I love our new guy Steve Bernier. because he is just so freaking excited to be in buffalo. all his interviews so far he’s been giddy. i think that’s a good thing cuz it’ll make him play better than if he was depressed about the trade. and he had a huge game wednesday but still recognized that it was just 1 game, and there are many more to go. so i’ll keep him.

and wth, the store is selling special nhl st patricks day merchandise….green apparel with team logos, and hockey playing leprechauns, and such on it. ?!?!?


dream: someone gave me brian campbell’s phone number. so i thought i’d ring him up and see how he was doing about the trade, and thank him and wish him luck. so i did, and i was expecting just this quick little phone call but he just kept coming up with things to talk about. apparently we weren’t strangers, he knew me from the terminal or something. i could only understand half of what he was saying, he was mumbling. he said something about hanging out with someone i worked with, and i was like, how does he know where i work?

also…michael jackson has defaulted on the neverland ranch, and if he doesn’t pay 24mil or something it’s gonna be auctioned. i dreamed that i went down to sneak on property to see it, and was seriously considering buying it at auction. but then in the auction notes it said you get all the animals too, and i thought, what the hell am i gonna do with all the animals, i can’t run a zoo. haha then i tried to figure out some way for mj fans of the world to pitch in money to buy it and turn it into a mj museum.


god bless “stumble”

“A woman called to make reservations, “I want to go from Chicago to Hippopotamus, New York” The agent was at a loss for words. Finally, the agent: “Are you sure that’s the name of the town?” “Yes, what flights do you have?” replied the customer. After some searching, the agent came back with, “I’m sorry, ma’am, I’ve looked up every airport code in the country and can’t find a Hippopotamus anywhere.” The customer retorted, “Oh don’t be silly. Everyone knows where it is. Check your map!” The agent scoured a map of the state of New York and finally offered, “You don’t mean Buffalo, do you?” “That’s it! I knew it was a big animal!” ” hahahahahahahahhahah

sabres shipped campbell to san jose. and that was it. i can’t believe they didn’t make any more moves. and they got a forward in exchange! we’ve got plenty of those!! if they call up sekera as a 7th defenseman i’ll be so pissed off.

” “I’ve loved every minute of it,” Campbell said. “I hope they’ve enjoyed watching me play. Don’t boo me when I come back. C’mon, that’s all. Don’t boo me.” ”



entertainment tonight/the insider is doing a helicopter flyover of michael jackson’s neverland ranch, 3 years after he moved out. urbex paradise hahahahah

hockey tonight, vs toronto. we had leaf fans next to us. good thing they were shut out, because i hate dealing with leaf fans haha. and given that 25% of the arena is leaf fans for toronto games, it gets pretty loud. the game was actually pretty boring, but we realized tonight that there are 2 women who share seasons behind us, who are the most annoying people on earth. they insist on “calling” the entire game (but not always correctly), and calling all the players by their nicknames like “Soupy” and “Roysie”…and they are so loud. like shrieking, loud. they have a new nickname for a player… Hector. o.m.g. she drove me nuts calling Hecht, Hector. it doesn’t even make sense!!! we bonded with the leafs fans next to us over these annoying women, because they kept complaining that they were so loud. phill referred to them as Fran Dresher, and the leafs kids called them Roseanne. haha then they started squaking at the women LOL. so every time the women shrieked or called Hecht Hector they’d get squaked at, and I’d go HIS NAME IS NOT HECTOR! i seriously had a headache just from these women. thankfully we don’t seem to go to the same games as they do, i think this is only the 2nd time we’ve noticed annoying nicknames being shrieked throughout the game. but yay. still in 8th.

and it turns out…whoever we sold our tickets to for last sunday’s Zednik injury game…brought their knitting with them and knitted through the whole game. wtf LOL the guys with the tickets next to us actually took a picture of the knitter cuz they were just so flabbergasted hahahah.


there was another throat cutting by skate at a buffalo game tonight…richard zednik had his neck cut by his teammates skate in the 3rd period. scary scary shit. of course it’s on youtube. (it happening) and (on air after) crazy. he is apparently ok, was stabilized and taken to a hospital, had surgery, and is “resting comfortably”. thank god.

With minds still occupied by teammate Richard Zednik’s gruesome neck injury, the Florida Panthers returned to practice Tuesday seeking to regain a needed sense of normalcy.

