so..puscifer. eh. the packaging is amusing. it’s alright. i’ll even say it’s better than the last tool album. but it’s not really what i was expecting – since i was expecting alot of kick ass stuff like The Undertaker (which, the version on the album is not the same as the sound track version – which i think is the renholder remix, and gee, surprise, something danny lohner remixed turned out awesome ha). it doesn’t really show off maynard’s voice, it’s mostly…”low talking”, and not really singing. and his voice is the reason i like him. there is a whole song which is a sermon hahah. good old maynard. it’s interesting. it’s fairly short. i’ll give it a few more listens, but it’s not a “desert island” album.


year zero remix

This costs a bit more than “regular” and contains a CD that has exactly the same track listing as it’s DIGITAL DOWNLOAD counterpart (see above). The package is a six-panel digipak to match Year Zero along with an insert. It also contains a DVD ROM (not a movie) that contains every track from Year Zero in multitrack format for you to do with what you please. Mac or PC.

We’ve included:
Pre-formatted for Apple GarageBand
Pre-formatted for Ableton Live (Mac or PC)
Demo version of Ableton Live (Mac or PC)
Generic WAVE files at 16 bit 44K that can be loaded into any audio editor

I can make this easy for you: if you just want to hear the tracks as cheaply as possible, get it digitally. The highest fidelity will likely be Amazon (through legal means).
If you want something that’s aesthetically cool and will enhance any collection, get the vinyl. Trust me, it looks great. The extra tracks are fairly minor embellishments to the whole (and surely someone will upload them instantly).
If you want higher quality tracks legally, a nice package AND a complete multitrack of the whole record, get the physical CD / DVD ROM.

**insert comment from NINSUX: “I thought he said all the multitracks were going to be posted online, now he wants us to PAY for them??”
Relax, friend. One second after this package goes to the manufacturing plant someone will kindly upload those missing multitracks and everything will be OK. If they don’t soon enough for your liking, just yell loudly out the window and I’ll do it myself.

As for the record itself, I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Remix records can be disposable garbage (of which I myself have been guilty of to some extent) but this collection feels good to me. I reached out to heroes, friends and strangers. I encouraged those I approached to do anything and insert themselves as much as possible into the track. Some of the stuff that was done earlier led me to choosing other people to balance things out. The Pirate Robot Midget mix is a fan’s work – I thought it was great, it filled a need and I asked permission to use it here.
It’s always interesting for me to hear my work reinterpreted – I hope it is for you as well.
Upon the release of this, we will be launching the first portion of the new nin.com at
We have been working on this quite a while now and I think you’ll like it. It will begin as a home for listening to, sorting through, discussing and uploading remixes the community has made. Hopefully it will be as elegant, useful and fun to use as we envision.

posted by Trent Reznor at 8:01 PM.

year zero

year zero = love. I don’t know why I get scared about new NIN releases because Trent never fails us. Even having heard it at the pre-show listening party in London, I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. I don’t like it, I love it. It really is an incredible album, nothing at all like With Teeth, or even like any old NIN stuff. There are elements of Downward, and elements of the Fragile, but still completely different. I can’t pick out a single weak song on the album – and even the best albums, like Achtung Baby which I think is one of the best recordings of all time, has weak songs. But with the exception of 3 seconds on the album, which I’ll get to later, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s really an album that you have to listen to all at once to really appreciate. When I gave in and listened to Survivalism and My Violent Heart on myspace I didn’t really like them. But on the album, as part of the whole package, they’re great. And be sure to call the phone number on the back.

