eric was home this weekend so i had a life! friday we went to dennys, walmart, and the falls real quick. it was rather amusing cuz at Dennys me and Amanda basically ruined this waiters life. We told him that this girl, who is one of gods most ugliest creatures, likes him. the look on his face was classic. he was just mortified. hahah. it was funny, he took it well.

saturday we drove around in the afternoon, hit the typical stores, went to dinner at fridays, then later went to canada. at this bar we met these tourists, one from UK one from Ireland. They were hysterically funny.

sunday was econoline crush and oleander down town. yes another econoline crush show. it rocked. i did what i said i would, and i talked to the twins that i knew would be there. i’ve seen them at the other 2 ec shows, u2 and depeche mode. so they were there, i told them i see them everywhere, and we talked about the shows for a while. then i talked to this kid who was like, hey nice shirt to me. i had on my u2 shirt, so did he. so we talked about the u2 show and stuff. it was rad, cuz i never talk to people hahah. next time, asking to go on EC’s bus haha

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