the big news of the day is that adr made the sabres telecast! and she missed it! (and so did i but i have a better excuse haha). eric called and left me a message that adrienne was just mentioned during the intermission – because she made and sent a pillow to rick jenneret, since someone stole his last week. how cool!! i want to see pics!

and the other big news, the short version, is that our season ticket account got hacked and someone stole the tickets to wednesday’s game. because the fucking RETARDS who set up the myticketreplay system on set everyone’s default passwords to their zip code. how many zip codes are in WNY? 15? trial and fucking error will get you into people’s accounts, if they never logged on to change the password (which we didn’t). spent an hour at the arena figuring out what was going on, and we’re basically at this point, getting nothing in return… no refund or anything. phill’s mom was livid and they went back down to the arena again, and were told that now they’re doing a police investigation because “it goes beyond just this”…though we looked at our account status there, and no other games were affected. i had asked if this had happened to anyone else, and at the time they said no, but maybe the discovered it had happened. or phill suspected it may have been an inside job – as in inside the sabres organization – and that they’re investigating that. either way, they know the name of the person who used the tickets, and i would imagine that the system has logs, and they should be able to trace IPs to who logged in and transferred the tickets etc. whatever. so aggravating.

2 weird dreams. one was about going to a nin show with adr and bliss. i had met them there, but they had been late and the show was supposedly already going on. we tried to find the spiral entrance and couldn’t, so we went in through a loading dock door and ended up right on the floor. and no one was inside yet, and no one cared that we were there. so we went up front, but it was this steep incline…i’m talking almost vertical. so we had to almost climb up this barrier and sit on the top of it to see anything. then people came and got in our way, and i dunno the rest.

then one about seeing u2 on tv or something, and bono had a huge tattoo on his back of like…an astrological chart, with zodiac signs and circles and stuff. and me thinking i needed to talk to kate and find out if this was new, or something i just never heard about before cuz i had never seen his back haha.

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