whew tired. so today didn’t exactly go as planned. headed up to welland to meet ian and go explore atlas. found him, and he drove around the site. gah, to die for. *drool* we head to the building that was accessible, and oh wait, there are trucks and people and work being done. crap! went back to the car, and drove around trying to find some other stuff he knew about. didn’t find anything so we ended up at his school to use the comp lab to find something. we find a hydro plant and head out there. except when we get there…it doesn’t exist anymore. crap! at this point we had no other ideas for welland, i don’t know the place at all, and he only went to school there. so i suggested we go down to toronto hydro in the falls. head back that way, i get lost and end up WAY up river and backtrack to the building. except when we get there, there are all kinds of trailers, construction equipment, pump trucks, and workers all around it. CRAP. wtf! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. now at this point, i suggest a safe bet – carbosil. we head across the border and to carbosil. and if there was work being done at carbosil i would have shot someone. but there wasn’t. just huge snails. so we get there, and oh yeah, it started raining when we were still in welland, and it was pouring when we got to carbosil. so i used amira’s sweatshirt that was in my trunk as an umbrella to walk to the building, once inside, it’s full of toxic sludge lol. so we traipse around in the sludge, i finally managed to climb up the one ladder to the crane controllers and catwalks. my hands were completely black with whatever this shit is that is everywhere in the place. very healthy. the guided missile case is still there, bigger than i remember, but it still doesn’t seem big enough to hold the missiles that i found online. anyway. washed myself off a bit in a down spout, but i still have to throw those shoes out now. i had black sludge all over my camera bag, i tried to wash it in the bathtub and now there is black shit in the bathtub. i’m going to die.

so anyway, had a good time, next time we have to pick better locations haha

then rushed my way downtown for the game. loss. it’s all good though. it wasn’t all that exciting, not just because of low scoring, i dunno it was weird. not as much energy as yesterday. back to back games, tires everyone out 🙂 sabretooth has the best commercial that they play during tv time outs…
*sabretooth brushing his tooths*…toothbrush and floss $5
*sabretooth using hair spray*…hair products $7
*sabretooth using lint brushes full of red fur*…lint brushes $115
*sabretooth walking out of his house*…a date with stanley cup…*sabretooth and the cup*…priceless
haha so cute! they played this TOTALLY lame date with the cup thing with 2 soap stars, the girl wanting to break up with stud to date the stanley cup. it was so awful. people were like, WE DONT LIKE THIS! IT’S NOT EVEN A LITTLE CLEVER!

it’s better to win the series on the road anyway 🙂

so wiped out. feel crappy from toxic sludge and denny’s food haha

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