ok here are a few things from trevor hurst’s (econonline crush) online tour diary….

Orlando, FLA – I think that this is the home of boy bands. It is isn’t it? I suppose I should know this, being a card carrying member of the music industry. But I’m not sure, although O-town, that awful tv band might have taken it’s name from the city. Sorry, I was drifting there for a second!
We spent the 4th in Orlando hanging out watching fireworks and waiting to play. The gig was at the House of Blues in Disney City. Do I even need to go into the Disney/rock show rant? Anyway the club was cool, and once inside, you could shut out the mass commercialization of parental guilt and cartoon characters.

St. Petersburg, FLA – I know I’ve got to be quicker getting these things out because there has been some discussion about it on our website. It’s not that I’m not trying. I’m just lazy!!
St. Peterburg was insane because the venue was outdoors. Now in any other climate that might be alright but Florida in July is hot. I’m not talking shorts and t-shirt hot. I’m talking where’s my camel I’m heading for the oasis hot!! Needless to say the show was a puddle. We rocked though. I think mainly due to the fact the crowd was so into it. There was this guy with the best mullet I have seen in years, losing it in he mosh pit. I swear it felt like I was at a Judas Priest concert watching that guy jumping around.

does anyone find those 2 entries as hilarious as i do… i loved the mullet comment.

well carolyn went home today. we had a fun weekend. picked her up saturday night, came back here, hung out for a while with adr and danielle, then went to dennys (surprise). sunday was darien lake and aerosmith. ok i don’t think i would ever pay full price to go to darien lake ever. we paid 12$ with our concert tickets to get into the park for the day. it’s so not worth the 30$ they charge. We went on 6 rides…superman coaster, boomerang coaster, viper coaster twice, mind eraser coaster, and the log ride. it’s not that the lines were all that long, because they went a lot faster than i remember them going in the past, but we were there for 6 hours and went on 6 rides. there was also nothing else i’d want to go on besides the coasters.

aerosmith rocked except for the mullet sporting fire starters….fire is not cool. read the aerosmith review to hear more. were stuck in the parking lot after the show for an hour, like after stp last summer, blah. i just can’t understand that. they need traffic lights in the parking lot.

monday i was supposed to work, went in, punched in and sat in the office for 7 minutes then went home. went back to sleep for a while, before going shopping. then canal fest!! this cANAL fest was probably the best one in my entire life. It was hysterically funny. We went mullet spotting. Last year I said I was going to take pictures of mullets but chickened out. not this year. Carolyn, mainly, and I came up with a story to get pictures with mullets. i had all this dave navarro street team stuff, so we took the cds with us, and she went up to mullets, gave them this story about how we work for dave navarro.net and we’re promoting his cd by giving away free samplers. they could have the cd if they would take a picture with us so we could prove we were advertising and could get free concert tickets. 2 people turned us down, one kid with a mohawk, and the 2 hashbrown guy from work. But it was hysterical. We gave away 6 cds, 1 to a carny freak, and 1 to a normal person. the rest were mullet sporting people. the mullets will do anything for free shit. the 2 mullets we followed around for a while because we thought they’d be scary turned out to be the nicest ones. the first mullet was like, is this picture going to be on the internet? haha nooooo….then his mullet friend was like, well I want one. they’re girlfriends probably wondered why we didn’t want pictures of them LOL.

so after the mullets, we went to sit on the bridge and mullet watch for potential targets. however we came up with a new game…gum watching. we spit our gum out on the bridge and watched people step on it. HAHA…yeah we are so obnoxious and immature, but it was hilarious. u don’t even know. it was so great. we went through 3 pieces, 2 walked away with people 1 got smooshed down and stuck to the pavement. then we got kicked off the bridge… NOT CUZ OF THE GUM THING…cuz the cops came and kicked everyone off the bridge…no more hanging out on bridge cuz it causes trouble or some crap. then went to get amanda, and went to dennys.

hah we rock.

