so as speculated for ages, sabres traded biron to philly (yuck), and got ty conklin from columbus. i’m sad. i love marty. 10 minutes left til trade deadline and that’s the only move so far. they’ve got biron’s salary to work with now, i’d expect some more moves.*update* and we pick up Zubris and Timo Helbling from the Capitals for Novotny. and Mikko Lehtonen from Nashville.

and also as i expected for ages now…i’m getting sick. my throat feels weird, and i’ve just been waiting for me to get sick right before the trip. all month i hoped i’d get it over with before i leave, but of course not. i hope maybe this weird feeling will go away and i’ll be fine, but i still expect to get sick at some point in the next 3 weeks. my luck.

which reminds me delta called this morning and left me a message that my flight plan has changed and to call them back…arg. better not be something major. alex, did they call you too?

didn’t sleep well, had nightmares about year zero LOL. that there is a movie accompanying the album, and at one point everything is normal, it’s like people in suburbia, normal lives, then suddenly everything explodes…really loud noises, like the warning page on but louder and more horrible. and in the dream i freak out and turn it off cuz it was horrifying and i was so scared by it. i tried to rewind and watch it again, but same thing, the explosion is so scary i can’t watch it. then my parents come over and we try to watch it again, and i get through it because it wasn’t that scary after all LOL.

“go after peters, don’t go after our fucking captain” – lindy ruff

good god. the buffalo ottawa game tonight was THE best game i have ever been to. dear lord what a ridiculous game. if you don’t know anything about hockey, or don’t care, you can skip this post….

absolutely ridiculous. it was my last regular season game, and i really was expecting the usual boring game vs ottawa. after the 1st period it looked like it. we get into the 2nd, and vanek scores 2 goals. then suddenly, drury is on the ice bleeding, alot. stafford went after neil who apparently had done the damage. and the drury thing was so so scary because he’s on the ice bleeding, tried to get up, and fell over. so scary. he walked off the ice, so, phew. next face off, lindy sent out all the goons, peters, mair and a new guy brought up to fill in for whoever last got hurt. puck drops and peters goes after someone, head locks him to the ice. so everyone’s going nuts and suddenly everyone on the ice is fighting. then we notice biron and emery going toward eachother. goalie fight!! it was absolutely ridiculous. so biron is getting beat, they’re finally separated and peters goes after emery and kicks his ass. dear lord. what seemed like hours later, the officials get everything settled, peters gets ejected, which was expected. then they ejected biron AND emery! LOL when play finally resumed miller and gerber were in the nets, peters and mair had instigating penalties (so a 5 on 3), and buffalo had 8 players on the bench – most of them from rochester! ridiculous is the only word i can use to describe it. the crowd was nuts, everyone was on their feet yelling for a good 10 minutes. my voice is shot, my hands hurt so bad from clapping. just unbelievable. ottawa managed to tie it at 5, we go to overtime, and then to a shootout that went to 4 shooters. this game had everything! finally got to see a shoot out, it was awesome. best. game. ever. so exciting. 110 minutes in penalties.

so after game interviews – biron was hilarious, as always, talking and talking. when asked how he thought he did he said, i held on for dear life, and didn’t get hit in the face. hahahahahahah emery’s interview was pretty good i thought, he didn’t talk trash about the whole thing, like ottawa’s coach did, he was honest. he said it’s a part of hockey, to stick up for your players, and how ottawa’s coach has probably done the same thing as lindy in the past, and how it’s healthy for the game. i thought it was pretty good. ottawa’s coach thinks buffalo deserves suspensions, and lindy said he was proud of his team and how they responded.

the guys who sit next to us called people during the whole thing to find out about drury and the fight. he found out that apparently lindy ruff was yelling to the ottawa bench “if you’re gonna fucking take out my captain i’m going to fucking kill you” LOL

all phill and i could say was, dear lord if this was against toronto half of the audience would have been ejected too. luckily there didn’t seem to be many ottawa fans in the crowd, so we didn’t see any fan fights, but we really weren’t paying attention to the fans hehe

but we have yet another injured player. that brings the total up to 7 injuries in the last 6 games. again, ridiculous.

so anyone looking to see this, it was #1 on sportscenter, and i’ll be searching youtube for it (nothing yet). i want to hear jenneret’s call hahah (it was just on the radio, so fabulous!). oh you can watch highlights on, emery is smiling and laughing through the whole fight. in his interview he did say he thought it was fun.

