yay finally got my email! geneseo sent an email saying they were doing server upgrades and that email would be down from friday until monday. Ok that’s spectacular except shouldn’t you send that BEFORE the server was taken down so that we don’t get pissed off when we can’t check our mail? they do this EVERY year. Last summer they decided not to upgrade the servers and internet until the weekend everyone moved in. So when we set up the computer we didn’t have internet access….smart.

so yeah i got my emails from the kitchener kid and hate mail guy. hate mail guy is like in his 30s! and he’s immature enough to send hate mail insulting me, my friends, my music… i got over insulting people’s musical tastes in 7th grade. but we’re now having nice conversations… ok not nice, but civil, and not talking about how much he hates my webpage.

and i’m so inlove with this new Live song “deep enough”. they played it at rolling rock. it’s cooler live than it is on the album, but it’s still cool. yeah it’s about sex hah….and Ed from Live WAS in Fight Club like David said. I looked it up on IMDB, he’s a waiter at a restaurant. It’s either in the middle sorta, after the Fight Clubs begin, and he’s all beat up (which would mean he’s in a fight scene too) or it’s the restaurant at the end where Jack and Marla are talking, and Jack makes sure they bring clean food. So now I have to watch it. Maybe tonight.

Watched Office Space last night, edited on comedy central…yeah Eric loves this movie, but you really must have to be a big computer dork like all the people at RIT to think it’s as hysterical as they do. It was amusing at parts, but not laff out loud peeing in pants funny. And I think i might even find it funnier than some other people because I took Industrial/Organizational psych where we discussed some of the stuff that went on in the movie, like the consultant stuff, and motivation…yeah.

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