And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care
And Kingdoms rise
And Kingdoms fall
But you go on…
… and on…

i am the new proud? owner of an nfl jersey. wtf? hah we can wear jeseys on game days at work, so anything to not have to wear my ugly mustard color uniform is ok by me. i have a rothlisberger jersey. since finding out the origin of the steelers logo, i really like it, and the jersey is black so it was no contest. haha i can’t wait til someone asks me about the steelers and i can tell them i know nothing about football. except where the steelers logo is from hahaha. i’m a nerd.

britney spears lost custody of her kids hahahahah


i bought a camera body on ebay that is from the los alamos nuclear facilities. this thrills me. but that’s cuz i’m a dork. it’s on my porch right now and i’d go get it except the spiders. must wait til sun is out. i also bought a mini exercise bike for under the desk, because i have the best intentions to get new bike tires, but it’s been 2 years with these intentions now and no functioning bike. all i do is sit in front of the comp all day, so now i’ll get to ride a bike while i sit here. i just hope there’s enough clearance for my knees and i’m not sure there is. i’ll work it out. it has not arrived yet though.

oktoberfest was saturday, so i called into work on super asian match play day. good for me!! it was super busy and i’m soooo glad i missed it. i plan on missing the next asian concert day, i’ll be asking for it off as soon as i find out when it is. anyway. oktoberfest was really good, lots of people, we made some good money and it’s become quite an easy event (at least for me ha!).

went back to work sunday and there’s aaaaaalll sorts of dramaz going on with toke committee and how we get paid, and how much money is being “wasted” by paying 16 dealers a bit extra to handle all the tokes. it’s pretty ridiculous because in the end, when you do the math each dealer is paying $4 a week to have other people manage their money for them. wtf is the big deal it’s 4 freaking dollars! if you’re so hard up for the extra $4 a week in your pay check, maybe you should just get a 2nd job. but it’s CRAZY. since my shift has the most to do with the tokes we’ve been dealing with the most questions and stress about it all. in the end i think it’s going to be all for nothing, because the petition that this certain person put up declaring that our by-laws be changed only has the support of 52 out of 431 dealers. but it’s still stressful and ridiculous.



so fantastic. so many meanings to that pic!

no boat ride today, shit weather, so just lunch. boat ride tomorrow but i have to be at the building for something at 2. and i say “something” because i have no idea why i have to be there. i can’t remember for who or for what reasons just that i have to be there at 2. arg. i want to go on the boat. *whine*

oh and last night at work i dealt 14 hands before 8pm even came around. then did nothing for the next 8 hours. the highlight was when water started pouring out of the ceiling next to pit 7 LOL. it’s the vicinity of the pool, and though it appears it was not the pool leaking, but a pipe, it was still funny. they were putting plastic wrap on the tables that were getting wet, classy. ha!

and the nhl2k8 game commercials, featuring “somebody’s watching me” are great

yesterday’s game at work i wanted to shoot myself. tonight i watched college football. then i watched a recap of college football. then i watched close to 4 hours of sportscenter. i can tell you every single stat shown on sportscenter. like how the red sox pitcher was the first rookie in red sox history to pitch a no-hitter. he’s the 2nd pitcher since 1900 to have a no-hitter in his first 2 games. he’s the 21st rookie to have a no-hitter since 1900. (tho oddly, i couldn’t tell you his name) the red sox also had a no-hitter in 2001, and 2002. in addition to today, jason veritek caught for all 3 games. Appalachian state beating michigan 34-32 is the first time a 1-a football team has been beaten by a 1-aa team. biggest upset in college football. what else can i tell you…:P and in between i managed to count 16 decks of cards. but i did not deal a single hand tonight. i’ve never been so tired from doing nothing.

it also turns out that my breaks were completely shot on my car. how should i know? they still worked ha. don’t you think they should have noticed they were bad when i had my inspection in june? they didn’t totally disintegrate in 2 months. dad put new ones on and i do notice a difference, now haha.

i listened to most of joshua tree today. i still find it fairly boring. some of the songs i didn’t even remember when they started. maybe it’s because i hear the first 4 so out of context most of the time, but it feels like the first half and second half are 2 different records. the first 4 tracks don’t seem to fit at all with the rest. i also don’t like bono’s vocal style at that point – sort of singing out of the back of his throat. i had downloaded a rattle and hum outtake awhile back, and it was the worst thing i have ever heard. bono sounded horrible, that throat singing thing (that’s the only way i can describe it). and in a way, because i like 90s u2 so much, the u2 of joshua tree doesn’t even seem like the same band as achtung u2. what a freaking difference. how ever did they come up with achtung to follow joshua tree? haha some illuminati conspiracy i’m sure 🙂 running to stand still, album version, isn’t too bad once you get past the first twangy guitar notes. and bono’s performance is very good on it. still, you haven’t heard that song until you’ve heard it live…

and i love trent. pissed off youtube clips from europe haha.

