the montreal game tickets gets denied. gah. i’ll be so pissed.

“If you went to bed Thursday night before the end of the Buffalo Sabres’ game against the Boston Bruins, there’s a good chance you’re about to spit your morning coffee all over this newspaper.
The Sabres won.” hahahahahahah

and in other news. i found even cheaper flights to london…we’re talking under $400!! we’re talking half what i paid last time i was in london, 10 years ago (my god that long already!) so i don’t know how adr2 and bliss can NOT go! 😛 *face* 😛

ug…why mess with a good thing. put the old sabretooth in a new jersey and be done with it. at least they didn’t change his appearance any other way. ug.

hahah sabretooth parody of mary tyler moore:

sabretooth parody of hard day’s night:

all we need is the mastercard parody that was played at the playoff games. so great! so mad i hit the wrong button and didn’t save my pic with the old sabretooth on my phone.

the slug

the new jerseys….they look black, white and yellow. bumblebee ish. and the logo is still terrible. and if that is the best from 80 logos they had to choose from, i’d hate to see the others.

so so so so terrible. the jerseys don’t match the pants. orange socks, wtf…sure the old jerseys look dated, but there were nice redesigns of the old logo on the web 3 years ago. you can’t tell me “When your old logo is such an icon, it’s hard to redo it”…he certainly had no problem redoing it. ooo he updated the page with info from this year. gah his design was so great!

and apparently along with the color change, there is a new sabretooth… GAH!!! nooooo a blue and yellow sabretooth?!!?!?! how terrible!

so the long injury riddled trip through the playoffs is over. buffalo lost the series tonight. it was a great run. thanks for all the excitement the last 2 months 🙂 needed something to do between nin tours haha

lets go buffalo!

buffalo forces game seven tomorrow at carolina. yeaaaay! i managed to weasel my way into watching alot of the game at work. i shouldn’t really say weasel, it just worked out…of course the only night i want to be in high limit, so i can watch the game, i’m not. but i ended up being an extra because they didn’t open my table, so that meant i got to assist on roulette near the bar, and watch the rest of the 1st period. after intermission, it was 9 and conveniently time for my break. so i got to watch half the 2nd on break, then back to roulette for the rest of the period. then after intermission i managed to get the job of card sorter back in high limit, so i got to watch the 3rd on the nice plasma tv. then damn overtime, back to roulette for intermission, and conveniently on break again for overtime. Yay! got to see the winning goal, and everyone going crazy in the break room. trying to find a place to go watch game 7 on thursday, that doesn’t involve me driving 11 hours to raleigh. cuz i did think about that haha.

it is so bloody hot out! gah!

no toronto today, didn’t feel like getting up, and it’s too hot. so i’ll just bum around here, and hopefully it will storm like it’s supposed to and cool things down.

oh and i have ants. lots of them. big. lots = i killed 5 yesterday. i bought ant poison trap things, but i don’t know where they are coming in from to place the traps in good spots. kitty is not doing his job of eating them. he just watches them and bats them around a bit. gross.

i had an incredible dream about getting into the richardson complex. well…it didn’t look like richardson but it was supposed to be it. but by the end of the dream we were getting caught, and getting trespassing tickets, 100$ each. hey i’d pay 100$ to get inside richardson.

don’t fuck with the dippin dots

we have found the secret to the sabres success… i need to eat a large strawberry dippin dots between the 1st and 2nd period, NEVER after the 2nd. keep up with the routine and the sabres win. WOO HOO! great game again. 2nd period was exciting, goals and hitting people and all that excitement. yaay

whew tired. so today didn’t exactly go as planned. headed up to welland to meet ian and go explore atlas. found him, and he drove around the site. gah, to die for. *drool* we head to the building that was accessible, and oh wait, there are trucks and people and work being done. crap! went back to the car, and drove around trying to find some other stuff he knew about. didn’t find anything so we ended up at his school to use the comp lab to find something. we find a hydro plant and head out there. except when we get there…it doesn’t exist anymore. crap! at this point we had no other ideas for welland, i don’t know the place at all, and he only went to school there. so i suggested we go down to toronto hydro in the falls. head back that way, i get lost and end up WAY up river and backtrack to the building. except when we get there, there are all kinds of trailers, construction equipment, pump trucks, and workers all around it. CRAP. wtf! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. now at this point, i suggest a safe bet – carbosil. we head across the border and to carbosil. and if there was work being done at carbosil i would have shot someone. but there wasn’t. just huge snails. so we get there, and oh yeah, it started raining when we were still in welland, and it was pouring when we got to carbosil. so i used amira’s sweatshirt that was in my trunk as an umbrella to walk to the building, once inside, it’s full of toxic sludge lol. so we traipse around in the sludge, i finally managed to climb up the one ladder to the crane controllers and catwalks. my hands were completely black with whatever this shit is that is everywhere in the place. very healthy. the guided missile case is still there, bigger than i remember, but it still doesn’t seem big enough to hold the missiles that i found online. anyway. washed myself off a bit in a down spout, but i still have to throw those shoes out now. i had black sludge all over my camera bag, i tried to wash it in the bathtub and now there is black shit in the bathtub. i’m going to die.

so anyway, had a good time, next time we have to pick better locations haha

then rushed my way downtown for the game. loss. it’s all good though. it wasn’t all that exciting, not just because of low scoring, i dunno it was weird. not as much energy as yesterday. back to back games, tires everyone out 🙂 sabretooth has the best commercial that they play during tv time outs…
*sabretooth brushing his tooths*…toothbrush and floss $5
*sabretooth using hair spray*…hair products $7
*sabretooth using lint brushes full of red fur*…lint brushes $115
*sabretooth walking out of his house*…a date with stanley cup…*sabretooth and the cup*…priceless
haha so cute! they played this TOTALLY lame date with the cup thing with 2 soap stars, the girl wanting to break up with stud to date the stanley cup. it was so awful. people were like, WE DONT LIKE THIS! IT’S NOT EVEN A LITTLE CLEVER!

it’s better to win the series on the road anyway 🙂

so wiped out. feel crappy from toxic sludge and denny’s food haha

“Maybe it’s time to stop referring to them as the “No-name” Buffalo Sabres.

So much for a Sabres team that was counted out since the start of the season for being too young and lacking marquee talent. Buffalo, making its first postseason appearance since 2001, is one win from eliminating the top-seeded Senators. ”

3-2 buffalo in overtime. BRING THE BROOM!