1. Hyperpower – instrumental, Josh on drums. Energizing, good intro.
2. The Beginning of the End – great song despite it sounding like My Sharona 🙂 Having heard it live helps to get into the song.
3. Survivalism – When I listened on myspace I thought it was ok, but overall wasn’t super impressed. Seeing it live made it totally awesome. “lost our faith along the way and found ourselves believing your lies” incredible lyric.
4. The Good Soldier – Alex and I had been scared that this song was about christianity and Trent finding god. It’s not. It’s about (the) war, and belief in the war cause. Includes a xylophone. ha!
5. Vessel – at this point, my favourite song on the album. I can’t really explain why, or really even describe the song. Loud and seemingly disorganized. Planned chaos. Fantastic.
6. Me, I’m Not – love. Kinda chill, still NIN.
7. Capital G – very catchy, definite single potential. Features Trent’s new found love of singing staccato.
8. My Violent Heart – wasn’t sure I liked the song when I first heard it on myspace, but in the context of the whole album it’s great. Also, gotta love Trent just speaking the words. *hot*
9. The Warning – apparently I have nothing to say about this song ha.
10. God Given – along with Vessel, favourite song on the album. Very, very dancable. You can picture it being played in clubs. It sort of sounds like a Danny Lohner remix, it has that kind of timbaland type groove to it. I swear the blurry picture with the lyrics in the booklet is Michael Jackson.
11. Meet Your Master – I can’t help but think of “master of puppets”, because there just aren’t many words that rhyme with master ha. Doesn’t sound like metallica in the slightest bit tho. Could have single potential too. I can imagine hearing it on the radio – you know, if i ever listened to the radio.
12. The Greater Good – reminiscent of the fragile.
13. The Great Destroyer – massive massive problem with the song. It goes along quite well and continues quite well except for the…horrifying…let’s call it “epic vocal flourish” of the last line of the song. God it makes me cringe. It is just so not nine inch nails, and it’s so not trent reznor. It’s…bad 80s metal. Leighanne used to turn the volume down at the beginning of Bowie’s “cat people” because she hated the way he sang “with gasoline” but I completely understand now. That last “the great destroyer” is just so awful. It is the only flaw on Year Zero. Or maybe I’m just missing something – like that it conveys a certain meaning to the song and album. But…no. just. no.
14. Another Version of the Truth – piano! it still exists! An instrumental very reminiscent of the fragile, and “a warm place”. very nice. A calm after the storm or nuclear winter. Whichever you prefer.
15. In This Twilight – a very noisy pretty song. Strangely optimistic. Makes you wonder what comes after year zero. Both literally as in the next album, and as the next part to unfold in the “world of year zero”.
16. Zero-sum – Background piano and spoken word very reminiscent of “the downward spiral”. Really really gorgeous song. The lyrics are just beautiful and really “make” the song. Gah. My reaction right now came as a complete surprise, after reading the lyrics along with the song. Very impressed with it suddenly.

One one hand you can hear the Saul Williams influence on the album – the spoken word, the “hip hop” groove – but on the other hand, the spoken words parts are very reminiscent of The Downward Spiral as well. It doesn’t say alot about who actually played instruments, other than Josh on drums, but the album seems to reflect Aaron’s manic sort of guitar playing.

Just…go buy it!


music meme. copy and fill out.

1. Top 5 Bands
– Nine Inch Nails
– u2
– a perfect circle
– david bowie
– the tea party

2. Top 5 Songs from Band1 – nin
– reptile
– and all that could have been
– burn
– only
– the becoming

3. Top 5 Songs from Band2 – u2
– love is blindness
– bullet the blue sky
– walk on
– acrobat
– until the end of the world

4. Top 5 Songs from Band3 – a perfect circle
– magdalena
– pet
– judith
– the outsider
– 3 libras

5. Top 5 Songs from Band4 – david bowie
– i’m afraid of americans
– the hearts filthy lesson
– hallo spaceboy
– life on mars?
– golden years

6. Top 5 Songs from Band5 – the tea party
– psychopomp
– correspondences
– cathartik
– temptation
– halcyon days

7. Top 5 favourite songs
– u2 – love is blindness
– the tea party – psychopomp
– econoline crush – razorblades and bandaids
– econoline crush – affliction
– duran duran – out of my mind