now that my weekend is over and everyone elses is beginning…

wednesday i was supposed to go to the terminal with a photographer who was donating 200 to shoot the building for some exhibit in manhattan. at 10 am, not likely, thankfully bill was going to be at the building. like i said, i WAS supposed to go, was planning on going at 1 until my phone alarm went off about my doctors appt. i’d been waiting for this doctors appointment oh since i got back from europe, and had been thinking about it all month – that is until the day of the appt. had totally forgotten about it. it pretty much killed the rest of my day and i never made it to the building.

kitty is chewing on some negatives. wtf cat.

thursday i had nothing to do and ended up finally using a pattern i bought last year for a shirt, with the “swamp thing” fabric i also bought last halloween. went pretty quickly, just needs some finishing touches that i bought today. i killed my conch piercing though. the head hole was too small, when i tried it on the earring got caught and now it hurts. right after it was supposed to be healed too (though wasn’t was still oozing at times). it’s red and blah. oh well.

friday was running around and work. i decided if i ever kill myself i’m going to do it in some horrible gruesome way at work. like slit my throat at a table. tho i don’t think i could ever actually DO that though. *shudder* i hate high limit roulette because it’s always the same asshole playing. we get into screaming matches, tho he’s been “good” lately. but god, it sucked tonight. super busy also because of a boxing match. and the holiday. it is looking like my first 40 hour week since europe hahaha. nice big check for me.

so the other day a man comes into work and plays at my table. he has 2 broken wrists. as the game continued i noticed, even with 2 casts on, he cut the chips very very good. he was obviously a dealer. turns out he deals across the river at fallsview. i eventually ask him what he did to his wrists. he said that a player who had been losing for 10 years took a baseball bat to him. the loser hadn’t been playing with the dealer, the dealer just happened to be who the loser took it out on. w.t.f. it seems pretty unbelievable, so my supervisor and i pretty much discounted that. and that’s cool, making up a story like that is something i would do to make my injury more interesting haha. but in telling others about the guy today, 2 people – one of them being tony – had heard that a dealer in canada had gotten attacked with a baseball bat by a player. that the player had been waiting in the parking lot for him/someone. w.t.f. i can’t find anything on the web about it, and i would assume that it would have been in the fallscanada news paper, or police blotter or SOMETHING. but wow, i really don’t want to hear stuff like that especially now that we park a half a block away instead of a mile away…

if one were to want to say…acquire some mace/pepper spray, even tho it’s illegal, how would one do that. it’s illegal in canada to so i can’t import it. i’m assuming sellers of mace would not ship to states where it is illegal (or is it legal anywhere? i really don’t know…)

and i was only worried about players shooting me 😛

had tons of dreams about boyx last night, as well as being thrown on a craps game and told what to do and finding it not as hard as everyone says. that one was cuz they’re offering classes again and i’m getting pressured to finally learn craps. no thanks, you can keep your $.25/hr. i also didn’t wake up until 4 and that irritated me. i don’t usually sleep THAT long, almost 11 hours LOL


*edit* the employee of the year doesn’t get $1000, they get $5000 hahahahaha. i made a deal with another dealer that if either of us win employee of the year, we’ll split the prize hehe.

employee of the month!

so for being employee of the month i get a lunch with management on thursday at the steakhouse, 100$ cash, 150$ gift card for the restaurants or stores, parking in the ramp for a month, and apparently some jacket from the gift shop. then i’m in the pool for employee of the year, and for that you get 1000$.

this is all so surprising because well…i’m a damn good employee as far as attendance and knowing what the hell i’m doing, and not coming to work high/drunk. but as far as customer service, i don’t really strive for our “4 Star” service bull that we all had to go to 8 hours of training for. i’m not rude unless you’re a total ass to me, but i don’t really go out of my way either. the 8 hour training 2 years ago was the most wasted 8 hours of my life – because who doesn’t know you’re supposed to greet people when they appear in front of you (be it a gaming table or the counter at mcdonalds or a clothing store), or to smile at people, and to thank them for their business. seriously, do people not know that kind of stuff? apparently they don’t know because we all had to be taught this for 8 long boring hours. this is all stuff i learned from my PARENTS, it’s called being polite haha.

anyway…so it was unexpected, tho i don’t think undeserved 🙂 shawn was the pit boss who nominated me, so he gets to go to the lunch thing and give a speech about me. hahahaha that’ll be amusing. i get to take a guest and i guess i’m taking my mom since adr1 leaves wed, and adr2 doesn’t eat meat, and i have no sig other.

also it is in the paper that the south grand island bridge is on the verge of collapse… ok not really, but it is apparently rated between “poor” and “serious” condition hahah so glad i don’t have any reason to go to grand island anymore

bats rock

continuing the theme of this week, there was a bat flying around the casino today. unfortunately not by me. but apparently it caused some amusement in the old section. apparently it landed on a lady who freaked out. then landed on a guy who flung it away and it hit another woman in the chest. then it landed on a guy’s shoulder, and he just looked at it and continued to play blackjack hahaha.

bored, lazy. in other words, things are back to normal now that opex is over and dan is gone. i have loads of photos to go through but like i said, lazy. i really don’t feel like it.