yesterday i got my dave navarro street team stuff….finally…only 2 months after i signed up. whatever. i figured i’d get the usual promo cds, stickers….but this time i got the ultimate promo item ever….snap bracelets! hahah they sent a bunch of cds, stickers, these little ad things, a bunch of buttons, and the snap bracelets. and it’s super rad cuz i’ve been wanting a snap bracelet for a while… i can’t find any of the million i had the FIRST time they were all the rage, and i wasn’t about to buy one cuz they’re all stupid animal fur and shit… i just want plain black. these are flourescent green with black writing on them, but i can cover one with black electrical tape or something (credit that idea to carolyn). anyway, so i gotta go distribute shit this weekend maybe. i have the feeling that i’m supposed to be doing something this weekend but i have no idea what it is, besides aerosmith on sunday. i still have my choke street team stuff too…since all they gave me were postcards, there are only so many places i can put all of the same item…i was supposed to get stickers with that too, but nooo they sent me 3 packages of postcards instead.. and some posters. got 1 package of postcards left, and some posters.

ok back from another lovely trip to see the grandparents and family. all my family is in michigan, and since we don’t go for easter anymore we have to go in the summer. and this time we had to go to show my grandparents my car, since they bought half of it.

the trip was the same as always. my grandparents are getting worse, they’re old and sick sorta. not mentally old but physically. whatever. my grandpa never shuts up, grandma tells me the same 3 stories. same as always. it’s always right before we leave, we’re sitting there because we can’t do anything else, and she’ll tell me these stories.
1. we were visiting when i was a baby, mom had me in a bouncing chair thing, and i bounced right out of it and landed on my head….spectacular. mom said it never happened, that it must have been someone else’s kid who was visiting.
2. how i was left with them as a baby and cried for my mom the whole time, so my grandma walked me back and forth around the living room, but made sure i couldn’t see her face cuz if i did i’d see how ugly it was and see that it wasn’t my mom and cry even more.
3. she sings me the songs she made up about me when i was a baby. i love sara yes i do if you knew her you would too….etc.

this time she told me stories about her wedding dress, and how she should have stayed a “career girl” (she says this every time, the dress thing was new tho) except i couldn’t hear her because my grandpa was going on and on about his big band music and how it’s real music, and music now u can’t even understand what they’re saying. then he asks me if i can understand what they’re saying in the music i listen to, and i proudly say yes, because I do. he does this every time. they are tape recorders. they died years ago, and now its just a shell of skin and bone with a tape recorder inside. it must be. they didn’t bring out the old pictures this time tho, good thing, because we’ve seen them every visit for the past 5 years.

i did however, get a wicked shirt from walmart when my mom and i escaped for a few minutes. it says “i love rockstars” on it in rhinestones lol. it’s so me. also had the strongest mixed drink in my life at my aunt’s house. they are somewhat alcoholics, they made me a white russian. it must have had 2 shots each of vodka and kaluha and a drop of milk. i was drunker than i’ve been since thanksgiving (not drunk, but buzzed, u know…) and off of 1 drink. it was insane. also managed to actually listen to some of my cds on the car radio on the way home. dad didnt change them. first was APC, then the tea party, then inxs, which he actually turned up, he liked the sax, and then u2.

so home now. was waiting on word from heather about if i was gonna be driving up to toronto on tuesday. she was gonna try to get us passes for the much music stone temple pilots concert thing tues night. had to wait in line at much music to get passes. etc etc she followed the rules, 1 pass per person, then saw people had more than 1 so she could have gotten one for me afterall, but then they gave her a hard time when she wanted one for me. so as of now i dont have a pass. she’s trying to get the city tv phone # to call and bitch and get another pass, but we’ll see. if not, no big deal, if so, cool, i’ll have to drive up there and get to see STP again….

proof people in the NRA are extremely intelligent


People who keep guns at home nearly triple their chances of being murdered, usually by friends or relatives, but fail to protect themselves from intruders…
However, Paul Blackman, research coordinator at the National Rifle Association, criticized the study… “These people were highly susceptible to homicide,” he said. “We know that because they were killed.” – Associated Press


haha i’ve got a story. last night adrienne and i went to Benny Hinn’s Miracle Crusade at HSBC Arena. I became interested in going to a big revival after seeing a show about evangelists and exorcisms etc…I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, a big scam, so i wanted to go and check it out. It was free. We ended up getting free parking (even tho later I don’t think we were supposed to). It was frightening and comical. I’m gonna write something up about it later, tuesday probably, so I won’t get into it now.