8. Top 5 most hated songs
– the police – roxanne (or any song by the police)
– 6 pense none the richer – kiss me
– god there are so many…
– coldplay – yellow
– …

9. 5 Desert Island Albums
– The Fragile – NIN
– Achtung Baby – U2
– Comalies – Lacuna Coil
– The Devil You Know – Econoline Crush
– Mer Des Noms – A Perfect Circle

10. Guilty Pleasures
– Christina Aguilera

10,000 days…

i got an advance of tool’s new album “10,000 days”. with all the driving i did today, and their massively long songs, i’ve only gotten through track 8 but i think it’s safe to form an opinion on the album. it’s…tool. that’s for sure. it’s that tool sound where you could hear one note and know it’s a tool song…and i can’t say that i’m disappointed in it, because i really don’t hold tool up on that pedistal where what they do can or cannot disappoint me…but…seriously, the album is lateralus part 2. at many points in the album i thought i was listening to “Schism”…ok now this is not a bad thing necessarily because i really like lateralus, but…maybe they need a bajillion years between albums so that they come up with a slightly different sound from the previous album. lateralus didn’t sound like aenima…but this one definitely is an extension of lateralus. now my problem with that is i can’t listen to lateralus, or this album i can already tell, for a long time because the sonic texture starts to get to my head…i don’t have that problem with aenima and undertow. and nothing so far off 10,000 days has really blown me away like parts of lateralus did. but maybe upon further complete listens….so it’s good. it’s definitely good, i don’t think tool could ever put out anything bad unless maynard did it on purpose to make a joke haha…you’ll love it if you loved lateralus and you might not if you loved undertow. i didn’t try to get tickets to the toronto show, trying to win a pair. but they’ll be around again at some point so i’m not stressing.

game tomorrow. i guess we’re taking phil’s brother and his friend to dave and busters to eat before the game. i dunno it doesn’t matter to me so i didn’t really pay attention lol. i haven’t heard back from channel 2 yet, the anchor that called me does the early morning show so she must have been gone already when i called back. maybe they’ll call tomorrow. grr. they better! hehe

didn’t do a damn thing at work tonight and left 2 hrs early…i should count tokes sunday to make up for the money.

and for those who were worried, kitty has settled in quite nicely. just took about an hour of hiding in the closet and behind the couch.

saul williams

when we heard that saul williams would be opening for nine inch nails last leg of the tour, we thought it was a totally strange choice. even after i was corrected in my belief that he was a hassidic jewish rapper who did reggae. and in retrospect…it was a really strange choice. spoken word/hip hop at a mainstream industrial metal concert?? but saul is really excellent at what he does. listening to his album makes me all happy. his spoken word tracks give me chills. so now, some excerpts from his album.

‘Cause we represent a truth, son, the changes by the hour. And, when you open to it, vulnerability is power.

But that square box don’t represent the sphere that we live in. The earth is not a flat screen. I ain’t trying to fit in. But this ain’t for the underground. This, here, is for the sun. A seed a stranger gave to me and planted on my tongue. And, when I look at you, I know I’m not the only one. As a great man once said, “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

“You have the right to remain silent.” You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to remain silent. And maybe you should have before your bullshit manifested.

So where my aliens at? Girl, we’re all illegal. This system ain’t for us. It’s for rich people. And you ain’t rich, dawg, you just got money. But you can’t buy shit to not get hungry.

Please inform all interested parties that cash nor murder have been added to the list of elements. (stop). We are discontinuing our current line of braggadocio, in light of the current trend in “realness”. (stop).

I didn’t vote for this state of affairs. My emotional state’s got me prostrate, fearing my fears. In all reality I’m under prepared. ‘Cause I’m ready for war but not sure if I’m ready to care.

