The Tea Party Thorold

These signs
this fate
takes a path you didn’t choose
Stay strong
keep faith
there’s a change that’s coming through

so as i should have known, this show was doomed. the tea party are very very VERY lucky they put on such a friggen great show.

didn’t get up to thorold until 9ish. no big deal, we knew we wouldn’t miss anything. ran into joe and rick right away. it was nice to see them again, it’s been a long long time.

as usual, for a place associated with arizonas, we waited forever and a day for an opener to bore us to death. opener didn’t start til after 10. ok fine. whatever. kate asked if tea would go on at 11, i laughed haha. not until at least 11:30…which was actually perfect – except the lighting system broke…and it was 45 more minutes until they fixed it (we hung out at the soundboard, so we watched them play with it the whole time). so tea didn’t go on til after midnight.

and as i said. they’re mighty lucky they’re such a great band haha. it really really hits me seeing them live, how much of a perfect rock band they are. they put on such a great rock show. gah. love them.

Writing’s on the Wall
Fire in the Head (!!yay i missed it in the falls show)
Sun Going Down
Halcyon Days
Heaven Coming Down w/ all along the watchtower
Release (!!!!!! first time i’ve seen them do it)
Cathartik (!!!!!!!! sooooooo happy it’s back)
Save Me
I love you/The Messenger
Sister Awake w/ Paint it Black

they played for 2 hours. i hate hate HATE that “heaven coming down” gets to me so much hahah. jeff martin playing his guitar with a bow during “save me”…so hot. soooo so hot. men with guitars, yum.

yet another great show. i didn’t like the venue. the sound was sorta…off. the theramin worked this time for “lullaby”, and it was ever so fabulous. i want one. kate was thrilled that they did “release” cuz it’s her fav song. i was just glad, as always, for “psychopomp” haha. and “cathartik”. yay.

so exhausted. long long day. another one tomorrow. then trent. gah.

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