“The Senators outshot the Sabres 44-17 on Monday” LOL but another win for buffalo 2-1. incase anyone is keeping track ottawa has now won 3 of 13 post season games vs buffalo. HA! apparently there is a pre-game party at the arena or possibly pearl street, that my mom expressed some interest in haha. she’s all excited. i had a scare while trying to get my tickets printed at tops today. i gave the girl my 2 confirmation emails, and she comes back with 1 ticket…um WHAT? she showed me the screen, it said 1 ticket. i was like um NO, 5 tickets for 2 games, i spent 300$ i better damn well have more than 1 ticket to 1 game. she ended up calling tickets.com and it turned out she just didn’t know what she was doing. thank god.

since the 14g earrings didn’t do any stretching, i want to go to 12g already…

gregg who once told me i could be a character in a tim burton movie, today described me to a player as “poetry in motion. like a flower blooming in stop motion.” LOL

got my film, the end of rhyolite, and the rest of the pics from the sanitarium. i think the sanitarium is one of the most difficult places to photograph. so many things look so cool, and i just can’t capture it well. me in the safe did not turn out. exposure was too short. next time. i almost want to go back up there JUST to retake the photo. maybe i should just work on crawling into safes at the terminal. they’re all pretty huge though so it’s not hard.


when i feel like i have time (i still feel super rushed about something, tho i have nothing really to do) i think i’m going to redo instituionalgreen.com . i want to put more historical context with some of the locations, and possibly make it a bit nicer to look at. i wish i liked simpleviewer better, but i hate how it resizes the photos. they get all jagged and sucky. i probably will have to stay with gallery unless i can find something that is pretty and easy to update…no such thing

so there will be no game 7. sabres won 7-1 to eliminate philly. bring on round 2, ottawa. it was sorta cute, i kept feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket while at work…phone calls and not text messages. and lots of phone calls always stress me out because no one calls me, therefor it must be something bad. nope. it was my mom calling to tell me sabres scored, and it was 4-0. then she called again to tell me it was 5-0. then called me again to say it was 6-1. then again to say it was 7-1 final. so i had alot of messages from her. she was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to go to a game thursday, so i told her i’d take her to a 2nd round game. so i have to get up at 9 tomorrow to get tickets, besides the fact that kathy is coming at 9 to start the wallpaper in the kitchen.

“Ottawa dropped 1st 2 playoff series against Buffalo (1997 and 1999), winning 3 of 11 games. ” from ottawa’s website. that’s some good news. ottawa always chokes in the post season. counting on it 🙂

i bought tickets for game 7. not that i’m rooting for the sabres to lose tomorrow night, i’d really like to see them wrap this series up. but reality, they’ll probably lose, philadelphia sucks to play in blahblahblah. i invited my mom to come with me haha we’ll see how that goes. and if they win tomorrow i assume i get a refund for the tickets. i’m supposed to go exploring with dagr on thursday, i’ll just have to be done by 5 or so.

i think i had THE most obnoxious person in the world at one of my tables today. he was 10 times more obnoxious than james at his worst. that’s how bad this guy was. randomly saying domo arigoto mr roboto and complete gibberish to make it seem like he was speaking an asian language. and then just making really really strange and horrible noises for no reason. and he didn’t have tourettes. and he kept saying fabulous, so awful, and oh god just…SO OBNOXIOUS. i overpaid a 700$ black jack, and that’s not a good thing to do, cuz he’s practically yelling in my ear all this weirdness. of course i couldn’t tell him to shut up. thankfully it was the last 20 minutes i had to be at that table for, if i had to deal with him the whole night i would have snapped.

so…i don’t think hockey would be half as exciting without rick jeanerret. i can understand why people outside of buffalo don’t like hockey. they don’t have the wonderful play by play that we do. one of these days rick is going to have a heart attack when buffalo gets a penalty shot or something hahaha.

“Flyers need more offense to bounce back against Sabres” was an article title on yahoo sports today….and for some reason an 8-2 buffalo win doesn’t seem like it worked out for the flyers LOL. 8 fucking 2!! i managed to hear/watch the 1st period, so viewing the 5 goal onslaught was nice. it seems mondays are me, molino, and greg in pit 8, so it was great to go down and get the broom out for greg, and tell him it was now 5-0 hahah. it was a good night haha

exhausted from my no sleep cuz of the cup, and then the cable guy, so i neeeeeeeeeed bed. gotta go smash apart some arcade games tomorrow. i wish i was angry and everything so i could get some catharsis out of wrecking stuff but i’m pretty ok at the moment.

lord stanley part 2

k so i never got through to channel 2 but went down there after work this morning anyway. i was sorta scared they’d have a list of names or something, but it was totally informal. i ended up walking in with some families from a youth hockey team…and the coast guard showed up…and st marys…and another hockey team…and these 3 ppl and their old father. since it was ridiculous i txted phill to come down there and go to spot coffee cuz that’s where they were gonna take the cup to do the photo thing with all these people. then they separated ppl by why they were there, and i went with the 4 people cuz they had sent in an email too…ok so if i had ended up talking to jodi johnston on the phone i would have been on tv, and i could have plugged the terminal since that was part of my email suggestion. but oh well i’m SO not crying that i wasn’t on tv LOL…so we were in the studio for a few segments, and then we all went down to spot with the cup where all the other people were. met up with phill and they were doing more tv parts and pictures, and since i had no idea what was going to go on, i didn’t bring a camera. we ended up having one of the coast guard guys take a pic of us and he’s supposed to email it to me.

