related to the previous post: carolyn, do you know when dirty dancing on stage starts in toronto? i saw ads for it but no details. so want to go!!

work had their big annual 4th of july fireworks tonight, so it was quite busy. the new rumor i’m hearing is that managment is going to ask me to supervise again. we are running very short on floor supervisors and even pit bosses and no one wants to floor because it’s a big pay cut compared to dealing. so i’m working on my list of demands if they do indeed ask me to promote myself again – including weekends off. i keep joking around that i’m going to apply for dual floor-pit boss when they post it in the next few months hahahah. anyway…for the 4th year i didn’t get to actually see the fireworks. i thought about calling in and watching them from the roof of “st anthony’s nursing home” but i’d lose my extra $56 holiday pay haha. maybe next year.

i think i forgot to mention that for my birthday i got a conch piercing in my left ear. didn’t hurt much, that day even i’d forget it was there until i hit it or something. it only bled when i slept on it. i’m supposed to soak it in saline every day, but the days that i forget to the thing doesn’t hurt at all, but when i remember to use the saline it starts hurting again. i don’t get it. if this heals right – unlike the last 6 piercings i got – i want a few more. still scared of a surface piercing though *thinks of “robin finck girl” in reno*.

i should try to sleep since i have to get up at 10 and spend the whole day at the terminal tomorrow. dagr/ian had come by the building last saturday, hadn’t seen him in almost a year. he got stopped by rail police when visiting the train platforms, so i think i may go hang out back of the building for a while and see if they show up. i had an idea to see if we can use them to protect the track side of the building during shitopex. i really don’t know what rail police do but i figure i can give it a shot.

talk about targeting to a specific audience…i just saw a diet pepsi commercial that uses beverly hills 90210 characters and theme song.

8 wins down 8 more to go. bring on ottawa!

tonight work almost made me want to be a better person, and find god, so i don’t go to hell. because that’s what tonight was. they closed the hotel gaming floor to do computer upgrades or something – except for 2 tables, bacarrat tables of course, and i have to be on one of them. the lack of slot machine noise made the horrible 90s radio station even louder/worse than normal. on top of that, i thought it was an hour later than it actually was. tony and i realized that this is what hell is like. bacarrat where IMMEDIATELY upon sitting down, matt called me lucifer – with a sound track including boys ii men, alanis, barenaked ladies, etc etc etc. the occasional good song made the situation purgatory, but the ratio of good to bad songs is like 1:7. alas. hell. i told tony i was going to have to go home and listen to some real metal, he suggested slayer ha.

spencer tunick did a new mass nude installation in mexico city – 18000 people!! we had a mere 1800. we got a mention in the article though…

whatever happened to sky writers? or airplane banner advertising? as a kid i remember seeing sky writers, usually writing some kind of advertisement. i don’t think i’ve seen one since 1985 haha. i think the last time i saw an airplane with a banner was at a bisons game…which we’re talking about 1988 or so.

work has been totally bizarre lately. one day i get to listen to this girl talk about her girlfriend and their new strap on. then yesterday someone in the lounge on break was practically having phone sex. phill just txted me to say that we now have arcade games in the employee dining rooms…lol wtf! how about you just give us a raise since gas is $3 a gallon. and let us park onsite instead of a mile a way and having to take a bus in to work.

round 2 starts tomorrow. we’re going to game 1, then selling the others. tony is buying game 2, so we’re all set for now.

now that i’ve done it, i’m addicted to climbing. or well…obsessing about it. i want to go climb it again right now. or well give concrete central a try. the photos from sunday are more of a “look what we did” thing than an art thing. it seemed the “up non stairs” areas were not photographing correctly to convey how pretty it was up there…


so the suicide is all over the news now, and the main focus of the news reports is the fact that someone got through security with a gun, and asking how on earth that could be possible. maybe that’s because, like malls and stores etc we don’t have metal detectors, or xray scanners, and you don’t have to get frisked or take off your shoes. they’re making a big deal about patron safety if someone can just walk right in with a gun. how about this, you could get shot anywhere, and are more unsafe on the nearby streets than inside the casino. and how about the fact that HE SHOT HIMSELF! wtf do you want? you want to get frisked and sent through metal detectors each time you come in? this isn’t the first shooting/suicide in a casino and i’m sure it won’t be the last. yeah, it’s terrible, and sad but come on. there are other more important things to worry about i think.

the news claims that he shot himself over a break up with one of our dealers. that jives with what mary had found out from people who were there. (one being jenn’s husband jeff, who was standing behind the guy when it happened. he’s ok thankfully). however gambling related or personal problem related, i still wouldn’t have expected this from him. he was not on my list of people i had hoped it was. i know, i’m terrible.


a player shot himself at a table at work this morning. i think we’ve all been waiting for this to happen. no other news about it right now. very disturbing. i wonder who it was and who was working there when it happened…*edit* found out who it was. completely unexpected. would never have thought it from him…:(

The ignorant bus driver strikes again. The radio program was about global warming. He was saying something to another passenger when I got on the bus, that I didn’t catch. Then he comes out with, “Then we keep shooting those space shuttles up into space, and keep poking holes in the ozone layer.”

I was stunned. Are you kidding me? As if the ozone layer is a literal blanket around the earth? Or if it’s a balloon that you can poke holes in. Seriously? Is this a joke? I was too stunned to say anything.