But, was talking to my mom today, and she’s like, well we weren’t going to tell you this til you were older (cuz i’m not a full fledged adult finally) but…when I was in england in 1997, and with my psycho ex boyfriend, my parents went on vacation at the same time. They were at some hotel or whatever, and met these people from Canada… they were kinda strange hippy sort of people. Well they were talking to them, and the guy said he was becoming a diciple of this Indian woman who was a healer. Everyone called her mother. She had the power to heal ppl blah blah blah etc. Well as a diciple she had given him the power to help people also. Well my parents told them what was going on with me and psycho ex, and he said that he could pray over my picture and blah blah blah. WELL THEY DID IT! They went and got my picture and had this wacko pray over it so that me and psycho ex would break up! Then I got home from England and a week later we did break up, so my parents really think that this healer man and “mother” are responsible for us breaking up. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! My dad is an atheist and he believes this?!? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

But it’s an amusing story none the less. I was amused as hell when she told me. Yeaaah.It was a healer who is responsible for breaking up, not the fact that he was psycho and I was tired of putting up with it. haha

its my birthday. i got a car 🙂

see…. that’s my new car. 2001 prizm, cd player, air, etc…woo hoo

more car pics later, dont want to overload the page with them, and i looked at them and i look fat lol…:P

eric was home this weekend so i had a life! friday we went to dennys, walmart, and the falls real quick. it was rather amusing cuz at Dennys me and Amanda basically ruined this waiters life. We told him that this girl, who is one of gods most ugliest creatures, likes him. the look on his face was classic. he was just mortified. hahah. it was funny, he took it well.

saturday we drove around in the afternoon, hit the typical stores, went to dinner at fridays, then later went to canada. at this bar we met these tourists, one from UK one from Ireland. They were hysterically funny.

sunday was econoline crush and oleander down town. yes another econoline crush show. it rocked. i did what i said i would, and i talked to the twins that i knew would be there. i’ve seen them at the other 2 ec shows, u2 and depeche mode. so they were there, i told them i see them everywhere, and we talked about the shows for a while. then i talked to this kid who was like, hey nice shirt to me. i had on my u2 shirt, so did he. so we talked about the u2 show and stuff. it was rad, cuz i never talk to people hahah. next time, asking to go on EC’s bus haha

as u may know i like hockey. i went to 3 sabres games this year, and at the games they have credit card people who offer free stuff if u sign up for the card. so at the 1st game we all filled out the forms to get the free hat. well i was denied. they said i had adequate credit for the amt of money i make. so at the 2nd game, instead of hats they had shirts, so i had to sign up again. so that time, they approved me. i got a sabres credit card.

that’s spectacular except that i already had a sabres credit card from the year before. yes, that’s right, they gave the same person 2 of the same credit card (different numbers, so different accounts)…i didn’t activate the card.

lovely, that’s messed up. well with the 2nd card came a free 3 issue trial of Sports Illustrated (which is probably why they approved me the 2nd time and not the first). they were supposed to send a notice with the 3rd issue asking if u want to continue or not. well they never did, so i never cancelled it, and ive been getting it since march-ish. great. i dont like any other sport except hockey, which is the most neglected major sport.

so my mom has called SI and told them to cancel subscription cuz i never asked for it etc, and they said they would contact the credit card company and cancel it. yes, they’d cancel the bill on the creditcard that was never activated. well today i got a bill for 30$.

HOW CAN I GET BILLED TO A CREDIT CARD THAT NEVER WAS ACTIVATED?! this has got to be illegal or something. its so retarded. ug, pissed. I’m so not paying.

edited @ 6.05pm – i was just told by my mom that i read the bill wrong and that i was given a 30$ credit, so indeed i am not being charged for it THANK GOD

ok i’m gonna create a new blog thing for my mcdonalds story site, because i’m to lazy to ever update it, and this will make it much better. So no more McStories on this blog, you’ll have to look at the other one once I create it. However this story needs to go on here.

This guy came in, bought 4 breakfast burritos, gave me the 6 dollars and this little baggie falls out of the money. I thought it was a really REALLY small condom or something, but I pick it up to give it back to him…. and it was a baggie of Cocaine!!!! I’m like OMG THIS IS COCAINE. And he takes it and shoves it back in his pocket LOL. its like dude, u need to be more careful about your drugs….

happy birthday to my mom and Amir Derakh 🙂