so yeah…i touched the cup. it was really cool looking. boston is spelled wrong on it one of the years they won. it’s neat cuz it’s obviously worn over the years, so the real early winners are kinda almost rubbed off haha. “the keeper of the cup” said that when it was brodeur (i think)’s day to have the cup he took it to the movies with his kids and they ate popcorn out of it haha. i wonder how much “the keeper” gets paid…

anyway it was pretty damn cool!


wow the sabres game was a marathon. 2 overtimes. i wish i could say i got my money’s worth out of the game but…since i didn’t pay for the ticket it doesn’t quite seem fair LOL. but yeah. defintely worth it for sure. we took phil’s bro and his friend to dave and busters before the game. for those who don’t know it, it’s a restaurant with a huge arcade and bowling alley and other nonsense. like the boston pizza on clifton hill in the falls canada. ate and headed down to the arena. last row 300 level, but wtf who cares. you can see the whole ice. and later it turns out the scratched players were sitting in a box behind us. andrew peters kept leaning over to talk to people and everyone started throwing the shirts we got when we walked in up to him to sign. taylor pyatt (hott) was up there too and peeked out a few times. so hott.

anyway. the game was great. we looked like we had it made, until tony lydman became this year’s zhitnik and took 3 penalties and cost us the lead, almost cost us a goal in OT, but we pulled it out in the 2nd OT. it was fabulous! 58 shots, we should have won the thing 15-1 as phil predicted haha. but no matter, a win is a win. we get to go to work and rub it into pit greg tomorrow, as he loves the flyers. we’re gonna bring him a broom when we sweep later this week 🙂 it was so stressful and tiring by the time the 2nd OT came around…

sometimes i wonder if other people catch the humor and appropriateness of some of the songs that the arena organ guy plays…because it’s quite funny sometimes but i have a feeling that most people miss it…

took a picture with sabretooth when we got in and it was fabulous but i forgot to hit save so i lost it..next time. and still no sabretooth stuffed animals. boo. there is a fun bus stop billboard with a photo of sabretooth as if he’s waiting for the bus hahaha. i want it.

fun fun fun. i still hadn’t heard from channel 2 so i emailed every night time, weekend days, sports casters and daybreak people about seeing the cup on monday morning. i actually got a reply from stu boyer but he didn’t know what was going on with it. gave me a few numbers to call, of people who will be in on monday but that may be too late for me. i think i might just go down monday morning and be like yeah, i’m here to see the cup. and if they have a list of people and i’m not on it, i’ll give them my phone and play the message for them from jodi johnston because i haven’t deleted it yet hahaha. I WANNA SEE THE CUP DAMNIT!

lord stanley

a few weeks ago channel 2 was asking for suggestions on where to display the stanley cup when it is in town on Monday. i had written in the suggestion of central terminal of course. well they called me today and offered me the chance to go down to channel 2 on monday at 6am to see the cup and get my picture taken with it and stuff hahaha. so i gotta call them back and say yes of course. i’ll just go down there after work. but haha how weird

it throws me off that dell is using the same song in their commercial that the buffalo sabres used this season. and speaking of sabres, playoff tickets went on sale today, but with no dates. gah. can’t buy them if i don’t know what day they’re on. this girl at work says the bar gillys has been doing big package sabres things, where you take a bus from the bar to the game, get a keg and all this stuff, and that they’re doing it for the playoffs too. so i may end up doing that. i definitely have to go to at least one playoff game tho. boo on mastercard canada for not allowing americans to try to win stanley cup tickets…

kitty doesn’t hate me as much anymore.

long live sabretooth

ahoy. sabres game woo!!! i had gotten our tickets on ebay, section 326. except when we went and picked them up they were section 118…row 8 lol. talk about seat upgrade. was worried someone would show up and be like, yeah, we gave you the wrong tickets hahah.

the game was awesome. got down 3-1 at the end of the first, but then came back with 5 unanswered goals. wooo. exciting stuff. it was nice to be at a game again. it had been way too long. it was so funny, we picked the game based on date, and not opponent, but it was the islanders – so everyone in the arena booed every time satan or zhitnik touched the puck LOL. it was hilarious. and thanks to the penalty that zhitnik took with 6 minutes left in the game, we capitalized and took the lead. so thank you zhitnik for continuing to be the dumbass that you always were when you played here.

and we have the best mascot ever! sabretooth rapells from the ceiling of the arena down to the ice at the beginning of the game now. hahaha. he’s so cute. i wanted to buy a stuffed sabretooth but they were all out. and i got dippin dots! fun stuff man. 6-3 buffalo.