So here’s the plan. The ides of march are always at hand. And when the power hungry strike, they strike the poorest of man. And if you dare put up a fight, they’ll come and fight for your land. And they’ll call it liberation or salvation. A call to the youth! Your freedom ain’t so free, it’s just loose. but the power of your voice could redirect every truth. Shift and shape the world you want and keep your fears in a noose. Let them dangle from a banner star spangled. I’m willing and able. To lift my dreams up out of their cradle. Nurse and nurture my ideals ’til they’re much more than a fable. I can be all I can be and do much more than I’m paid to. And I won’t be a slave to what authorities say do. My desire is to live within a nation on fire, where creative passions burn and raise the stakes ever higher. Where no person is addicted top some twisted supplier who promotes the sort of freedom sold to the highest buyer. We demand a truth naturally at one with the land, not a plant that photosynthesizes bombs on demand, or a search for any weapons we let fall from our hands. I got beats and a plan. I’m gonna do what I can. And what you do is question everything they say do, every goal ideal or value they keep pushing on you. If they ask you to believe it question whether it’s true. If they ask you to achieve, is it for them or for you. You’re the one they’re asking to go carry a gun. Warfare ain’t humanitarian. You’re scaring me, son. Why not fight to feed the homeless, jobless, fight inflation?! Why not fight for our own healthcare and our education?! And instead, invest in that erasable lead, ’cause their twisted propaganda can’t erase all the dead. And the pile of corpses pyramid on top of our heads. Or nevermind, said the shotgun to the head.


and it appears my entries may not be showing up on your friends pages…i was having this problem with adr2’s entries – i thought she hadn’t posted since before cinci, but it turns out she was, they just weren’t showing up on my fpage. now vanessa said that neither one of ours is showing up on her page, tho when i go to everyone else’s fpages i’m there…don’t know what the problem is, and the related posts on the support page mention backdating etc and i’ve never backdated anything…so i don’t get it.

the person that ruined my day because i was going to go out shooting with sean and the canadians (i forget all their names haha), but had to stay home to wait for said person to come get the chicken machine decided they didn’t want it anymore. but good news, someone offered me 100$ for it!!!! so hopefully that one pans out and i get to make more than 15$ out of this.


i got an “advance” of Lacuna Coil’s new album Karmacode. sadly, i’m a bit disappointed. it is way way more commercial than their other 5 releases (no, they are not a new band!). it almost sounds like Korn to me. it sounds more Korn than Korn’s new album does (which wow, is really bad). in particular, “what i see”, so korn it could be off of Issues. some of the songs have a very pronounced bass line, that wasn’t there in past releases, and it makes me think “wow i didn’t know Fieldy left korn and joined LC”. the album really lost some of what made me love them so much, that element of goth creepiness. there’s lots of christina chanting, but it lacks that mysterious element that Comalies had. it’s almost like they tried too hard to keep that element in, so the songs where there is some, it seems not to fit. it’s still better than everything else on the radio, but…it is very mainstream now. it’ll probably grow on me, if i can stop thinking that i’m listening to korn with a female singer.

stomach was perfect when i woke up, but around 230 sudden pain again, and i’m really dizzy. may have to call in tonight, tho i don’t want to. i only have 12 sick hours currently.

which reminds me however, we’ve cut down the number of shows from 14 to 6. only doing the ones in a 5 hr radius or so, which means: saratoga, toronto, cleveland, columbus, detroit, pittsburg. it’s a issue of money, amphitheaters, money, shitty 1st bands, money, jobs, money and money.

waiting for my dad to get here with my new printer. i’ll be able to make more pins 🙂

so apparently orgy is on tour also?! i’m not sure why, they aren’t doing anything. but so far there are 3 dates scheduled, one being cleveland june 10th. so i got word from tony that if indeed they are playing that show, he’ll give me that night off, instead of requesting it and irritating the shift manager more hehe. so that leaves….
nin philly next week
u2 boston may 28th
30 seconds to mars toronto june 1st
orgy cleveland june 10th

so much pain at work. got the hiccups…the bruised ribs totally did not enjoy that. and the shoulders didn’t enjoy standing for 7 hours. such is life.

terminal for part of the day tomorrow, and work. funfun

my 347th listen of “with teeth” review…

1. all the love in the world – definitely has grown on me. love it. the end is rockin.

