i love the internet. not like you care, but i downloaded the new michael jackson single. and i actually like it. the mp3 could be better, it has a lame radio call out hook throughout the whole thing to prevent burning/selling of it.

but it’s incredible, i wake up and have email that the song was premiered on 2 radio stations last night. the next email i read is from a friend who had the mp3 up on his ftp. in a matter of hours. amazing.

well the parents are back. came back last night. when i was gathering the mail while they were gone, i missed a letter that was addressed to me, from geneseo, marked urgent. they were never paid for my tuition for next semester, it was due aug 13th. so i currently owe them 4000 and some dollars. i don’t know what’s going to happen with that, because my loans and state financial aid should have been sent long ago. i could almost swear we got confirmation that my loans were received. anyway, my dad was going to call around today and stuff. i better still be registered for my classes, cuz apparently if i didn’t pay by that date, i might be deregistered or some shit. arg. i also figured out that i didn’t preorder my textbooks from sundance. might go down there monday if i have nothing else to do and get my books. i don’t want to wait in line next weekend. esp now that i don’t have them preordered. neither does danielle, which is very weird, because she’s usually very on top of things.

i finally remembered to sign up for my GRE.. yah i should have been preparing all summer, and even have taken it a few times, but no i’m lazy and now there’s a week left in the summer. spectacular. self handicapping only works when you don’t realize you’re doing it.

well yeah its friday now, adrienne’s store website is still not done, and pictures from my non party are still not uploaded. i was slightly distracted by a few things the past few days, like pictures of brad pitt in seven, and contemplating a delirious redesign. throwing around a few ideas in my head, if any turn out, bye bye bono. we’ll see.

today was my last day at work too…this girl lisa brought in cake and everyone signed a card to me, aww isn’t that nice of them.

well its been a week since i posted. carolyn came down to visit for the janet concert, and stayed for a week. it was good, since i’m home alone, and scared to death. however all of our activities didn’t go as planned.

so we were going to do a fight club esque week…we were going to be tourists at support group meetings. well we were going to go to a sexaholics meeting on tuesday, but then things didn’t work out with me meeting with the psychologist i “work” for and the bus schedule, so we didn’t end up doing that. then wednesday we were going to go to the 6pm church service at an assembly of god church, but then started doing something and didn’t go. i forget what we were doing but whatever. friday was the janet concert. that was good. we had really good seats. while i don’t like pop music, and i don’t like janet, she’s a jackson, and it was entertaining. saturday was my non-party.

i was planning on having some people over to have some drinks, just hang out whatever. well it turned into a bbq. eric came down from rochester, joe brought rick and janet, and adrienne and danielle came of course. amanda and her boyfriend matt came so we could all pass judgement on him. joe grilled, we attempted to make hamburgers, but they didn’t turn out the best. but people ate them. you would think a cookbook that’s purpose is to show easy things to cook would tell you how to make hamburgers.. nope. they’d rather tell you how to make leg of lamb, cuz that’s SO easy…a total beginner could do that. 😛

anyway, yeah we even made corn on the cob. overall, for a non-party thrown by me, it was pretty sucessful. joe took janet and rick home and then came back, amanda and matt didnt say anything really, but it was cool.

sunday we went to the flea market, and then watched movies. joe and adrienne came over, we watched Seven and Fight Club. Seven rocked, and of course fight club is still brilliant. we got pizza, all that happy horse shit. carolyn and i were going to go to a different church service, at a pentecostal church, but once again, didn’t.

monday i didn’t want to work so i left after 2.5 hours, and called in for the next day. monday was supposed to be power animal day. we drove out to the place where the healing touch meeting was supposed to be held. it was at a nursing home. we go in, and found the room, no one was there yet cuz we were early. but we were both like um, i think we should go. so no power animals for us. we then tried to think of other fight club esque things we could do, that weren’t illegal and didn’t involve killing anyone. the only thing we could think of was to make soap, but we didn’t know where to find a liposuction clinic to steal the fat from. anyway….we also came up with the throwing postcards off of tall things, from Invisible Monsters, but then realized there are no tall things around here to throw postcards off of. so we just went home, adrienne came over and we watched Requiem For a Dream, finally. It was really good, really disturbing and depressing, but really good none the less.

tuesday i didn’t go to work, and just ended up sitting around most of the day. went to fridays for lunch, where i quite possibly could have gotten botulism…i had mildew-ey iced tea, which i was informed today could be tainted with botulism. apparantly iced tea is a good conductor for botulism if the container isn’t cleaned properly. so if i die, that is why. blame it on Fridays. then we went to the craft store, adrienne and carolyn spent some money.. actually i did too, i bought a strand of eye ball lights LOL. i need to get batteries for them….carolyn left tues night, adr and i took her to the bus station, and all that. it was a good week. but now i’m alone again and back to being scared to death to be in my house. lovely.