and we play ottawa again on saturday…..

watching an episode of Growing Pains, and it features Brad Pitt as a rockstar. The premise is the young son really loves this rock star, gets to meet him and gets an autograph, but then later accidentally walks in on Brad making out with a groupie and not his wife, and the kid’s image of him is all down the drain. that’s one of the reasons i don’t want to meet trent. (i forgot i had written this last night haha)

one of the senators arguing crap about the iraq war and the new non binding resolutions compared support, or lack of, to what would have happened at the alamo if congress had called davy crocket and told him that the govt supported him but wouldn’t send any troops…wait a sec. wasn’t the alamo a total loss? *wiki* “ended on Sunday, March 6 with the capture of the mission and the death of nearly all the Texian defenders” right. thought so.

hockey game tonight. win in overtime. though not without 2 more injuries – max broke his wrist, and novotny spraining his ankle. i had this giant guy sitting next to me. he wasn’t enormously fat, but just…large. really tall, with huge legs that he insisted on spreading apart as much as possible. ok i’m a small person, i take up about half the room as normal people, but that does not mean you can spread all your shit out all over me. at times when i stood up, my seat didn’t flip up because his huge leg was half on it and holding it down. ug. so obnoxious. if he stood up, his ass was right in my face, so i’d stand up too. then his elbow was face level and i thought he was going to take an eye out. arg. thankfully he doesn’t have those seats as seasons so i won’t have to deal with that again.

so…i’m gonna be honest. i’m working myself into an eating disorder sort of. before anyone clicks “comment” and tells me i’m not fat, I know that!!!!!!! LOL i’m not fat in any sense of the word. but even if no one believes me, i did gain 20 lbs last year, and when you think about it, 20lbs of beef is alot of flesh. i don’t care if you can’t tell, *i* can tell, i can feel it in my legs and stomach. and i can tell because clothes i bought in the summer don’t fit – including my 2 awesome dresses. there’s no hope the fishnet dress will fit now, it barely fit in april haha. shirts that used to fit now cut off the circulation to my arms. and i think, i need to lose these 20 lbs so i can fit into my clothes again. alright, so i’ll eat better, more protein, less carbs. except i’m a carb addict. do they have rehab for that? that’s all i want to eat. all i want right now is a huge bowl of mashed potatos. so then i think, alright if i want to eat the crappy food that i eat, i need to start exercising. but then that lasts a day. it’s too hard. i can see why some are attracted to anorexia – it’s so much easier!!!! but then there’s the other problem…i can’t not eat. it makes me sick. it gives me wicked headaches, and i just get so hungry i have to eat. so scratch that. and i can’t make myself throw up, so there goes bulemia. so i’m stuck eating crappy carb loaded food, not exercising, and gaining 20 lbs. so don’t comment that i’m not fat because i know that i’m not, and don’t comment that eating disorders are dangerous, because i don’t have one. i am just obsessing over the fact that my clothes don’t fit anymore. i figure with the activity of the vacation and travel times being weird etc i’ll lose some weight over seas. maybe when i get back i’ll actually try the exercising thing haha. actually. would anyone be interesting in rock climbing at the rock gym with me? it’s been…god 12 years since i’ve done it, but it was fun, and probably good exercise.

“i see you’re drinking 2%, is that cuz you think you’re fat?” hahahahha

saw the cutest bathing suit at zumiez yesterday, if i 1. had boobs 2. ever went swimming or 3. even ever went outside when it was warm. hahah.

i finished Wicked last week. i enjoyed it. it was very very different from what i expected, very politcal and shows a side of oz that is completely different from what you see in The Wizard of Oz movie. if you read it, pay attention to characters, they keep popping up. in discussing this with molino we feel confused about it – there are alot of loose ends and things that aren’t explained to my satisfaction. i suggest it though. and it probably helps if you want to see the musical.

i finished A Death in Belmont today. it’s a true crime book about the Boston Strangler. but it doesn’t just go through the killings, the author who also wrote A Perfect Storm, tells the true story of his family’s brush with the Strangler – he worked construction on their house during the same time period. Very interesting, very quick read. i also recommend it. especially if you like serial killers like me haha.