Zednik remained hospitalized 1,350 miles away in Buffalo, where his condition was upgraded to good on Tuesday and doctors planned to take him out of an intensive-care unit.

Zednik isn’t believed to have suffered any long-term brain or nerve damage, and one surgeon described him as “very lucky.”

“It’s a sign of how good medicine can be and how good medical people can be,” Panthers coach Jacques Martin said Tuesday as the team skated for the first time since the accident, which became the NHL’s dominant topic.

Zednik was critically injured Sunday night in the third period of the game at Buffalo. Teammate Olli Jokinen was upended and his razor-sharp skate blade pierced Zednik’s neck, opening a deep gash that stopped just shy of the 32-year-old’s jugular vein.

A significant amount of blood immediately began pouring from the 1 1/2 -inch wound, leaving a wide, ghastly red trail on the ice as Zednik skated to the Panthers’ bench, desperate for help. His carotid artery — which pumps blood to the brain — was cut, and emergency surgery that night at Buffalo General Hospital probably saved his life.

“It’s hard to say what would have happened under other circumstances, but clearly, the care he got initially by the staff at the arena, I think, saved his life,” said Robert McCormack, the hospital’s clinical chief of emergency medicine.

The Panthers agreed.

“Shows how tough the guy is,” Jokinen said. “He was able to skate to the bench, with the cut in his throat, losing blood like that. It was pretty amazing, you know?”

Zednik never lost consciousness. He actually complained that Sabres’ orthopedic surgeon Dr. Les Bisson was applying too much pressure to his neck in an effort to stop the bleeding.

“We have to set it aside now and play hockey,” said Florida defenseman Jassen Cullimore, who helped Zednik off the ice. “That’s what we do.”

By the time he reached the hospital, Zednik needed five units (roughly five pints) of blood, a figure that suggests one-third of the blood in his body gushed from the wound before bleeding could be controlled.

And by all accounts, his recovery was going as well as could be expected.

Shortly after Dr. Sonya Noor checked in on Zednik one day after stitching him back together, the Panthers’ forward already had a question.

“He actually asked me when he could go back to training?” the vascular surgeon said with a smile. “And I said, ‘Next season.”‘

But that’s a far better prognosis than the one many feared a day earlier, when Zednik raced off the ice.

“He looks very good. He’s alert, awake, oriented. He remembers what happened last night. … He’s right on target,” said Noor, who performed the one-hour surgery. “He’s with his wife upstairs. They’re talking, and we’re just very, very happy. We were all lucky last night, not just Richard.”

Zednik, who was cooperative and never lost consciousness on his way to surgery, had several things going for him.

Doctors were astonished the skate blade did not hit any other arteries or veins, including the jugular, or cause any major nerve damage. It also helped that the artery was not entirely severed — “It was hanging by a thread,” Noor said. That lessened the time it took for the carotid to be clamped as it was reattached, and decreased the chances of brain damage.

“Luck,” was a factor, according to Noor. “He might have some hoarseness and that’s about it at this point.”

Zednik could be discharged from the hospital by this weekend.


took my dad to the sabres game tonight, vs nj. it was stressful. first the weather was pretty terrible, icy, so he drove. my usual parking lot next to the aud was closed…which was depressing because i don’t know if it was closed because the attendant didn’t feel like being out in the ice, or cuz of demolition. so we had to park the next lot over, walk/run in the ice blahblahblah. suck. then the game, lost a 2-0 lead, went to overtime, then shoot out which i figured was another guaranteed loss. stafford was our first shooter, scores. yay we got at least one. our 2nd shooter…tallinder?!?!?!?!?! wtf!?!?!?! then he comes out with a sweet move and scores and we win (miller stopped both nj shooters). awesome! hahahah.

i had noticed alot of NT varsity jackets when i was walking around looking for my dad. turns out there was a TNT hockey team shootout during 2nd intermission (NT won haha). that explains it.

ice bowl

so months ago when i said i had found adrienne the perfect christmas gift, i was talking about the Ice Bowl poster produced by Poster Art on elmwood. I’d post a picture except I’m lazy, and the NHL ended up shutting him down (despite the fact that he copyrighted “ice bowl” and did not reference the NHL or either team) so he doesn’t have the image on his website anymore. ANYWAY…i bought one for myself, one for adr, and one for phill. and it was these posters that phill and i were getting signed by the team. phill’s mom had gone and bought a few more, which he was getting signed as well because each time we went, we’d get the same players stopping, so he kept getting new things signed. he put one that had about 15 signatures on ebay and it sold for $711. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m still keeping mine. i don’t need the money hahahah.