on a good note, i was informed by geneseo that i will be moving into my delayed townhouse on september 10th. so its only 2 weeks delayed, better than the last group of people that get to move in on october 10th.

i have so much to update on my site, so if your bored, i’ll probably be here all night updating the page, feel free to talk to me

yay finally got my email! geneseo sent an email saying they were doing server upgrades and that email would be down from friday until monday. Ok that’s spectacular except shouldn’t you send that BEFORE the server was taken down so that we don’t get pissed off when we can’t check our mail? they do this EVERY year. Last summer they decided not to upgrade the servers and internet until the weekend everyone moved in. So when we set up the computer we didn’t have internet access….smart.

so yeah i got my emails from the kitchener kid and hate mail guy. hate mail guy is like in his 30s! and he’s immature enough to send hate mail insulting me, my friends, my music… i got over insulting people’s musical tastes in 7th grade. but we’re now having nice conversations… ok not nice, but civil, and not talking about how much he hates my webpage.

and i’m so inlove with this new Live song “deep enough”. they played it at rolling rock. it’s cooler live than it is on the album, but it’s still cool. yeah it’s about sex hah….and Ed from Live WAS in Fight Club like David said. I looked it up on IMDB, he’s a waiter at a restaurant. It’s either in the middle sorta, after the Fight Clubs begin, and he’s all beat up (which would mean he’s in a fight scene too) or it’s the restaurant at the end where Jack and Marla are talking, and Jack makes sure they bring clean food. So now I have to watch it. Maybe tonight.

Watched Office Space last night, edited on comedy central…yeah Eric loves this movie, but you really must have to be a big computer dork like all the people at RIT to think it’s as hysterical as they do. It was amusing at parts, but not laff out loud peeing in pants funny. And I think i might even find it funnier than some other people because I took Industrial/Organizational psych where we discussed some of the stuff that went on in the movie, like the consultant stuff, and motivation…yeah.

i got hate mail LOL

Subject: I love Your Website
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 15:45:12 -0400
From:”Robert Smith” robert_smith90@hotmail.com

Not really, Sara!!! Are you and your three retarded friends in Ritulin? If not, you should be. Better yet, try some sleeping pills mixed with alcohol!!

I can’t believe that you even bother to maintain a site. And your concert listing. Do you have a life? Does your stepmom know that you are using her computer at home? Better yet, do you really think anyone cares? I mean, you guys are four zitfaced/overweight/103.3 Edge listening/non-music picking
ability/ fist/finger fucking little punks. What’s your deal with that faggy Orgy band? I mean, get real.

Have you heard of real bands like Janes Addiction, The Smiths, REM, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Husker Du? Well, have you? That’s real fucking music!!

The only way I found your site is that I was looking for a review on the Buffalo U2 show. I was there, and appreciate you listing out the set. Now, your little 19 year old comments I could do without.

Anyway, here’s to you pigface!!!”

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that made my day. i needed a good laff. so i wrote him back

to: robert smith

1. i really don’t care what you think of me or my website
2. if you didnt like my site why take the time to explore so much of it as to make comments on my “3 retarded friends” the fact that i occasionally listen to 103.3, but not enough to realize that i nor my
friends are overweight, my parents arent divorced, and we have 3 computers.
3. i really don’t care what kind of bands you like. i have heard of all of the bands you mentioned, and don’t like any of them.
4. i’m not 19.
5. maybe you should find your own personality instead of having an email called Robert Smith.

thanks for visiting, come back soon 🙂

oh and fyi, orgy adores the smiths, the cure, and bauhaus….doesnt that just piss u right off? a bunch of fags like such GREAT bands…

and there are plenty of other places to find the u2 set besides my site….

and i think i should ask you if YOU have a life, since you have the time to send me such a nice email 🙂

have a good day.”

i love it

as someone who finds history somewhat interesting, if presented in a good way, i find it really fascinating that i think the recent past history before i was born was so much more interesting then the history and present i’ve experienced. I breifly put on some show on vh1 today, and it was one of their documentary type shows, and they were discussing and showing footage of the Kent State massacre during the Vietnam war. It was so interesting to see the footage of the guard kneeling to open fire on the students, and everything like that. It makes me want to be my parent’s age so i could have experienced the decades that I find most interesting. So much turmoil, and famous events. My decades have had nothing. It’s been so boring.