now i am going to start another serial killer book cuz i’m a freak – Green River Running Red – about the Green River killer. hehe excited! now if only someone would buy the zodiac books i want, or offer them on bookmooch i’d be all set. i’ve wanted these books for years now.

apparently adr was on tv during the sabres game again. while she was home she left a pillow for jim lorentz at the arena, and they talked about it tonight. of course, i didn’t see it again, hopefully someone gets it on youtube. she’s uber famous now hehe.

i finished reading Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. it got more interesting when there was a sort of plot – like when Kesey was on the lam in mexico. and in the end i think yeah, it’d be pretty great to have lived then and experienced that whole era. i probably would have been a hippie… or prankster wannabe or an acid head. but i don’t identify with it at all and i don’t understand why the book was ever banned.

now onto the book about the Freemasons. though it may have made more sense to start the book on the 60s Fiction of the Past.

lj had a spotlight on the 50booksayear community, whatever it really is called, and i’d like to try that. only with the way i read, typically before bed, i’ll never get through 50.



headline in Petersburg, Virginia, Progress-Index

sabres game #2 tonight. win again, 4-1 (stupid carolina goal in the last 2 minutes ruined the shutout). but we had a penalty shot, that we made, with 42 seconds left. hahah. nice! and max fought! wtf! i hope it’s in the highlights on yahoo later. or youtube. i decided if i get a new jersey i’m getting afinogenov. and i have the same fav ice cream flavor as derek roy. hahahahah

my closure dvds actually burned correctly!! woo! go me.

sadly, i had forgotten anne rice found god, and was writing a book about jesus, as told from his point of view.

so the whole story about the resolution of the stolen tickets thing. phil and his mom went to the arena and were taken into someones office to talk to someone higher up, who was much much nicer about the whole thing. apparently the sabres legal team didn’t want to give us anything, but whoever this guy was, said, we’re season ticket holders, and whatever, and gave us the 42 sabres bucks. apparently they were able to find out who stole the tickets, and apparently they’ve had lots of problems with him, and he is now banned from HSBC arena. his season tickets were taken away, he’s lost all privileges and is banned. that alone makes me feel better about the whole situation.

1. nicole ritchie is so fucking ugly.
2. i’m totally in love with brangelina
3. i can’t wait for a W memoir to see if he will ever admit that he was wrong

and oh yeah. phil went back to the arena with his mom, and they have now given us 42 “sabres dollars” to use at the arena…well i guess i can’t complain, but no i really can. i feel like sending the letter i wrote anyway, because they really treated us like shit.

something keeps beeping…if i’m dead, it’s from carbon monoxide

finally, phil and i got to go to our first buffalo sabres game tonight, vs florida. only took half a season for us to make it haha. we spent a half an hour yelling with the account services people about our tickets to the toronto game being stolen before thanksgiving, before i stormed out of the office. really. so tired of the bullshit. the simple fact that you gave us a default password of our zipcode makes you liable. negligence is the word i believe. everyone i’ve talked to about the situation says we can take them to small claims court. seems like a whole lot of trouble for forty two fucking dollars! but now it’s the principle of the thing. you don’t create an unsafe web application and then claim that you’re not responsible when things go wrong. having never logged onto our account, i don’t know, but it’s possible that phil’s credit card information is listed in it – the person who stole our tickets could have easily stolen his credit card if so. it’s absolutely ridiculous. phil laughed later on that i got so pissed off. i was seriously livid and on the verge of a stroke. i said it is damn good the sabres won the game or i would have been even more pissed off. for future use i wrote a nice 2 page letter calmly explaining the whole situation, the reasons we think the sabres are responsible for the theft of our tickets, and what we would like from them – forty two fucking dollars. not too much to ask for i don’t think!

anyway. as it happens, mark from the CTRC board was sitting 3 seats away from us. small world. and from him, i got the story about my true vintage jersey…#7 john tucker. one of those players who they called up from rochester, scored in every game, but was sent back only to go on to later success until he ruined his career with cocaine. ha!

overall the game wasn’t terribly exciting, we played like absolute shite on the power play (it looked like our 5 years ago power play), had only 16 shots but managed to win 2-1 without going into overtime. it was still fun once the 1st period ended and we weren’t as pissed off anymore. and i finally was able to get a stuffed sabretooth!! and for free, because we forgot about the “sabres bucks” that came with our season ticket account. haha. next game in 2 weeks. vs…carolina. should be a good one.