i know i’m a bit late on this one, but guitar hero looks like fun. it makes me want to buy a wii.

i love george michael. i’d love to see him live.

i also love transfats. they made food taste so much better than how it tastes now that everyones banning them and switching oils.

david bowie’s 1976 mug shot. that’s pretty fucking hot. such a classy guy 🙂

autograph day yesterday was pretty successful, getting 18 signatures. 7 left i think (barring no more rochester call ups). then onto the 2nd poster. it was a bit cold, i definitely need to remember a hat next time, seeing as i have no hair. i got marker on adam mair, i hit someone’s car mirror (not hard just bumped it) but they said it was ok (i forget who it was, but they spoke english, weber maybe), phill dropped his marker on paetsh’s (maybe) clothes LOL. we were a mess. the mirror i hit, jenn told him i was a clutz and having a bad day. thanks jenn haha

filling this afternoon. gah novocaine. hate. gah my jaw is now killing me. left side pops out of joint when i open my mouth, and that was the side of the filling. all that pushing on it made it worse, huuurrrts.

tomorrow is jonathan davis at turning stone. excited.

one time on family feud i want to see the family go “bad answer, that sucks” when someone gives something totally preposterous. ha


wow i did nothing on my days off. not kidding. half the time i felt sick and/or very itchy. too lazy to leave the house and do anything. halloween was spent home alone. boring boring boring.

friday brought the 2nd sabres game of the season. another loss. i dunno, the dippin dots aren’t working. may have to end the tradition. so yeah. the game sucked. no one numbered 44 should be allowed to play on the team. i swear sekera is channeling zhitnik. gah. bad bad bad. waited out back with phill and his brother to meet lindy ruff and james patrick. they weren’t in the best of moods, but signed for us. and i must say james patrick is a very attractive guy haha. it was freaking freezing out tho, and i wasn’t entirely prepared for waiting out but oh well. phill’s bro got mike robataille to sign his jersey too, and he was actually pretty nice, took a pic with him and stuff. we are going after practice next thurs afternoon for more, you can pretty much get the entire team at once after practice, and we have a project haha.

work tonight, 9 hours because of daylight savings time. not fun. i still feel mostly like crap. i hope i’m at a sit down table today.

hockey music

an amusing feature on this year is Game Playlists…they offer you to buy through itunes the songs that are played at the arena during the game, including songs that were picked by a certain player each game. it’s interesting to see what the various players like (they have sucky taste for the most part haha) and choose to be played. so far the best playlist has been ryan miller’s. nirvana, incubus, social distortion, the verve which he picked, then the other game songs were audioslave, soundgarden and finger eleven…not their usual fodder.

and speaking of games. i may have to work halloween now, if work didn’t give me off friday for the game…no big deal, it doesn’t appear that i’ll be doing anything on halloween anyway sadly.

kate is sick so can’t go to tori amos tonight. that means i don’t have to go now hah. sorry to her fans, but i’m excited about not going. 🙂 i also got my phone today so now i get to play with it, and watch the game. woo.


phill and i are retarded. we made a big deal about how there was only one thursday home game this season. well it was tonight. and we sold the game hahahaha. and it’s 3-0 buffalo after 1. here’s the blowout we’ve been missing. arg. *edit* 5-0 after 2 *grumble* *3 power play goals and one short handed. god we are so stupid* *6-0 final*

and i got an email about a Maple Leafs open practice pre sale. you have to BUY tickets to a practice in toronto?!?!?!?!?!?!



busy week. david visited during “my weekend”. some bct, some movies (3:10 to yuma, and poltergeist), not enough/any aud. met up with joe to trade tickets/money, then the sabres home opener.

first home opener i’ve been to. it was exciting to be there (their new touching video montage includes a shot of central terminal, i was excited ha), cool to see the Presidents Trophy, and the 2 new banners unveiled from the rafters. i wish we would have won, but it’s a long season. there were 1 and a half good periods, and then the rest was pretty crappy. the new high def jumbo tron is awesome!! you can actually see the replays now hahaha.

oh absinthe is legal in the US now. just fyi. get your (gross) drink on.



