my 347th listen of “with teeth” review…

1. all the love in the world – definitely has grown on me. love it. the end is rockin.

2. you know what you are – i might have wrecked my car speakers with this song.

3. the collector – has grown on me too. but still not a fav.

4. the hand that feeds – still love it

5. love is not enough – still love it

6. every day is exactly the same – this is the song i would say sums up last november through april….and somewhat, even right now…
Sometimes I think I’m happy here
Sometimes I still pretend
I can’t remember how this all got started
But I can tell you – exactly – how it will end
I wish this could have been any other way
I just don’t know what else I can do

i still think it’s depeche mode-y, i think it’s the drums. it struck me as being sorta orgy like too, but not alot. this song is more “the new ‘hurt’ ” than “right where it belongs” is like every other fan is saying…love it. favourite “ballad” of the album…

7. with teeth – still friggen love

8. only – still way fun and totally rockin. a guy at wegmans caught me singing the chorus to myself haha oops…

9. getting smaller – has grown on me, but again, not a favourite

10. sunspots – something about the very very beginning of the song bothers me, but it builds a whole lot, and i caught myself rocking to it without even realizing it. so i decided i really really like it haha

11. the line begins to blur – still love it.

12. beside you in time – least favourite. quite probably my least fav nin song ever. it just really irritates me

13. right where it belongs – everyone is calling this “the new hurt” and i can’t possibly disagree more. i like it. but it is no where near on the level emotionally that “hurt” is…i don’t get how everyone sees that.

when i eventually get the dual-disc in the mail, i can see the 5.1 surround mix totally kicking ass *still hasnt listened to the downward 5.1 mix…/badfan*

i was on pai gow tonight, had a conversation with 2 guys about music, who actually liked the same crap i do. it was cool. they asked me what i thought of “with teeth” so i got to talk about trent so it’s all good. got out early but not early enough. boo.

forgot to mention last night….tried to stealthily take pictures of a classic canadian mullet with lei’s camera phone but they totally noticed haha. there was something else i was going to mention too but i forget….

trent in 16 hours.

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