2. you know what you are – i might have wrecked my car speakers with this song.

3. the collector – has grown on me too. but still not a fav.

4. the hand that feeds – still love it

5. love is not enough – still love it

6. every day is exactly the same – this is the song i would say sums up last november through april….and somewhat, even right now…
Sometimes I think I’m happy here
Sometimes I still pretend
I can’t remember how this all got started
But I can tell you – exactly – how it will end
I wish this could have been any other way
I just don’t know what else I can do

i still think it’s depeche mode-y, i think it’s the drums. it struck me as being sorta orgy like too, but not alot. this song is more “the new ‘hurt’ ” than “right where it belongs” is like every other fan is saying…love it. favourite “ballad” of the album…

7. with teeth – still friggen love

8. only – still way fun and totally rockin. a guy at wegmans caught me singing the chorus to myself haha oops…

9. getting smaller – has grown on me, but again, not a favourite

10. sunspots – something about the very very beginning of the song bothers me, but it builds a whole lot, and i caught myself rocking to it without even realizing it. so i decided i really really like it haha

11. the line begins to blur – still love it.

12. beside you in time – least favourite. quite probably my least fav nin song ever. it just really irritates me

13. right where it belongs – everyone is calling this “the new hurt” and i can’t possibly disagree more. i like it. but it is no where near on the level emotionally that “hurt” is…i don’t get how everyone sees that.

when i eventually get the dual-disc in the mail, i can see the 5.1 surround mix totally kicking ass *still hasnt listened to the downward 5.1 mix…/badfan*

i was on pai gow tonight, had a conversation with 2 guys about music, who actually liked the same crap i do. it was cool. they asked me what i thought of “with teeth” so i got to talk about trent so it’s all good. got out early but not early enough. boo.

forgot to mention last night….tried to stealthily take pictures of a classic canadian mullet with lei’s camera phone but they totally noticed haha. there was something else i was going to mention too but i forget….

trent in 16 hours.

this is my overdue u2 post. i ask that you read until the “more…” after that, you can feel free to not read, tho i’m not really doing this for my own health…

songwriters and musicians often say that they don’t do the writing, that the songs they come up with are things that are given to them, or that come to them, or are channeled through them by a higher power. they are just outlets for things that exist somewhere. that they are mediums. and there are times when this seems like the only explanation for music. er, well…some music. maybe not all of it. good music i’d say (of course, with “good” open to interpretation though i consider myself to be very fair when it comes to judging a good or bad song…i pride myself in the ability to think something is good even if i don’t like it *ahem*thebeatles*ahem*).

sometimes it just hits me that there was a point in time where a certain song didn’t exist. and i find that very hard to believe. the song that strikes me the most in this regard is “with or without you” by u2. i cannot wrap my mind around the fact that before 1987 this song did not exist. that the world went on without ever knowing this song. i don’t consider it to be u2’s best song, i’d say it’s in my top ten and maybe top five, but…they’ve done better work, and there are things they’ve done that i like more. but it’s mainly this song in their whole body of work that i think, there is no way this song didn’t exist before “the joshua tree”. in general i don’t even like “the joshua tree”, i like half of it, the rest bores me. but “with or without you” hits me as this song that holds some kind of power that makes it absolutely eternal. it existed before it’s creation and it will exist forever. it’s immortal you could say.

i think it’s hard to explain.

some of what u2 and the general public consider to be their best work, i have a love/hate relationship with. i’ll focus on the 2 big ones…

1. “one” from achtung baby. i hate this song. i love this song. i hate this song because it is so perfect. aside from the unpleasant associations i once had with the song (i’ve gotten over that) i hate it. it’s over played, it’s over thought about, it’s over discussed. it’s the song that u2 claims kept them together when things were at their worst within the band. blahblahblah. boring. and then sometimes i hear it and i realize how phenomenal the song is, how perfect it is, how the lyrics are some of the most…accurate i have ever heard. accurate is not really the right word, but i don’t know how else to explain it. it is the most appropriate and accurate description of human relationships i have ever seen. and i hate it. it’s powerful and emotional and a masterpiece. it’s overdone, and overplayed but it’s perfect.

