so the other day a man comes into work and plays at my table. he has 2 broken wrists. as the game continued i noticed, even with 2 casts on, he cut the chips very very good. he was obviously a dealer. turns out he deals across the river at fallsview. i eventually ask him what he did to his wrists. he said that a player who had been losing for 10 years took a baseball bat to him. the loser hadn’t been playing with the dealer, the dealer just happened to be who the loser took it out on. w.t.f. it seems pretty unbelievable, so my supervisor and i pretty much discounted that. and that’s cool, making up a story like that is something i would do to make my injury more interesting haha. but in telling others about the guy today, 2 people – one of them being tony – had heard that a dealer in canada had gotten attacked with a baseball bat by a player. that the player had been waiting in the parking lot for him/someone. w.t.f. i can’t find anything on the web about it, and i would assume that it would have been in the fallscanada news paper, or police blotter or SOMETHING. but wow, i really don’t want to hear stuff like that especially now that we park a half a block away instead of a mile away…

if one were to want to say…acquire some mace/pepper spray, even tho it’s illegal, how would one do that. it’s illegal in canada to so i can’t import it. i’m assuming sellers of mace would not ship to states where it is illegal (or is it legal anywhere? i really don’t know…)

and i was only worried about players shooting me 😛

had tons of dreams about boyx last night, as well as being thrown on a craps game and told what to do and finding it not as hard as everyone says. that one was cuz they’re offering classes again and i’m getting pressured to finally learn craps. no thanks, you can keep your $.25/hr. i also didn’t wake up until 4 and that irritated me. i don’t usually sleep THAT long, almost 11 hours LOL

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