But then I think, we actually have had alot, and my generation’s children are going to look back at my decades and think they were so interesting, and so much happened, and they’re going to think that their decades were boring. The 60s and 70s had war, protests, civil rights, political leaders assassinated, space exploration…can you get anymore interesting? the 80s and 90s… what have we had? We’ve had no war, no major catastrophies, no major political cause…but if you think about it, we had Persian Gulf if you consider that a war, the end of the Cold war and fall of the Berlin Wall (which i find incredibly interesting), the Challenger explosion, Columbine….it’s too bad that most of the interesting stuff I don’t remember….challenger and berlin wall etc… I was too young to care what was going on. It’s in looking back that I find it fascinating. So I guess what I have left is Columbine. The next generation is going to look back and think that my decades were really interesting, that Challeneger, and the Cold war, and Columbine etc, were so interesting, and there was so much going on. Their decades are going to be boring….

And even while I complain about the lack of events in my decades, there is probably so much i could be paying attention to right now, that in 10 years i’m going to look back and think was really interesting.

Where am i going with this? does it even make sense?

ok so how pissed am I at Case Logic… u know, the company that makes things to carry cds in. Yah ok so eric bought me 2 of the sun visor cd holder things for my car for my birthday. spectacular. excited. eric has had them for a while, they’re really handy, super. ok except that mine have scratched every cd i had in there (minus a few that never have seen the cd player yet). yah big straight line scratches about a centemeter away from the edge of the cd (i think they’d be called tangent lines in mathematical terms, cuz i’m a dork). some of the cds are short enough that the scratch misses the printed area of the cd and doesnt effect play. others, not so lucky. I went through and cleaned every one, trying to fix the scratches. Case Logic had “tips to protect your cds” one of them being, if u have a scratch, look at the cd in front of a light source, and if u can see light through the scratch it’s beyond repair, if not, u can buy stuff at the store to fix it. my cleaner has fixed scratches in the past, so hoping it fixed the minor ones. But at least 2 cds are completely ruined.
1. Tangents – the tea party – which is an import, so it’s expensive…”waiting for a sign” i think it’s called, skips.
2. Pretty Hate Machine – nin – yah i’ve already replaced this cd once at the wall, and when i went to replace Tangents, the wall doesn’t exist anymore. crap and a half. Only “ringfinger” skips, and it’s beyond skipping, it’s the cd laser stops at the scratch and wont move past it.

trying out Orgy Vapor Transmissions right now, cuz that one was a bit see through. Then I have to try the downward spiral….so fucking pissed. i cant afford to replace all these cds, and its not like they’re crap cds i dont listen to. they were in the cases for a reason, cuz they’re my favs and i want to listen to them in the car.

so now the cds are back in another Case Logic product, one of the book holders, which i was scared to use to begin with because i’m afraid the plastic sleeves might melt….which is worse, scratches or melted plastic on a cd?

ok and now since i have to replace tangents and phm i went to half.com to search for them, see if they’re cheap….the site must be fucked up because i got no hits for NIN, got hits for the tea party but when i clicked to see more music hits, it was like not found. so they must be broken right now. ebay had PHM for .01 it was the alternate version that the cd is blue and pink…but it was like 4$ shipping and i can find PHM for 5 bucks in a store…if someone wants to give me PHM or Tangents that’d be cool too 🙂

mtv sucks. ok thats not ground breaking news that no one has heard before. but it sucks even more now. ok i read this article in USA today, one of the shittiest most lame brain newspapers around, about mtv.com and the new site, and how theyre integrating it with mtv and mtv2. They had this statement. oh wait maybe i can find it… lemme see…usatoday.com does that work? yes it does! ah ha, found the article…
“A 360 approach to Destiny’s Child, for example, would feature the group
performing on MTV’s top-rated Total Request Live (TRL). The graphic
would show that MTV2 was showing several videos from the band at that
moment, and downloads and information about the trio were available on

The 360 approach isn’t being used at all times on TV but is a constant
component of the revamped site. ”Our audience wants to interact with the
channel,” says Nicholas Butterworth, CEO of MTVi. ”


now i dont get mtv2 so i guess it doesnt matter, but once adelphia does get it, I want to see fucking VIDEOS of GOOD bands… and not the same fucking SHIT that is on MTV already…and YES i want to interact with the channel. I want to request a video and SEE IT! I WANT TO SEE A FUCKING VIDEO. CAN U IMAGINE MUSIC TELEVISION ACTUALLY PLAYING MUSIC VIDEOS?!?! FUCKING A!

ok done. next…

it was mentioned to me by someone that Eric says “fucking A” alot. While i’ve never noticed this, he must, because after spending 2 days with him this weekend, I’ve said it like 5 times today…and i never say it.