2. “stay (faraway so close)” from zooropa. i don’t like this song. seriously. i don’t really care for the music, and i don’t understand how bono can claim that it may be the best song they ever wrote. and then you get to the lyrics. this song is completely different from “one”. “one” is perfect, “stay” is not. but “stay” holds that same power that “one” has. no one knows “stay” (hell no one knows zooropa), it’s not over done, not every band on earth has covered it (have any?)…i even forget the song was made, and then i hear it, and all i can ever say is “i forget how incredible this song is”. it’s hard to explain how this song makes me feel, so i don’t know if i should say anything else, i feel that i’m not saying much and not getting my point across. where “one” is about the entire package, “stay” is about the lyrics…they are incredible.
And if you look, you look through me
And when you talk, you talk at me
And when I touch you, you don’t feel a thing

If I could stay…
Then the night would give you up
Stay… and the day would keep its trust
Stay… and the night would be enough

I admittedly am not familiar with u2’s early albums (pre-joshua tree) aside from the singles. If you were to classify my fandom i’d be a 1990s-u2 fan – achtung, zooropa, pop (yes i like pop, er half of it). So I’m not going to address their early albums. I have a problem with u2. every u2 cd i own i hated at first listen. with the exception of pop. i liked the first 5 songs on joshua tree, hated the rest. i hated all of achtung except mysterious ways. i was indifferent to zooropa. i don’t really remember pop, i got it when it came out, and listened to it tons, but was detached and i don’t remember really having an opinion on it (except that i hated “the playboy mansion” and to this day i think it’s one of the worst songs ever created by man). i thought “all that you can’t leave behind” (ATYCLB) was boring. and “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” (HTDAAB) was a huge let down…but anway…

the joshua tree – i am expected to like joshua tree because EVERYONE likes joshua tree, because it’s such a great album, one of the greatest albums of all time, u2s best work, blahblahblah. well no. i don’t like joshua tree. it’s boring. it’s not bad, it’s fantastic work, it just bores me. but i guarantee anyone who only knows joshua tree would have their mind blown by post-joshua tree u2. the general public knows parts of 2 u2 albums…the first 3 tracks of joshua tree and 2 or 3 from achtung baby (ok and some from that last one that made everyone get through sept11th)…but they are seriously missing out on u2’s gems and what i consider to be their best work.

achtung baby – hands down u2’s best album. when i got it, i hated it, but i dug it out 4 months later and was completely blown away. i could not understand how i had not liked it when i first listened. it has some of the most incredible songs on it, including my favourite song of all time “love is blindness”. to me, nothing is better than “love is blindness”. it is the most haunting song u2 has recorded, and sometimes i feel like it just sinks into your bones. achtung baby is one of the only albums i’d consider to be perfect – every song is good, there is no filler. there is no reason to have a fast forward button.

zooropa – i feel like this album was one big giant experiment. it sounds nothing like u2’s past (well…i’m not sure anyone expected achtung after joshua tree either). i was rather indifferent at first, but then i got to the point where i loved it, and found it very uplifting (…tho there i can’t seem to think if there is a low point in the album, and i mean low in the emotional sense, there is nothing depressing on it…) there is nothing about it that should be uplifting, it’s mostly devoid of any sort of spiritual message that would be uplifting (exception: the first time) but something about the music makes it so. but then there’s “the wanderer” with johnny cash that just ruins the experience of the album. burn it on a cd for yourself minus the last track and it’ll be fine haha