also…the NHL dropped the ball on creating snow globes with the logo that they created to announce the outdoor game. a local artist had a bunch made with profits to go to charity. so my mom went and bought 2….but never looked at them. and they are hideous. it’s just one of those crappy make it yourself snowglobes where you insert a photo inside, with a hand drawn aerial photo of the stadium. it is complete crap. and they were $20. she can’t take them back either. so i’m going to try to put one on ebay and hopefully some idiot buys them. i so don’t want them. i’m still trying to figure out a way to make my own, with hockey players inside.

and we lost, again. in a shootout, again. we are in big big trouble.

and i went to shoot Sailing To Rome again, and i think it went better this time, since i shot in jpg not raw 😛

the nhl winter classic

or as the rest of the world called it, the ice bowl.

what a great experience. where to start. it wasn’t all that cold, but i was very very prepared with 2 shirts, fleece, jersey, jacket, and a 2nd jersey lol, astronaut boots, 2 pairs of socks and pants, scarf, hat, gloves, etc. thankfully it wasn’t very windy either, which was what i was dreading the most about the outdoor game. we had seats very very high up, but not the top!!! everyone was pretty pessimistic about whether or not 300 level seats would be able to even see the puck, but it was fine. the view was no problem at all. somehow we had A LOT of pittsburgh fans around us, but that’s ok. they weren’t really jerks, and only the people behind us were jerks to them (but apologized at the end when pens won).

the coolest thing was walking into the seats and seeing the rink in the middle of the football field. totally awesome. i was surprised that it wasn’t as loud as i was expecting it to be. given how loud the arena with 17k people can get, especially during the playoffs, i was expecting 74k to be 5 times louder. it really wasn’t, and at times it actually was pretty quiet. maybe it was being outdoors and the acoustics and space. it was still a really great experience, very cool feeling of community (and if we actually had buffalo fans around us it would have been even better hahah). it’s strange that the only times i really experience that community feeling is at sabres games.

it snowed a good part of the game. it started snowing pretty hard right at face off, and the first 10 minutes of the 1st period (including the only pens goal 21 sec in) was pretty funny. so much snow on the ice, the puck would just stop – no icing in this period – and every time a player shot the puck they’d shoot up bladefulls of snow too. they brought the zambonis out around the 10 minute point of each period to clear the ice again. the snow came and went, and didn’t seem to pose as much of a problem the rest of the game.

i really didn’t get cold until the 2nd half of the 3rd period. my gloves were wet from snow by then, hands started getting cold, etc. the game was tied at this point, and i was praying for sabres to score so we wouldn’t get an over time and we could leave and get warm. but no. overtime. pens had no shots in over time, but we still couldn’t score. onto the shootout. while we have miller in goal and he does great at shootouts, we were also up against freaking sidney crosby as a shooter…and yeah, the pens won in the shootout. no big deal. it was a fantastic game and the whole experience was great.

no snowglobes. wtf nhl, you guys are retarded for not making any.



i’m all in a hockey mood since the home and home sweep of the flyers this weekend (thank god). hecht is turning into our clutch go to guy. tho he may not have gotten credit for the tying goal with 7 seconds left last night, it’s all him.


it’s 60 degrees out. and while i’d like to not freeze to death at the ice bowl next week, please don’t let it be 60!



toni lydman’s game time playlist, SO METAL! hahah rock. oh got some more autographs on tues morning, but still no connolly, bum.

and it’s sooooo nice to be at a winning game. yay. buffalo over evil ottawa 4-2. such a great atmosphere, and with the 2 earlier losses i had forgotten what it was like. we had 2 ottawa fans next to us somehow, and that was interesting. they weren’t too obnoxious, the girl next to me danced when ottawa scored and her boyfriend told her “not to act like a leafs fan” LOL. after buffalo’s first goal, she said she wanted to go home hahah. the people around us weren’t too obnoxious to them either, just when they left with 5 min left, the people behind us sang “na na na na good bye” at them. so now the winning combo is white vintage jersey, dippin dots, and no beer! next game is dec 12th with adr2.

there is currently a severe weather watch for flooding. and it’s hilarious. seriously, this is in the national weather service bulletin: “WHEN ENCOUNTERING FLOODED ROADS MAKE THE SMART CHOICE…TURN AROUND…DONT DROWN.”