Yah so me and Adrienne went to visit Eric in Rochester on Saturday afternoon, hit the cd stores, got dinner at jack astors, went to 2 malls…yay fun wow. I played atari LOL. Sunday he came back home, went to another mall, and media play cuz i found a gift card i didn’t know i had. yay fun wow even more. yah we have no lives.

well its friday. yay. still dont know what i’m doing this weekend, gotta talk to adr and danielle…maybe go see eric or something.

finally washed the car. my windshield is one giant streak mark… i had to wash it cuz it was streaky and it’s worse now. i can’t get it unstreaky, so i’ll have mom do it or something. cant get the bugs off the front of the car either…grrr

got out of work early today, 12:45 instead of 2, so that gave me time to wash car, and stuff. now its nap time, but i’m talking to christa’s boyfriend on aol.

i went out with Ian last night. walked to his house and he met me half way, it was just like 2 years ago. then we walked to taco bell cuz he wanted food, mcd’s to get free ice cream and back to my house. sat on the porch for a while. it was cool. i hadn’t seen him in over a year. talked about how rockin mcds was when we were working there, with julie tom and nate…old school morning mclineup. good times good times

ive been thinking about tim alot lately too. i fucking wish he’d just come into mcds ONCE this summer, just so i can see him. arg. it’s been too long since i knew what he was doing…*sob* jk but still…id like to see him. it would totally make the rest of my summer. i wonder if he’s still got that bitchass girlfriend…he did last summer, so that would have been like 4 years minus a few months when i was friends with him that they’ve been together….they have matching tattoos BARF.

also trying to download Depeche Mode exciter tour in Ottawa.. it’s the same setlist as toronto but I can’t find the encore….I need 4 songs or something…i need “personal jesus”, “home”, “black celebration” and “never let me down again”… so help me and get me those mp3s 🙂

work was 90 degrees today. and they said the AC was fixed….besides the oppresive heat, it was a good day for once. i got along with stacy all day, and my upbeat personality (hah right) kept her from getting extremely pissed off for once. sherry called in sick, claims she has a dr’s note, if she doesn’t she’ll be fired so let’s hope she doesn’t. so without her there, and with stacy in a good mood things went good. it was just way too hot. the AC better be fixed tomorrow.

i finally got a response regarding some q’s about the townhouses in geneseo. we are not going to have a private parking lot… WONDERFUL! :P….and the rooms we’re being forced to live in due to the fact that the assholes arent going to finish building them ontime are 10×14…there is NO way those are double rooms. they better not be. still so very pissed about that.


and joe is the coolest guy I know… ARE U HAPPY NOW!

Econoline Crush at Krockathon blog

i dont know if i could be any more pissed off right now. yah i dont have a home in a month. back at school we’re supposed to be moving into the new townhouse complex. ok so we get email today telling us that the 4 person town houses will be finished on time, but the 5 person ones wont… GREAT! THANK YOU GENESEO U FUCKED US OVER AGAIN. So we’re in “alternative housing” in blake hall, which is supposed to be closed this year. If i remember correctly, it’s corridor style, so i’m going to have a nice fun time there until they’re finished. SUPPOSEDLY the 5 room houses will open 1 at a time, the first one holding 30 people a week later, and the next a while after that etc. When we left Geneseo in May they were 2 weeks ahead of schedule, yeah what happened to that?

if it seems like i’m surprised, i’m totally not. I was expecting this because everytime I look at the webcam of the townhouse construction there has been virtually no progress. the houses have been half bricked for 2 months now. you never see any people doing any work….and that’s just how geneseo is. Instead of starting on the town houses last summer, when no one is on campus except orientation groups, no they dont even start to dig and move dirt in the area until october. Yeah, brilliant. Great planning. Lets not start them until winter, so they can get frozen and screwed up because you’re not supposed to do cement stuff in the winter cuz it cracks….but go ahead, wait until winter to start actually building anything. Take a month and a half to push dirt around. They claimed as long as there was no bad snow storm the houses would be done on time, and as far as I remember, it didn’t snow much at all….I should know, I was there all winter. FUCKING IDIOTS I HATE YOU GENESEO. I DONT WANT TO FUCKING LIVE IN BLAKE HALL FOR AN UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF TIME. I HATE YOU.

