lets go buffalo!

buffalo forces game seven tomorrow at carolina. yeaaaay! i managed to weasel my way into watching alot of the game at work. i shouldn’t really say weasel, it just worked out…of course the only night i want to be in high limit, so i can watch the game, i’m not. but i ended up being an extra because they didn’t open my table, so that meant i got to assist on roulette near the bar, and watch the rest of the 1st period. after intermission, it was 9 and conveniently time for my break. so i got to watch half the 2nd on break, then back to roulette for the rest of the period. then after intermission i managed to get the job of card sorter back in high limit, so i got to watch the 3rd on the nice plasma tv. then damn overtime, back to roulette for intermission, and conveniently on break again for overtime. Yay! got to see the winning goal, and everyone going crazy in the break room. trying to find a place to go watch game 7 on thursday, that doesn’t involve me driving 11 hours to raleigh. cuz i did think about that haha.

it is so bloody hot out! gah!

no toronto today, didn’t feel like getting up, and it’s too hot. so i’ll just bum around here, and hopefully it will storm like it’s supposed to and cool things down.

oh and i have ants. lots of them. big. lots = i killed 5 yesterday. i bought ant poison trap things, but i don’t know where they are coming in from to place the traps in good spots. kitty is not doing his job of eating them. he just watches them and bats them around a bit. gross.

i had an incredible dream about getting into the richardson complex. well…it didn’t look like richardson but it was supposed to be it. but by the end of the dream we were getting caught, and getting trespassing tickets, 100$ each. hey i’d pay 100$ to get inside richardson.

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