Phill and I went through our sabres season tickets, took the ones we’re using, and here are the rest if anyone is interested (adrienne ha)

We’re probably gonna put them all on ebay in a store, so if you’re going to buy from us just pay us, and don’t use ebay – we can avoid all the fees and stuff.

phill is mad cuz we finally got the picture tickets (didn’t last year because we bought them late), and instead of action shots or photos of players, every game features a different picture of a fan. hah i think they’re cool, i’m just glad i’m not in any – he threatened to send the photo of me and sabretooth to them to use.

ice bowl

it is a real shame arrested development was cancelled. how can people NOT like this show? it’s so freaking absurd it’s fantastic. uncle jack…hahahahah

those needing tickets to the ice bowl…42,000 sold and there are 32,000 still reserved for sabres season holders. and word on the street is they’re gonna release more in a few days. i didn’t realize it at the time, but there was no cap on # of seats you could buy. murph bought 20 LOL. and i guess another secret to the sale was using the penguins/blue jays (why bluejays, not maple leafs?) special sale password – which for the penguins password, was crosby – real original and hard to guess. there were still tickets reserved for penguins/bluejays fans way after the available public tickets sold out. a bunch of people at work got them that way by guessing “crosby” or finding the other password on forums. i think phill sent in to buy more tickets through our seasons, and i’m pretty sure we’ll be selling once we figure all this stuff out.

ice bowl tix

apparently i had the easiest ticket buying experience ever in getting the ice bowl tickets. got 3 in section 312 right away, was back in bed at 10:01. i was pretty shocked at the ease, and figured there must not have been that much interest afterall. but jenn didn’t end up with any tickets, eric got 2 separate ones, etc. looking now, it is sold out (buffalo news says it sold out in an hour, or possibly in minutes), and there are already ticketexchange auctions on for seats in the ends of the 300 section (2 seats for 300$)


over the last few weeks i’ve been having loads of dreams about nin shows. last night it was nin was playing at my casino. except no one knew about it. i didn’t find out til tickets were already onsale and i freaked. somehow, i guess since no one knew about it, i was able to get tickets to both shows – cuz yes they are so popular in niagara falls, they were playing 2 shows. then i realized i’d need permission to be onsite and typically we’re not allowed to attend any shows. i decided just to ask for the days off and not tell them i was going to the concerts. then there was all this stuff about trying to get ready for the show with this girl i knew on lj and from an orgy show in 99. and then the show was in an airport and we had to go through airport security to get to the show, and they kept giving me a hard time and blahblahblah it was stressful.

the icebowl tickets for season holders is so confusing. we have tickets reserved for us, but no one knows where they’ll actually be. so they could be total crap in the end zone or something. so we could refuse those tickets, get refunds, and just get our own at the public sale, but then what if we don’t get any? and no one knows about bills season holders, and if the tickets they get will be in their football season seats – which will suck because they obviously will have all the good seats. so in the end we’re keeping our 2 allowed tickets. i’m trying to get 3 at public sale. i can’t remember if phill is trying to get more too. and we’ll use whichever are better, sell the others. there was some other complicated stuff with phills brother and friend that i didn’t understand. all i know is i have to be up in 5 hours to try to get tix. it seems tho that we’re looking at 74k attendance for the game. it’s gonna be so great. i asked for the day off since my vacation time will re-up by then but it’s too soon. i need the damn day off. i’ve never tailgated before, i must!!

we’re also figuring out which games we’re keeping this season, and prices for the rest. so will have a list soon for anyone who wants to buy games off of us.

oh yeah, what the fuck is wrong with OJ Simpson? seriously. you get away with a double murder, and continue to be a jackass and now get arrested for armed robbery. he really lost his mind at some point.