i got an “advance” of Lacuna Coil’s new album Karmacode. sadly, i’m a bit disappointed. it is way way more commercial than their other 5 releases (no, they are not a new band!). it almost sounds like Korn to me. it sounds more Korn than Korn’s new album does (which wow, is really bad). in particular, “what i see”, so korn it could be off of Issues. some of the songs have a very pronounced bass line, that wasn’t there in past releases, and it makes me think “wow i didn’t know Fieldy left korn and joined LC”. the album really lost some of what made me love them so much, that element of goth creepiness. there’s lots of christina chanting, but it lacks that mysterious element that Comalies had. it’s almost like they tried too hard to keep that element in, so the songs where there is some, it seems not to fit. it’s still better than everything else on the radio, but…it is very mainstream now. it’ll probably grow on me, if i can stop thinking that i’m listening to korn with a female singer.

stomach was perfect when i woke up, but around 230 sudden pain again, and i’m really dizzy. may have to call in tonight, tho i don’t want to. i only have 12 sick hours currently.

which reminds me however, we’ve cut down the number of shows from 14 to 6. only doing the ones in a 5 hr radius or so, which means: saratoga, toronto, cleveland, columbus, detroit, pittsburg. it’s a issue of money, amphitheaters, money, shitty 1st bands, money, jobs, money and money.

waiting for my dad to get here with my new printer. i’ll be able to make more pins 🙂

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