so fantastic. so many meanings to that pic!

no boat ride today, shit weather, so just lunch. boat ride tomorrow but i have to be at the building for something at 2. and i say “something” because i have no idea why i have to be there. i can’t remember for who or for what reasons just that i have to be there at 2. arg. i want to go on the boat. *whine*

oh and last night at work i dealt 14 hands before 8pm even came around. then did nothing for the next 8 hours. the highlight was when water started pouring out of the ceiling next to pit 7 LOL. it’s the vicinity of the pool, and though it appears it was not the pool leaking, but a pipe, it was still funny. they were putting plastic wrap on the tables that were getting wet, classy. ha!

and the nhl2k8 game commercials, featuring “somebody’s watching me” are great

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