pop – everyone hates pop. and it’s a shame really. this was bono’s last great lyrical album. after this he lost his touch. again, it sounds nothing like what u2 is supposed to sound like (but i never understood why that’s a bad thing, for any band, to grow and change etc). it just further alienated everyone who thought joshua tree was the be all and end all of u2. i like half of this album, but i’m beginning to appreciate all but 2 songs. “the playboy mansion” as i said, is the worst song ever created, and “miami” is high on that list as well. i’ve learned to appreciate “please” after hearing it live, “velvet dress” is incredibly sensual, and “wake up dead man” is ok…this album features “gone” and “staring at the sun” which i consider to be a few of u2’s best songs. without getting into the history of the album and how it was unfinished, u2 definitely grew into these songs by playing live and i can’t imagine u2 being u2 without this album.

all that you can’t leave behind – i read a review of ATYCLB where they said that u2 had created their 3rd masterpiece. i disagree, but i don’t think anyone is surprised – it was recorded post 1990s hehe. again, hated the album, but dug it out after seeing u2 live, and realized it wasn’t so bad. seriously, it got me through the emotions of sept11th. it sounds cliched but it did. i don’t know why. listening to it made me happy no matter what kind of mood i was in. every song but “grace” was fun for me. but since then i’ve gone back to only liking half of it (see a trend? hah). “walk on” saves the entire album. “walk on” is an amazing song and i don’t know why it took them so long to come up with it.

how to dismantle an atomic bomb – i am still in the phase where i don’t really like this album. it has some really incredible lines in it, but it was a huge let down after all the hype about it being a “guitar driven” record, with “vertigo” being the first single and that it’s so fun, and after 5 years since the previous album – i expected more. it fell short. it’s not bad, but i’m not in love with it. the temple bar “vertigo” mix is hilarious tho hahah. i have the love/hate thing going on with “miracle drug” because i think it speaks for me and i hate that it does. i find that i can’t really listen to it at the moment because it makes me too emotional. and it contains “yahweh” which is on the list with “miami” and “the playboy manson” and if they play it live, that’s when i’ll go to the bathroom.

i’m not the kind of person to like everything a certain band has ever created, be it u2, nine inch nails, whoever…if a song sucks, it sucks, and i’ll say it. there are alot of things u2 have done that i don’t really like, you can’t please everyone. but u2 is u2 and everything they’ve created is who they are. it’s bono, edge, adam and larry and it could never be anyone else.

the rest of this post, under the cut, is what i find to be u2’s most incredible lyrics. i have my reasons for liking the ones i choose, feel free to try to figure out why…if you made it this far, you might as well keep reading, maybe you’ll get struck by a few…

bad – If I could through myself/Set your spirit free/I’d lead your heart away/See you break, break away/Into the light/And to the day

the unforgettable fire – Stay this time/Stay tonight in a lie/I’m only asking but I…/I think you know

with or without you – My hands are tied/My body bruised, she’s got me with/Nothing to win and/Nothing left to lose

running to stand still – You got to cry without weeping/Talk without speaking/Scream without raising your voice

She runs through the streets
With her eyes painted red
Under black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway she brings me
White gold and pearls stolen from the sea
She is raging
She is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes

red hill mining town – Our love runs cold/In the caverns of the night/We’re wounded by fear/Injured in doubt

(in reading the joshua tree lyrics i feel as if i should give it another chance)

god part II – You glorify the past/When the future dries up

even better than the real thing – We’re free to fly the crimson sky/The sun won’t melt our wings tonight

one – Did I ask too much/More than a lot/You gave me nothing/Now it’s all I got

until the end of the world – In my dream I was drowning my sorrows/But my sorrows, they learned to swim

who’s gonna ride your wild horses – Took a drive in the dirty rain/To a place where the wind calls your name/Under the trees the river laughing at you and me/Hallelujah, heavens white rose/The doors you open/I just can’t close