now i was going to post this all nice and happy entry because i had an excellent weekend, but then i had to go and find this shit out….i hate geneseo to begin with. this next year was supposed to make up for 3 shitty years, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

but ok i guess i’m gonna talk about this weekend. i’m just so pissed…

ok so friday, it was too hot so after dinner i went to the mall with adrienne. we randomly went into Claires and they were having a big sale. It was 10 things for 5$…all the things eligible were crap of course LOL. But we managed to find 10 things. I got 2 key chains, a bracelet, these window shades for the back seat windows, with lemons on them and they say “fresh” lol, and this lame necklace that says “glam rock” on it, that is now on the new purse I bought there too, cuz it was 5$. hah…

saturday was amanda’s grad party. It was way more fun that it probably should have been LOL that’s not an insult. We went over there around 4:30, hung out with eric and jake all day, and amanda. Had a few beers, played football, and went to the park with their 2 little cousins. haha it was fun. Well Eric was like, what are u guys doing tomorrow (sunday) and we’re like nothing. K-rockathon was sunday in syracuse and Eric and Mary had their tickets, but Joe was on the Econoline Crush guestlist as +3 and none of his friends could go. So we’re like hell yeah we’ll go! haha. So we headed up to Rochester that night after Mary and Karl got back from the Staind show in buffalo.

sunday, joe came up to Rochester and we left for Vernon Downs. things were fine until we got 3 miles from the place, then it was not moving traffic. it wasn’t even crawling traffic, it was “we’re going to sit in this same spot for 15-20 minutes”. We went a mile in an hour and a half. There must have been an accident or something because ambulances and stuff went by a few times, but we never saw anything. Since an hr and a half went by we were getting scared we were going to miss EC so Joe called Dan from the car to find out what time they were on at, and that left us with an hr and a half to get to the place. So we get moving and are 2 miles away then, and then we just parked at some hotel that was 3$ and a 20 min walk to the place (45 min drive in the traffic). It ended up being a real good idea, shorter walk than that.
Get to the racetrack and find where we get our guestlist stuff. We were expecting regular tickets to get in, turned out Joe had gotten guest/photo cloth passes. We’re like dude this rocks LOL. So we went in, and stuff. Lost Eric and Mary in the crowd going up to the front to see Boy Hits Car. We didn’t wanna be up front for them (we being me Joe and Adrienne) so we didnt try to find them. Then turns out EC was on next, and not Boy Hits Car cuz everything got turned around. So Joe me and Adrienne went to walk around, and decided to try out our passes. I asked some security guard where we could go, and he was like, go over there. So we went to the VIP entrance, and went backstage where all the busses and crap was. We spent the rest of the afternoon back there. Didn’t get to actually see EC, cuz the guards wouldnt let us in front of the stage with our passes, so we listened from behind, leaning against Crazy Town’s bus LOL. That’s all I’m going to talk about that. It was mega rad. I felt all important LOL. I got to see the inside of a tour bus FINALLY for like 2 minutes lol. when i make my first million I’m buying myself a tour bus and i’m gonna hire a driver to take me around the country for a few months LOL, its way better than a motor home.

So we left around 5ish i guess, had to walk back to the car and stuff. Got home around 930. Eric and Mary stayed there to see Staind and whoever else. While we were there we got to hear boy hits car and drowning pool, and I think Cold.

*in a james hetfield voice*
“no AC at work – baaaaaad!”
“cold shower – goooood!”

“wacky stripped sunburn – baaaaad!”
“sunblock – gooooood!”

my mom seems to think i was beaten up or raped yesterday….my lip is weird, i bit it, she’s like WHAT HAPPENED TO UR LIP i’m like nothing…and i have this weird sunburn around my neck, where i missed putting on sunscreen. So it’s this circular burn like a necklace where the neckline of my shirt was. She’s like IT LOOKS LIKE U GOT CHOKED!…wtf…it’s SOO a sunburn. She’s like, it looks like strangle markes…hahah

i’m bored cuz its too hot to move so i’m just sitting here. ok well there is this coca-cola commercial…i’m sure you’ve seen it. it’s like 5 teenagers in a subway, and one of them is “narrating” in his head about being crammed in cars together after concerts and stuff…it’s like, a goodbye to teenage ignorance and bliss kinda thing. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT?! lol… well that commercial kinda makes me sad. ok it doesn’t make me sad cuz i’m totally not an emotional person… but it’s like…nostalgia… cuz i’m so old u know. grrr i cant explain it. it totally reminds me of my friends (more recently, past few years, than in high school…screw high school). i’m gonna look at some old video tape years from now and have this commercial on it and be like omg…then it’ll be nostalgia. i tried to find the commercial on an mpeg but no luck. they have every other friggen beer commercial etc but not this one. i need to have it. i love it. it doesnt make me want to drink brown pop, but whatever…