My eye keeps twitching weird, and not the usual way it does when i’m stressed out. So now i’m all paranoid that I’m going to wake up with a golf ball sized eye. Why? This woman I work with got some thing wrong with her eye – she came in and it was swollen practically shut, the size of a golf ball going on a baseball. It was sort of scabbed as if it had popped for a bit. And I haven’t seen her since then…god before xmas probably. Super paranoid now. With all the gross germy money and chips we touch all day, and everyone knows my fingers are always in my mouth and eyes…ug. Please stop twitching eye.

goths more likely to be doctors…

quote of the day
little girl behind us at the sabres game: “mommy, where’d that toothy guy go?” hahahahahah

a bit behind. i spent the new years weekend on the high limit roulette game, spending fri and sat of the 3 days with tony. we had a good time, friday i actually had players, sat not so much. and after the previous 8 hours talking all night, you kind of run out of things to say. so we started a list. it began with just a list of players we’d shoot or save when we finally go postal and shoot up the casino. but then we realized there is a grey area of people who are sometimes ok and sometimes heinous. so we created the wound list, just shoot them in the leg or something. and then we realized sometimes shooting a person just once isn’t enough, so we added the shoot twice list. sadly, there weren’t too many people on the save list, even after tony went through his notebook of 1000 player names. it was a good time. the list carried over into sunday with the other people i worked with. it’s amusing that depending on the person’s “main game” we all had the same players at the top of the lists haha.

anyway. new years eve was very slow for me, only 1 player, so it was the most uneventful new years eve of the last 4 years. yikes. i’m starting my 5th year there. never really thought that would be happening. ah well.

went to lunch with adr and kate on sunday. we tried to go to the new cheesecake factory cuz i was craving cheesecake badly. it was super busy though, so i got a piece to go and we went to jack astors instead. pan bread, so good.

today brought the early afternoon sabres game, where the above quote was overheard. so great. another win for us. traditionally the sabres would stay after the new years game to sign autographs, but they didn’t this year, of course. phil was bummed cuz he’s trying to get everyone’s autograph on a new jersey to give to a friend of his for his bday. they did give us calendars though, kinda neat. work was deaaaad. i didn’t turn a card all all 6 hours.

i’ll do the obligatory year in review post tomorrow. happy new year to everyone.

had all my favourite asian players (who aren’t banned) tonight. let’s see…AA#1(asshole asian) asked me if i was related to alice cooper. and AA#2 followed up with saying shit about me in vietnamese, everyone laughing, and then referring to me as lucifer the rest of the night. doesn’t get much better.

oh and here’s a tip. if you want to use superglue to stop bleeding, it works. however in my case, covering my cuticles with superglue was brilliant until i began picking the superglue off. then it hurt. and it won’t come off my nails.

from trent: Thanks for the Fox News heads-up. A cease and desist has been issued.
FUCK Fox Fucking News.

in other news. must not sleep til 4 tomorrow. dealing in a tournament next thursday. need to finish my halloween costume or find nurse stuff to go along with the outfit dan stole from some abandoned place. and write and print and tab and fold and address and mail the ctrc newsletter.

i really hate when players at work start asking me where i live. because you know what, i don’t want you people to know where i live. so i lie. sometimes i lie very badly, and say that i live on the east side LOL which everyone can tell is a lie. this time i lied and said i lived in tonawanda. but then the guy has to keep pressing and ask where…so choking, i said off of river road – except the road isn’t called that in tonawanda. so then he thinks about it awhile and asks what street. so i said the only street i know off of that road in tonawanda – wheeler street – where spaulding fibre is hahaha. that satisfied him tho, so phew. made it through that lie. of course then he started talking about my age, and how he was twice my age, and i was ready to have to tell him i’m a lesbian hahah. oh, and yeah he wasn’t playing, he was just sitting at my table smoking in my face. ass.

and a guy at work is gonna be using my ebay account to sell the 6 playstation3s he acquired. apparently ebay is not allowing anyone to sell them unless they have more than 50 feedbacks and 98% positive. he didn’t have more than 50 feedbacks. now i gotta go see about getting my paypal removed from my account so buyers don’t send payment to me. i wanted 10% commission and he wouldn’t go for that. so i get 50$ for each one sold, and if they sell for more than 2500$ i get 100$. they’ll all sell, so I’m guaranteed 300$ plus ebay fees. i’d like 10% but i won’t complain i guess. more money to put to my camera.

sometimes i just can’t figure george w bush out. the obvious interpretation of the president is that he’s a complete moron – can’t speak english, can’t even correctly read off of a teleprompter. but then sometimes it’s like, maybe he knows exactly what he is doing and he’s a total evil genius. that this is all some sort of bigger plan that the rest of us can’t see yet, and that when his last term is up he’s going to overthrow the government and appoint himself dictator. and then other times, i think he’s completely delusional. god love him for providing us with bush-ism page a day calendars for years to come.

kitty likes trent. he keeps pawing him.

in the 5.5 hrs i worked tonight i had the most ridiculous roulette game. i’d like to say it was hell, but it was really amusing, only because *I* wasn’t the one making the mistakes. 3 times i came back from break something had gone wrong and everyone was waiting for it to be fixed. the first time, my relief dealer had accidentally taken bets off a winning line, and they had to call surveillance to find out what was really there. it took at least a half an hour. so i got to stand there while everyone complained about the wait, then when the “ruling” came in the big player argued about it, and i just laughed. eventually sorted all that out…next break, i come back, something else went wrong. i don’t even remember what it was now. but the 3rd time i came back, a guy was claiming 10$ to be his, and the big player was claiming it was hers, and everyone was arguing with the guy that it wasn’t his money…then 20 min go by and surveillance comes back that it WAS that guys money, and so the big player had to then pay the guy all the money that she was paid instead. i was so glad to get to go home. i just had enough of that hahaha.

wine tour tomorrow. about 30 of us from work are taking a bus to seneca lake to go wine tasting. then using the frightworld tickets i won, as long as adr2 is not still sick.