so cruel – (all of it really haha) Her lips say one thing/Her movements something else/Oh love… like a screaming flower/Love… dying every hour… love

the fly – Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief/All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief

mysterious ways – One day you will look… back And you’ll see… where
You were held… how By this love… while You could stand… there You could move on this moment Follow this feeling

tryin to throw your arms around the world – How far you gonna go/Before you lose your way back home/You’ve been trying to throw your arms/Around the world

ultraviolet – Sometimes I feel like I don’t know/Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out/I want to get it wrong/Can’t always be strong/And love it won’t be long…

acrobat – No, nothing makes sense/Nothing seems to fit/I know you’d hit out/If you only knew who to hit

love is blindness – Love is clockworks/And cold steel/Fingers too numb to feel

zooropa – Don’t worry baby, it’s gonna be alright/Uncertainty can be a guiding light

lemon – And I feel
Like I’m slowly, slowly, slowly slipping under
And I feel
Like I’m holding onto nothing

She wore lemon
To colour in the cold grey night
She had heaven
And she held on so tight

stay – A vampire or a victim/It depend’s on who’s around

dirty day – You’re looking for explanations/I don’t even understand/If you need someone to blame/Throw a rock in the air/You’ll hit someone guilty

discotheque – I want to be the song be the song that you hear in your head

But you take what you can get
‘Cause it’s all you can find
Oh you know there’s something more

do you feel loved? – With my teeth at your back/And my tougue to tell you the sweetest lies

mofo – Lookin’ for a sound that’s gonna drown out the world

staring at the sun – I’m nearly great/But there’s something missing

last night on earth – The more you take the less you feel/The less you know the more you believe

gone – You’re holding on to everything so tightly/Till there’s nothing left anyway

You’re taking steps that make you feel dizzy
Then you get to like the way it feels
You hurt yourself you hurt your lover
Then you discover…
What you thought was freedom was just greed

please – and you never knew how you’d stoop to make that call/and you never knew what was on the ground till they made you crawl/and you never knew that the heaven you keep you stole

beautiful day – You’re out of luck and the reason that you had to care

stuck in a moment you can’t get out of – I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me/I still listen through your ears, and through your eyes I can see

walk on – And if the darkness is to keep us apart/And if the daylight feels like it’s a long way off/And if your glass heart should crack/And for a second you turn back/Oh no, be strong

kite – I’m a man, I’m not a child/A man who sees/The shadow behind your eyes

Who’s to say where the wind will take you
Who’s to know what it is will break you
I don’t know which way the wind will blow
Who’s to know when the time has come around
Don’t wanna see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye

new york – In the stillness of the evening/When the sun has had its day/I heard your voice a-whispering/Come away child

hold me thrill me kiss me kill me – You don’t know how you got here/you just know you want out/believing in yourself almost/as much as you doubt

vertigo – It’s everything I wish I didn’t know/But you give me something/I can feel

miracle drug – (all of it) I want a trip inside your head/Spend the day there…/To hear the things you haven’t said/And see what you might see

sometimes you can’t make it on your own – Listen to me now/I need to let you know/You don’t have to go it alone

city of blinding lights – Can you see the beauty inside of me?/What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

all because of you – i’m not broke but you can see the cracks/you can make me perfect again

a man and a woman – The only pain is to feel nothing at all/How can I hurt when I’m holding you?

crumbs from your table – You speak of signs and wonders/I need something other/I would believe if I was able

one step closer – I’m ’round the corner from anything that’s real/I’m across the road from hope/I’m under the bridge in a rip tide/That’s taken everything I call my own

i fear that some of the more important songs are going to be cut from the live show, and that’s really a shame. i really liked “new york” live, but it’ll get cut most definitely. i wouldn’t mind if they cut “one”. i don’t know what my ideal playlist would be, but it would include “love is blindness” definitely, “acrobat” and “so cruel” would be nice…

top five favourite u2 songs in no particular order:
love is blindness
with or without you
hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
walk on